How does relactation work?

I posted my question a couple weeks ago about trying to relactate. Well now I am going on two weeks this Saturday of relactation. I have been pumping every two hours, eating almonds, drinking 2 cups of mothers milk tea a day, etc. I’ve noticed within this past week that this yellowish sticky substance comes out when I pump. Is that a sign that my milk supply could be coming in? If so, how long do you think my actual milk production will come back? Thank you so much

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You’d be better off talking to a lactation consultant they’d know what you need to do


Sounds like you’re producing colostrum currently. Milk usually follows a few days later.
I have 0 idea about relactation though so.


Mothers milk tea can have the opposite effect. Fenugreek does not always help production, for some it can be the opposite. There is a great fb group called Milky Mommas, they have lactation consultants and lots of information. Lactation is supply and demand, as long as you stay hydrated, eating special things will not matter. What matters is removing to get more. When you pump or nurse that tells your body to make more, so the more you pump/nurse, the more your body will make. I highly suggest Milky Mommas.

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Maybe talk to ur doctor. Or a lactation specialist. They will lead u in the correct direction and give u the best advice that is safe for you.

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Thank you so much. I’ll contact her tomorrow

Sounds like colostrum to me. Your milk should be back soon