How does it feel to get your membranes stripped?

Im currently 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby & if she doesn’t come by this week my doctor is planning on stripping my membranes and I’ll be 39 weeks at the next apt … has it worked for anyone else and how uncomfortable/painful is it …


It’s not that bad. Its uncomfortable but it never made me cry. It’s better than a pap smear. It worked for my 3 oldest but not my younger 2 kids. With the older 3 I went into active labor within an hour each time.

I did it with both kids. Didn’t work for me. But it’s not super painful. Maybe like a three if we got 1 to 10 and it’s only for like ten seconds so.

It doesn’t hurt. But you’ll prob be cramping a bunch afterwards. It worked for me. I was 5 days overdue tho. He stripped it in the morning then all day I had cramps and went to the hospital that night in labor already dilated 5 cm. 8 hours later had my daughter.

I had mine stripped with my 2nd baby and honestly it wasn’t to bad, a little uncomfortable at first, it kinda felt like cramps for me anyway it did. It took me a few days to get her out.

My daughter had hers done and went into labor had baby few hrs later

I’ve never had mine done so I wouldn’t know what it feels like, but I might request it with this one for 39 weeks cause it’s my 4th and I’m 27 weeks been miserable almost entire time.

Why interfere before 40+ weeks?

It can hurt. Also comes with some risks, so make sure to research and ask questions.

I had it done with my 3 pregnancy. I was terrified because my friend said it was horrific. I felt nothing :woman_shrugging:t3: and it didn’t work for me anyway. I was a week overdue and ended up induced

a little uncomfortable but not that bad. If it gets things in the right direction I say worth it!

For me it was very painful. But any time the dr checked me it was extremely painful bc my son had dropped so low. But by the time I made it home, I was having extreme contractions. Then by the time I made it to the hospital I was 7cm dilated…it made everything happen so quick.

Awkward is the only way to describe but worth it for mine

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Once stripped baby may come next day😁!

I am 39 weeks + 4 days and had my membranes stripped today. I was so nervous as everyone told me it would be super painful. I honestly did not feel any type of pain or discomfort during and didn’t experience any cramping or discomfort after. I did lose my mucus plug a few hours later, but so far no contractions or any pain or bleeding.

I honestly didn’t even notice I was getting it done when it happened. I was 39 weeks & 3cm dilated at my appt. She checked my cervix & then did the sweep which only lasted like 30 seconds all together! We all know those exams are uncomfortable to begin with! But it didn’t hurt. Just know that I had mine done and didn’t have my little man until 8 days later! It caused cramping & bleeding that’s it :frowning: every one has a different experience though!


I didnt feel too much of anything. It never really worked. With my first it was done 2x and I still had to be induced at 41w. With myb5th for the first time ever I seen my bloodybshow after having it done earlier that day. I did get cramps too afterwards, but unknown how successful it was as I was scheduled to be induced the next morning and labor took 12 hours.

It felt like cramps for me. With my oldest I had it done and it didn’t do anything. He was 4 days late. My youngest was 6 days late and I had it done twice :woman_shrugging:

It was really painful with my first kid and not at all with my second. Didn’t work both times

It worked for two out my four kids I’ll have it done with this next baby I’m having to. It didn’t hurt to bad.

I had mine done 3 times went into labor almost 24 hrs later after the third and they dont like doing it after the second one. I begged i was over 40 weeks and they were talking induction

I had it done with my first 2 pregnancies but I was always over 40 weeks when they done it. It hurts like heck but it made me go into labor and have them the next day on both. 1st was 6 days over and 2nd was 2 days over. 3rd dr just induced me at almost 40 weeks.

I had mine does twice with my 3rd child. It didnt put me in labor. I still went overdue. I was also super active. 1 Aamazing thing, which triumphs all, not sure if it was to do with membrane sweep, but my labor was so fast, and so easy, so painless. Idk what happened but it was great. Works for some doesnt fke others.

I had mine done at 37w6d on a Wednesday at 4pm and had my daughter 6:59am Friday morning. It’s slightly uncomfortable but nothing terrible, at my appointment I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced

It was uncomfortable for me

Do itttttt. I had mine swiped and it made me go into labor that night and I had him the next afternoon😊

It was really painful for me the first time because my doctor was kinda rough about it, the second time just felt like cramps. I got my second/last membrane sweep on a Wednesday and was in labor by Sunday. So idk if it worked :woman_shrugging:t4: I think sex did it for me

Super uncomfortable, painful, my first. Never saw the aftermath but my husband was about to pass out. 38wk. Son came 2 days later. With the 2nd I refused any type of check. NOPE. GO AWAY unless there’s a concern. She came at 39wk. Both are healthy, happy and double trouble. 6yr and 1yr.

