How does birth control work?

How does birth control work? I’m currently taking the pill (estarylla) and I’m wondering how am I protected after not taking any pills during placebo week? I don’t get it… I’m scared I might be pregnant because I had unprotected sex the day after my period finished…

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Is this a legit question? Do females really have no idea how their bodies & monthly cycles work


You only release an egg if you ovulate which is about 2 weeks from your period (in the middle of a complete cycle). The action of birth control is when you take the first pill starting out on the first day of your cycle it gives you the extra hormones to “trick” your body into thinking it’s pregnant so you will not ovulate. When you take the placebo your already through the middle of your cycle and all it is doing is shedding your lining so it doesn’t build up and cause issues. When you take it everyday the way you’re supposed to without missing a pill it is over 99% effective. So very rare chance of pregnancy. most are due from forgetting to take pills if you are anxious of forgetting there’s other options such as the patch or IUD… you can discuss your options with a provider to see what best suits you and also ask any questions so you aren’t anxious of becoming pregnant

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Your body won’t release an egg to be fertilized until a week or so after your period, if I remember my biology right.


You don’t ovulate until 14 days after your period which is the only window frame to get pregnant

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That sounds like a conversation you should have with your doctor. I mean, maybe talk to your pharmacist and read the pamphlet that comes in the birth control package.