How do you use the medicine for thrush?

My daughter has really bad thrush, and we were given Nystatin for it and she just keeps throwing it up. I was told by a lot of people to try gentian Violet and it would help her. But I kinda feel stupid by asking this, but how do u use it? It says external use only? Shes 2 months old


i used a baby tooth brush and did it that way

My daughter is 12 months old and we recently received an oral prescription for this. I would consult with your child’s pediatrician.

Use a swab and line the sides of mouth generously. It won’t hurt the baby at all . Their mouth will turn purple so don’t go anywhere. It works like a charm . My baby had used the other medicine and had it for months . This stuff got rid of it in days !

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Take a syringe and squeeze it softly into her cheek letting her swallow it often. Then give her milk right afterwards

QTIP!! Your welcome- NICU nurse. We use this all the time.


With a clean finger, put some on the finger and swab the inside of the babes mouth, all over. It’s very staining.

Paint it on her tongue, cheeks, inside lips- her entire mouth should be coated with medicine using Q tip. Also make sure you’re sanitizing all bottles, pacifiers & toys after EACH USE! If you breast feed, then get treatment for your breasts.


I always used an oral sponge and swabbed the mouth out. Just keep the infant upright for a few minutes.

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When I used it ten years ago you literally just used like a tear drop amount cuz it spread throughout the whole mouth drop it onto the spot the thrush is heavily affected. Even smaller then a tear drop if you can get it like just the tiniest bit. Th a t stuff works like a charm.


Depending where you live, your doctor may not agree to prescribe gentian violet. I agree with above if you’re struggling to get the nystatin swished around her mouth, a q-tip dipped in it then wiped around her mouth should help a lot. I hope your tiny one feels better soon :heart:


Don’t use the med right after the baby eats; wait for an hour at least. Using a clean finger paint the whole inside of her mouth. You only need a small amount; any more than would be needed to paint the mouth isn’t going to help when swallowed. It took about 3 mos of constant use to clear my daughter’s thrush at 3 mos old.


No dairy it cause so many ailments

Gentian violet! Put a little on a qtip and paint their tongue after baby eats. When my daughter got it at 2 months old she had anaphylaxis reaction to nystatin and that’s what the director of pediatrics at the hospital had us use. It’s gonna stain anything it touches blueish-purple.

You can use a cotton round. Coat all areas of the mouth.

It’s more of a mouth wash.

Its been awhile but pretty sure it wasnt about swollowing it its more about it getting swished around the mouth. Usually would use a dropper and drop the amount on the perscription slowly on one check then the other side, under the tounge and and a bit on top the tongue. And do it after baby eats so less to be ingested.

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We were told to take a very small amount in a dropper and put a little on each side of cheeks

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If it’s like this it goes inside mouth

Try a q-tip and rub in mouth. Or your finger which ever you fell comfortable with . That way she does not swallow. It leaves a awful after taste in your mouth so try to give her something to rinse after a little while (give medicine time to absorb) she is a baby so again maybe some water on a q- tip

I had thrush last year with the flu and I think Covid. I used vinegar rinse. Disgusting but…. I also brushed my teeth and tongue. A horrible experience for anyone. Good luck!

How about asking your Doctor!??


You should be using a swab n swabbing the child’s mouth coating cheeks n lips if need then dispert with dropper rest in back of cheek closest to the top of the throat as u can to have it run down the throat.

Get a medicine dropper and u only put 1 drop on the inside of each cheek

They don’t need to swallow the nystatin. They just need to get it swisher around. I remember when my kids would have it I would just put it on my finger and spread it out in their mouth.


Get oral swabs and clean the inside of her mouth with it. Then she may not swallow as much

Talk to your doctor, not facebook.


Mylanta or Maylox. Mixed with equal portions of Benadryl, shake well. Put on your finger or q-tip and swap her mouth. Neither will hurt her. Maylox/Mylanta is an acid reducer and Benadryl is an anti inflammatory/pain reducer. Good luck!

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Sounds like a new Mom to me, and calling her (or anyone else for that matter) stupid is really uncalled for.
As a Mom of 2 grown and Grandma and Nana to 4, I still have parenting questions! Give the poor woman a break,she just asked a simple question.


Why was this even posted? Surely this is satire and just meant to ruffle some feathers. You can’t be that stupid…


I heard yogurt helps from my kids doctor before

They told me to use a q tip and put it where the white is. But that never worked for my kids they always needed swallowable (drinkable?)medicine but idk if your baby is too little for that. My kids didn’t get thrush till it was time to switch to milk so they were older

Just use a swab or a dropper and literally drop it on her tongue…that medicine is SO gross. It’s weirdly sweet and bitter at the same time. Its awful. Good luck mama :heart: