How early can you take a pregnancy test?

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I didnt get my period for 2 months and kept taking tests alll were negative. I finally got a positive and thought i had to have been atleast 6 weeks especially because the line was insanely dark. Nope. I was 2 weeks…no period prior. If you get Regular periods maybe give it a few days after a missed just because tests are expensive :rofl:

I think it varies. With my second I was like 3 weeks and got a faint positive but others go for 6 weeks or longer before they show positive. I was incredibly nauseous and vomiting and that’s why I tested that early.

I took some a couple of days before I was due and got a faint positive, however waited for a couple of days after my due date to confirm it

I tested the day I was supposed to get my period and it was a strong positive. I was 4 weeks pregnant. Now my baby is 8 months old!

I took a test a week after I was late and it was negative then wen I was a month late I did another one and still negative so I went to the doctors and did one and that was negative after 5 months of no period I went back to the doctors and I told them everything about the tests n missed periods thy sed it was stress related but to make sure thy got me to do a test and this time it was positive so I went straight to the hospital for a emergency scan I got told I was 29 weeks pregnant and that’s wen I asked the doctor about all the negative tests he sed sometimes thy don’t pick up the pregnancy hormones in the wee which I didn’t understand how that could happen :woman_shrugging:

They say up to 5 day before your missed period. But with my 3rd baby, I knew I was pregnant and kept getting negative tests until I was 5 or 6 days late. I was so happy to finally show my husband who thought I wasn’t pregnant and wasting money on these tests after all the negative ones. I have no idea why it took so long to show positive that time.

Get the cheap ones from the dollar store. They are just as accurate as the expensive ones.


I took a at home test and it was negative … still felt off and went to the doctors and it was negative! I went in a few months later cause my lower abdomen was getting hard! Only to find out I was about 22 weeks pregnant!

Everyone’s body is different but I had faint positives 3 days before expected period

Mine came up positive a week before my period was even suppose to start with my youngest

I think they have early detection ones, so shortly after your missed period.

Depends on the test. Read the packaging

I had to be on medication that helped me ovulate, meaning we had to have sex on specific dates. I took a pregnancy test 9-10 days after the day I believed we conceived and it was positive. I would take one as soon as you are late for your period or believe you are for any reason.

It’s recommended to wait til your missed period or 14 days after ovulation. But I tested positive 9 days after ovulation


I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I took some cheap ones then bought a clear blue test.

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I waited about 4 days after missed period just to be sure

If you take one to early you’re more likely to get a “false” positive. Which could really suck if you’re hoping it’s there. It’s sucks but you should wait til you’re period is due and take a dollar store test. It’s what the doctors use. You’re less likely to have a chemical pregnancy show up on that one to. Dollar tree test are the only ones I’ll trust anymore

You can take one as early as you want but may not get results until 4 weeks pregnant :pregnant_woman: congrats if that’s what you are hoping for!


Depends on the test the have some that are suppose to tell you up to a week before your period. I took one the day I was suppose to start and it was neg waited about 5 days and took another and was positive

Me and my husband did a test which came back positive 5 days before my period was due which came back positive. A week later I started bleeding, the hospital told me it was a chemical pregnancy. I am now pregnant with my second child and waited until I was due on. Having that hope then being taken away was horrible. I’d recommend waiting until you are due on xx


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I got positive at 3wks with my second but with my first I didn’t get positive until I was 9wks so just depends on your body

i took PT just when i was 3days delayed of my period and it came positive. i am 15 weeks pregnant for my 2nd child now :blush:

Depends on the persons body some usually can 5-10 days before and after missed periods I personally didn’t show up on a stick with my oldest only could tell through my blood :drop_of_blood: and my youngest I tested a few days early nothing but I also have irregular periods and the 5 days after still a negative then a month later got a positive and had to confirm through blood

Google. It’s a thing :roll_eyes: or Read. The. Box

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I got these 10 days after ovulation and 6 days before missed period

I got a positive at 13 days prego lol

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