How do you work from home with kids?

Has any of you moms been able to work from home and tend to your new babies ? I recently had a baby and I work from home I do have help from in laws but I’m wondering if anyone had been able to just keep baby home with them while they work taking outbound calls? Is possible to do so or should I just take baby to the sitters while I work? I would much rather do it myself I want to try anyway I’m just not sure how it will work! Anyone have any success with working while tending to babies or is this a no go ?


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I had a sewing business from home and did okay, worked through covid lockdowns and still managed to make money and homeschool my children. It is doable. A support system will definitely make things a lot easier, I didn’t have that luxury but always wished I did.
I did from time have my partner here to tend to the kids so I could get more done but I had the freedom of choosing my work hours and only taking on as many orders as I had the time for. Good luck!

It shouldn’t be that hard since your child is an infant but once baby becomes mobile it’ll be harder.

I work from home as a Virtual assistant. Work when my 8 week old is asleep in the mornings if he sleeps and from 3pm to 530pm once my partner gets home.
Although I don’t take calls.

I’ve run my own construction company since my child was 5 months old. It is doable. But I will also say it’s obviously way easier with out multitasking like that :sweat_smile:

I work from home (no outbound calls or anything just working remotely) with my kiddo who is in online virtual public school. Just need to find balance.

Yes, i work 50+ a week having an in home Daycare with 8 children. If you can’t work solo def have a nanny. It’s draining. On paper it sounds easy but it isn’t. Also, i hope you have a great support system. Make sure to find time to yourself, this is crucial.

I just got paid $8530 working off my laptop this month. And if you think that’s cool, my divorced friend has twin toddlers and made over $ 13419 her first month. It feels so good making so much money when other people have to work for so much less.

This is what I do…

I have for the past year as my little one is turning 1 tomorrow. I take inbound calls all day and it just takes routine and patience. Easier said than done, but is doable and I don’t miss too much time with my baby and it’s just him and I all day until my 7 year old comes home.

I just got paid $5911 working off my laptop this month. And if you think that’s cool, my divorced friend has twin toddlers and made over $ 12084 her first month. It feels so good making so much money when other people have to work for so much less.

This is what I do…

I WFH but I do night shift so I can work while they are sleeping

My 4 just turned 5 y/o goes to preschool 3hrs per day and when he’s not in school he plays with the baby 13m… they play in his bedroom where we have a baby camera. Baby gate on the office door so they can see me but aren’t in the office. :woman_shrugging:I also don’t make a ton of phone calls. Just occasional. Good luck

Best bet is get them babysat few hrs a day or work a few hrs at night, or wait till they are in school. If you really need to set them up a big physical activity in the morning so better nap and set the older one for quiet time vs nap time in the afternoon, with lots of snacks, teach them this is quiet time if it to watch a show or quietly play in their room during that time. You’ll usually only have one hour of this once they have their set schedule and routine it gets better as they get older and will like the consistency. Best of luck

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Child care is essential! Even if its 2-3 times a week full days or half days to keep them learning and involved with care, Also a baby gate can help prevent the children from entering your area and they may focus on each other or themselves… Keeping them busy with toys snacks and music helps mine. Also maybe a nice quality check in or room reset every 20 min… But also making sure you give them something excited about for when you are done. Like a park day or a playdate. Good luck! :heart::heart:

I still have trouble WFH with my 8yo! Maybe you can hire a nanny/mothers helper.

I’m blessed to have my mom living with me and she keeps my girls distracted. They sometimes sit with me in my calls. I have a 4yr old and 16month old. I have virtual meetings every day and sometimes host virtual events. But my job is flexible on work hours so I can take breaks where needed. I just block it on my calendar. Most of my team, including my boss, do the same thing with their kids. I do all the drop offs and pick ups from schools and will sometimes do the driving to jiu jitsu classes (work in the car). Oh…forgot to mention I have 5 boys as well. 3 high schoolers and 2 elementary. They all do sports and 2 in band while the toddler does dance. Hubby works outside the home for an early morning shift.
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Caring for two children is a full time job aside from your actual paid job. Some people can multitask keeping their children busy but you can’t keep an eye on your kids and your work at the same time. One of them will lack your attention. Don’t beat yourself up I couldn’t do it either

My kids are exactly the same it’s so hard x

It’s not easy I did it for 20 years and it was hard, not worth it. I suggest getting them a baby sitter so you can work and save yourself headaches and stress.

I’ve been WFH since august ish and it’s sooo hard! My 5 yo is in school but my almost 2 year old can be horrible sometimes! I try& find new activities she can do everyday so she’s not bored & I even make her own charcuterie board of snacks between meals etc! I lose my mind daily :face_holding_back_tears:

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I’ve been WFH for years, I have two kids current ages 9 and 3. My husband and I have opposite shifts so he takes care of the kids during the day (9yr old has school during the day) and I take the night. When I need quiet they will play outside or go to another area of the house, or do a special McDonalds ice cream cone run. We just make it work, sometimes it’s not easy. My toddler is sometimes very clingy and I end up holding him with a tablet beside my keyboard while I work.
My employer is super work-life balanced. If my toddler runs into the room and pops up in a meeting it isn’t a huge deal, we all love seeing each other’s humanity and as long as the kid isn’t screaming while you are talking business is as usual. They also wouldn’t mind if I went off video real quick to fix something and came back. As long as work gets done we are all good! Any VIP meetings or interviews I ask my husband to do the ice cream run :joy:.