Like your cervix is being man handled

It did nothing for me on my 5th baby. I went a few days later for a pregnancy massage went into labor same day

It’s uncomfortable, I walked a ton after I had it done. I had it done of Friday and my daughter was born on Monday. So…

It’s super uncomfortable & a tiny bit painful but nothing you can’t handle. Worked well for my second & third. I recommend this to all my mama friends

It’s definitely uncomfortable, but it worked for me. I went into labor a couple of hours later

It will be fine. You will be shocked at how it is. It’s just acward. Alittle preasure. But… Don’t hurt

I had it done several times over a 5 week period and never even felt a single time other than the discomfort of having my cervix checked.

I had several people tell me how excruciating it was and that they’d never get it done again because it was worse than childbirth, but I do not feel the same way.

I have had it done twice, it worked both times I was already 3-4 cm dilated anyways at 37 weeks both times. It does hurt to the point I yelled when it happens but after it’s done it’s done. First time they sent me home after and I contracted all night I don’t recommend that it was painful. 2nd time at 9am I went straight to the hospital afterwards had her at 5pm I’d do it again and have kept with the same doctor for my 3rd one because I do truly not want to make it to 40 weeks or later especially with this one pregnancy is very painful for me.

Had it done with all 5 pregnancies, some docs will go lightly to try and jump start some stuff (favorable cervix) I always preferred to have it done by a midwife, they really know how to get it done. Every mid wife that did it for me…I was in labor within 15 min.

Didn’t hurt. Guess it depends on your pain tolerance. Had it done at 42 weeks on a Friday and delivered on Tuesday morning.

It depends on how dilated you are. With my second it didn’t feel any different from getting my cervix checked. A little uncomfortable, but that’s it. I didn’t go into labor after either. If you don’t go into labor in 24 hours the membranes reattach themselves and may need to be stripped again. My dr was going to do it with my third but I wasn’t dilated enough the last time he checked me :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I have had it done once out of my four pregnancies and it was slightly uncomfortable not painful. Didn’t make me go into labor though lol!

I had it done recently didn’t hurt at all they said could be slight spotting but I didn’t get that either I feel it didn’t make baby come early I had it done around 38 weeks my baby care on her exact due date !

Had it done with my first- uncomfortable more than painful but my water broke within 4 hours of having it done.

Had it done with my 2nd an it was uncomfortable, then with my third had it done as well an didn’t even know it was done

Not painful just somewhat uncomfortable. had it done at 38 weeks with my 2nd child also. Nothing happened. & I was induced a week later at 39 weeks

Meh it wasn’t too bad. It hurt more when they popped my water for me.

First conception is not an exact science and you are not at 40 weeks. You can try 2 to 3 tablespoons of A1 sauce. You can drink it or have it with some Mac and cheese. Not sure how it works but had 2 people I know do it and it put them into labor within a couple days. Just kinda kick started it.

I’ve read that people strongly disagree with it. It’s quite painful.

My second pregnancy I had it done twice. It was uncomfortable and it hurts. It never worked for me. A week after my second stripping I had to be induced.

Not painful just alot of pressure so its not exactly pleasent worked for my first not my second

I have 3 boys and I has it done with 2 of them and it didn’t hurt just pressure and it helped a lot in labor.i recommend it done for mothers who’s baby likes to bake or not ready to come out lol

Not painful, you dont feel anything. Yes it worked for me. Good luck😊

How about waiting the 40 wks and let things happen? Unless there is a risk

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Never heard of this and I’ve had 3 children…I’m in the uk :uk:

Yes it worked for me. Wasn’t really painful. Just somewhat uncomfortable. Was stripped that morning was in labour that night

They did it with 2 of my pregnancys…I dont remember it being painful but it was 34 & 28 years ago…good luck :heart:

Painful, but worked for me. I had it done twice and went into labour a day after my last one.

Had it done and it was a little uncomfortable, by the early am the next day I was in labor

Dr did it with my 5th n didn’t know she had done it until I went into labor later that night

What is that?? I have 3 kids and never heard of that​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Your body will know when it’s time too have your baby.


I had it done with my 1st it didn’t hurt

I had 3 sweeps with my last baby shes now 6 months the first sweep hurt alot but the other 2 did not it just depends on the doctor doing it… Tho the more it hurts the better the chances it could work :blush:

Mine hurt pretty bad, but it only lasted a few seconds. I went into labor the next day

I don’t think it hurt. I had it done 2 days before my due date and sure enough 48 hours later my water broke and we were off to L&D

It caused cramping for me but did nothing in my labor progression.

I didnt think it hurt at all, maybe just a little uncomfortable like a pap smear or being checked for dilation. It’s worth trying I think. Lol real pain will come later and the membrane sweep will be nothing.


