How exactly do I file for unemployment if I have gone back to one of my jobs?

Just looking for help from other people during this trying time and I’m sure plenty of people on here are dealing with similar stuff so…I got fired from my day job during COVID, and I’ve been filing unemployment. My other job is bartending, so in my state, we were shut down for some time. The bars recently re-opened, so now I’m getting some hours (only two shifts a week), but I’m confused about how I should file now? It asks, “are you currently working” and “have you worked between this date and this date” and technically yes? But not for the job I’m filing unemployment for, so I should fill out the application as if I am not? The offices are still closed here, and I’m having issues finding answers on the website.


No u claim ur working


If you’re paid on the books you have to put that you worked. When you initially filed it should have asked for all jobs you worked so both would have been listed


You claim you’re working. You’re no longer unemployed once you accept work. Depending on your state, depends on the amount you can make before you start to lose some of the allowance amount. Also, If you’re not filing on the weeks you work even if you haven’t been paid for it yet, it is considered fraud.


Temporary lay off/lack of hours

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If you answer yes to working it should than ask you how many hours and how much did you make and they will determine how much if any you are still able to get


Still claim you’re working. You will still get it if you’re hours are low

you put in the hours. sometimes if you make less than a certain amount they will deduct your earnings from your deposit from them.

You continue using your current claim. Answer yes that you are working and yes you are being paid. It will most likely ask for your house and the amount your making. Answer all those questions. The amount of unemployment you get will change based off the amount of money you’re making.

I am dealing with something similar. You claim you are working but not at full hours. I don’t know if it is different from state to state but I can make up to 1.5 times the amount I am set to receive from the state (not including the extra from federal) before it disqualifies me for a check at all. And I get a partial check after I have made what I would receive from the state. Plus the federal unemployment I hope that all made sense lol

You have to report how many hours you worked. They will find out

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Well I worked in the Iowa unemployment and you would need to report the earnings from the job that you’re working and that depends on how much you make there and how much your unemployment is whether or not it would matter

You still claim the hours worked at the bar for the week. If it’s under a certain amount of hours you still qualify for compensation for the week. People who are working but hours were severely cut have been getting unemployment if they worked under a certain amount of hours.

I am currently on partial unemployment. It’s just a matter of saying what you earned, how many hrs you worked during the week, and then clicking that you are on partial work or something. The state you live in will deduct whatever er you make (before taxes) and then send you the difference of whatever you have been allotted for unemployment. At least it’s just that easy where I live.

As Becky said. You may still qualify for unemployment it just might be less once they take your wages into account

You would say yes I’m working, give the name and address, and hours and pay amount, that information is what you will provide at the bottom of the form

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Yes you tell them you are working they will deduct what you make from unemployment check and you will need to show proof of what you make

its called underemployment. so claim when you worked.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new job. You have to report it. It will ask if you have worked or made any income, you say yes. If you don’t report the income you will have to pay back all of the unemployment you’ve gotten since you went back to work.

Most times unemployment is used by people between jobs. So yes you declare your hours. People dont keep collecting after they get a new job.

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It doesnt matter you still have to claim your hours.
You should still get some unemployment but you wont get it all

As long as you say reduced hour due to covid-19 you will qualify for the unemployment benefits never lie

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Yes, file for your lost job.
Be honest about your second job.
It’s true you may not receive the full amount because you’re working, but you should still receive some relief.
Praying for you!

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