You don’t, I have a toddler, single mom. Without a sitter I’d never be able to work. It’d be impossible!


I currently have a WFH customer service job that is mostly chat and email with some calls. Unfortunately we are not hiring at the moment. I wish someone would make a stay at home MOM job with the flexibility to only do chat or email because that would make it so much easier for moms!!


Ya don’t think I could with under school age kids or hire a nanny to keep them entertained

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I don’t think you can. It’s not a pandemic anymore. Full time and sustainable employment and parenting means you need child care. Parenting kids who are home and not school aged is a full time job. If your child is already 4, they can attend junior kindergarten.

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sounds like they need self entertainment skills.

learning shows/movies with snacks & water. learning & coloring books for your older child and your little one may need to learn self soothing :woman_shrugging:t4:.

I work from home with a 2 year old and a 3 year old. When they wake up & after breakfast I set them up in play area with toys. I have a camera I can watch them so I know they’re not getting into trouble. I’ll put on movies after naps etc. my 3 year old will sometimes play in my office with blocks and books. I got old keyboards that they entertain themselves with and pretend they’re working just like mommy is. It’s do able, not easy but doable.

I worked from home and they make it very clear that you are supposed to have child care like any other job. You might want to consider it if you are able to afford it, even someone to come into your home when you work

You need a babysitter or to put them in daycare

That’s a tough one mama! I was so lucky my big boss (lady) allowed me to wfh after the 3 months mat leave until shes over a year and my work is client management so meetings are part of it. I tried scheduling all my meetings during her morning and afternoon nap time. In cases where I can’t I had no choice but to distract her with toys then TV for worse case scenario eventhough it’s against my will TV worked the most. During pandemic our work transitioned to wfh so when she was 2-3 books, toys and educational apps on tablet worked plus multiple snacks. I also tried to play with her whenever I don’t have meetings so by the time I’ll be on the phone the toys will be new to her. I had like 5 big Tupperware full of toys for each day that I would give during my meeting. The hardest one is I also get phone calls from client from time to time. Planning what to give her was a big part esp during those unscheduled call. I also always talk/remind my daughter when she was 3 that I will be in a meeting so she knows to be quiet if she wants to be in the room with me. Sometimes I would also play with her that were coworkers so she has her own laptop toy and headset pretending she also talking to client. It was very cute coz she gets to learn what I do at work too unlike my older one who was clueless until now hahaha If you can plan phone calls to be back to back during one portion of the day you can ask help or hire baby sitter to come in for that chunk of your day coz it’s really very hard. But it won’t last very soon you will have your time back. Next year one of your kids will be in school half of the day and in 2-3 yrs your morning will be all yours again. You got this momma! We all got this and one day we will all miss these precious moments with our lil ones. My older one is 13 and am still very thankful that I get to hear stories from him though not every night unlike when he way in elementary. Hugs!

WFH is difficult when there’s kids in the house and no one to help you. If your partner works outside of the house, you’ll need a sitter or another care arrangement because they’re simply not at ages where it’s going to go smoothly.


I think you need some help, like a nanny during office hours.

I am a wfh mama, my job is a bit different as I am a manager and can work most of my meetings around my 20 month olds nap time. I suggest routine, routine, routine. We (me and my 20 month old) get at up 6 am, to get her older sister on the bus at 6:55. Go to wake her older brother up at 7 to be off to school at 8. My 20 month old is home with me all day while i work… By this time (8 am) we have breakfast and hang out while I’m pulling reports and planning meeting agendas. I work and do what I have to do to prep, at that time. At 12 she goes down for a nap from 12-4 sometimes 5, and I have the afternoon for meetings. I must add, because I am a manager and have a little lee way with my scheduling, it does play a part. But either way I suggest a routine. Even if it’s 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Also, my elementary school child comes home at 2:45 and my middle schooler comes home at 3:30. They must learn to know what quiet time is because mommy is working. As a manager, and knowing our policies, a distraction free environment is crucial, so I really encourage a routine. Even if it’s snack time with ms Rachael playing in the background during a phone call between a nap.

You aren’t supposed to be taking care of anyone while doing WFH. Many jobs will spell that out.

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You don’t. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you don’t need day care or a babysitter. Either put them in a room with a gate and the tv on or get a babysitter. You are lucky you haven’t been fired. I’ve called several companies to complain when i call and someone has screaming kids in the background. Extremely unprofessional


Working at home is still a job. You either need to find a baby sitter or find a different work at home job. A lot of people make that mistake thinking if you work at home, you can still have kids around. Most companies don’t allow it anyways. If you have a chat/email job, that might be fine but you would still be at the computer all the time. I’m surprised with 2 toddlers and phone job, you haven’t been fired. Especially when you said they are loud. Good luck.


