How early can an ultrasound detect gender?

How early can an ultrasound accurately determine gender? I will be 14 weeks tomorrow. My husband wants to go to a private ultrasound clinic and do their early gender ultrasound. Their site says beginning at 14 weeks and up they can do it but I want to get accurate results. I was thinking about waiting until I was 16 weeks. Anybody have a similar experience? Thanks in advance!


Sneakpeak does a blood test as early as 8 weeks, was accurate the 2 times I did it. Only costs 70 bucks.

Where I live you can go to a private place for a 3D ultrasound and price starts around $50 so reasonable. Remember if they see something between the legs, well there’s little chance what they’re telling you is wrong. If they don’t see anything and say it’s a girl (at 14-18 weeks since that’s a little early) it could be they just missed seeing what was there, and you might want to reconfirm later in the pregnancy if you can. Hope that makes sense. Good luck Mama :heart:

At 15 weeks I was told my daughter was a boy…:rofl::rofl: it’s a waste of money for a “maybe”

My son was clearly a boy at 14 weeks lol. That’s when we did his.

I did the blood test and found out at 14 works

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Depends on baby’s position too! A friend was told girl the whole time came out a boy!!!

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I found out at 14 weeks and 5 days with my daughter xx

Found out at 16 weeks with my son and twin girls

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I’d wait til at least 16 weeks tbh x

At 18 weeks they said I was having a girl. because I had very healthy pregnancies that was my only ultrasound and BAM I had a boy :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: take whatever it says with a grain of salt

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Your doctor can do a blood test at 12 weeks to confirm gender if you ask and then you’ll get the next confirmation at 18-20 weeks if you want to know for sure without any doubt.

I found out 16weeks exactly at an early ultrasound