I had mine stripped on my due date and I had her the next day. Not sure if was bc of that or she was just ready but I’m sure it helped!! It was very uncomfortable and you will bleed a little afterwards but not that bad.

It didn’t work for me for 2 kids lol. Stubborn babes. I didn’t really think it hurt. Not the way they prepared me for it, I was expecting worse, then was like “wait you’re done? That was it?”

It was uncomfortable no doubt but it didn’t hurt quite as bad as some women’s stories made it seem. It felt more like pressure than anything else. But I also had a really amazing doctor and I know some women unfortunately have had very rough doctors.

I went in to full labor that night and had my baby the next morning. I had been in early labor for weeks already and had so much dang pressure from him being so low. I couldn’t sleep, walk, etc. any more and I needed him out!

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For me a little crampy ( I was 4 cm dilated when Doctor did mine at 12pm) but then cramps became worse and by the time I got to the hospital at 10pm I was 7cm dilated and had my baby girl at 4am the next morning.

Slight discomfort… Had it done with 5 of my 6… Only worked with one of them, had him the next day.

Uncomfortable for me with both my babes…and didn’t work for me either time🙃

It didn’t hurt, it was just very uncomfortable and it didn’t work for me. My daughter was born 2 weeks later.

I had mine taken out at 37 weeks when I was pregnant with my twins and they were born a few hours later

I got this done with my son, and it hurt so bad I teared up as it was happening. But it goes so fast…

I had mine done 3 times. It didnt work. Just uncomfortable to be honest.

Mine really hurt. It was 3 days before my due date and I wasn’t dilated. It was the only baby I was stripped with. I’ve spoken to other women who said it hurts less when you’re dilated but idk. It’s something you are allowed to say no to if you’re uncomfortable with it. It didn’t work for me, I was induced the following Monday, still not dilated.

Had it done with both my kids, uncomfortable but didn’t hurt. Had both of them 24 hours after having it done both times.

I was 37 weeks. It was okay to get it done I guess, but the next 3 weeks were incredibly painful until she was born.

I had it done with my 2nd baby. I was dilated to 3 and the Dr. Didn’t think I would make it to the hospital in time if we waited for labor to start on its own. He stripped my membranes no pain went into labor about 16 hrs later, 7 hrs later she was here.

I had one with each pregnancy. I didn’t feel to much. Mind you I got to 7 cms without to much pain either and denied that I was in labour. Depends on the person

It feels like a little pressure & discomfort and then it’s over. As soon as I got mine that day I lost my mucus plug and went into labour actively 6 hours later had him by the next day!

I had two done 3 days apart… First one I didn’t feel second one was a little uncomfortable but not that bad… Good luck had my son 15hrs after my second one.

Not uncomfortable at all. Very simple and quick.

I felt pressure and cramps. It was definitely uncomfortable, but manageable.

I had it done with my second, it didn’t hurt it was just super uncomfortable but the cramps and bleeding after weren’t fun especially because it didn’t put me into labour until the second time

Babies just come when they are ready.

Funny, I have a super high pain tolerance. All these comments saying it didn’t hurt…I’d go with everyone’s different. My actual delivery didn’t hurt(it was my first pregnancy)and I only pushed 3 times. Stripping my membrane while they were trying to induce me was the only thing that was uncomfortable and very painful. The rest was a cakewalk for me.:woman_shrugging:

The Dr will out his hand inside u like he does for cervix exam but he does not go all the way past your cervix. They will gently massage around your cervix opening. My Dr did this with all 6 of my pregnancies. And, when u r in active labor and have a contraction, my Dr was checking me and kind of massages it again. I had a contraction and he. Was gonna pull his hand out and I said no, because it lessened the pain of the contraction for me. I’d say it’s a win win. And, most des who stop membranes will also go ahead and break water and start a protocol drip 2 start labor.

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Ok I have never heard of this someone tell me what it is and why? If there trying to bring on labor wouldn’t it be easier to Induce you? Sounds painful

It worked for me went into labor two hours later and when the doctor did it, it didn’t hurt. Good luck

Had it done with my second delivered in less than 24 hours😀

Caster oil in orange juice is supposed to do it.

Um I had this done years ago when it was just getting popular, I thought it was awful I screamed very loud and then the doctor berated me for screaming so loud !! He said I scared his other patients! He didn’t care that it felt like my insides were being ripped out! Hopefully they have gotten better at it that was over 17 years ago

Ouch! But worth it…

I had mine stripped at 38 weeks I think, it was uncomfortable for a bit. I still had to be induced at 41 weeks. He did not wanna come out lol.

It was uncomfortable but it’s not too bad. It doesn’t always work the first time tho so you may have to go back and get another one done

Got two done at 37 weeks, still carried till 40 weeks. It hurt like a cervical biopsy and did not help induce labor.

It hurt, my son came a week later.