Unless you are working an email or chat job from home you can’t work from home with kids if your job involves taking calls . I worked from home doing internet support and my employer didn’t permit it . I worked from our basement office and if customers heard our dogs bark upstairs they commented.

You should either get an in home sitter that can watch them while you work or put them in child care.

You can’t do it all- maintain your sanity as well as work your hardest with young kids home. Kids interrupt, and it’s not their fault! You need a sitter or daycare. That’s what I did and it made me feel 100% more healthy mentally. Unfortunately this has been normalized, but it’s really not normal for children to know when to be quiet or leave you alone for that period of time. :kiss::heart:

I have 5 kids, 2 that are home during the day. I manage a counseling practice and can schedule my calls or step into my office if I need to for brief periods. If I had to spend all day on the phone it would not be possible. I male a mini office space in my living room w a small desk in the corner that I work from when I can to watch the littles. They are w and 4. I have been doing this for almost 3 years w my 6, 4, and 2 yr olds. I looked for probably 6 months for this job to be sure I could be home w them and still actually work. It wasn’t easy.

Get different sensory toys and switch them out.
Get out play dough engage with them a bit and then leave them to it and get your work done.
When they get tired of that, take a short pause and move them into the kitchen for a quick snack. Have them engaged in helping set up in some way. Go back to work. Once they are done with that set them up with a show get back to work. When they are tired of that get out builders for them, play a little and go back to work. Next try a movement activity like DannyGo.
The key to keep them engaged with something and giving them enough one on one time to satisfy their needs. It’s really hard to do with call work, I worked in a call center once that let us take calls from 8am-10pm and due to my breaks I often started at 8am and didn’t get done until 10pm.
I cleaned after work.
I’m a virtual executive assistant now, and my husband is home to help, he’s starting to work remotely too. That makes it so much easier but you still have to do the mom thing, and you still have to do the job thing at the same time it can be hard to find that balance. *edit to add I am a WFH mom with 4 kids ages 1,2,5,and 9. It’s possible even when I’m by myself.

I’m so sorry. This is so relatable to my life every bit of it. I would run away lol. You have to look for daycare or sitter. Maybe assistance if u qualify financially to help w the fees. Just enrolled my youngest two days a week and my mom/mil watches her other two. I’m off Sunday Monday and work outside of the house. I got lucky w my almost 4 year old getting into a prek for free thru a grant. District had a lottery for it. There’s no other way it will be impossible to carry on working from home right now w them there

Ughh sounds like congress.:joy:

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I have 5 kids, 4 school aged and a 2 year old. Been working from home since March 2020. Baby goes to daycare. It’s impossible to work if she’s home. She did stay home with me for the first year as there were no openings at any daycare locally until then. Once in a great while she’s home sick and I am reminded real quick why I have to pay daycare :laughing:

Not sure where the OP is located but in my city childcare is SCARCE and has been for a few years now. Totally relate to needing to work and not having any options than to WFH with your kids there. I’m returning to my WFH position shortly and had to reduce my hours to when someone is home so they can occupy my 19mo old. He’s great at independent play but toddlers get into things/ fall and hurt themselves. Im sure id manage if it was once in a while no one was home while I was working but I doubt I’d be able to do it consistently without it affecting my job

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Your not being fair to your employees or your kids. Find someone to help ,a grandparent or Teenager. Best of luck.

Nobody does that without a sitter lol

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You have to be in a completely different space. They don’t understand and want/need your attention.

You don’t. It’s still a job, even if it’s at your home. You need childcare.

My 4 yr old is in school and when he’s out, dad takes over. (He works an opposite shift) currently pregnant and the plan is for dad to take over when he’s up. However I’ve taught my son when mommy has her headphones on he has to wait, be patient, not scream etc. WFH isn’t as easy as ppl think and especially if you have children who are clingy it’s probably impossible.

i have a 15 month old and it’s really hard , i do outbound calls and my work load is pretty busy, honestly the only thing that works for me is letting him stay up late . that way he sleeps in til about 10-11,sometimes even noon i just make sure i change his diaper and what not right when i wake up . i have to have everything he likes near, i keep the tv on low and put his favorite show on … some days are better than others but it is very difficult to manage . i had to find a babysitter so my baby goes to the sitter 2-3 days a week i try to keep him home on my slowest day of the week and i keep him home on friday i have other children who get out of school early so they can help with him til i’m off

Mothers are expected to work our career like we don’t have kids, and raise kids like it’s our only job. It sucks is all I can say.

If anyone is hiring for a remote job I have alot of experience on the phone and really need to start working from home if anyone can help please let me know. And no I don’t want to work for itworks or any company like that. No offense to those who do it’s just not my cup of tea thank you :blush:

How do you work from home with kids? ITS BRUTAL!!! I have zero advise except it’s hard as hell!!