How is it being induced?

So I am being induced Monday at 37weeks and scared and would love some other mommas stories and how their families inductions and labors went. Thanks!


I was induced with my second bub in October. Went in at 715 to have the induction process started, obgyn came in at 1215pm to break my waters and my son was born at 123pm. Completely drug free! All the best :kissing_heart:

I was induced with my second bub in October. Went in at 715 to have the induction process started, obgyn came in at 1215pm to break my waters and my son was born at 123pm. Completely drug free! All the best :kissing_heart:

Induced with both. Nothing to compare it to, but 2 healthy kiddos😁

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I recomend asking about the cervadil over the pitocin. I have done both and definitely recomend staying away from pitocin if possible

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Inducing is easier too. You can kind of plan and schedule the day of to make sure you are calm and relaxed. Maybe take an extra long hot shower that morning with a little lavender soap.

I went in Wednesday at 5:30pm to be induced. Finally at 11:30pm Friday I was 10cm dilated. I pushed for 2-3 hours and the doctor said she probably wasn’t coming out that way after all of that. I had her via csection at 3:10am Saturday morning. Never know how it’s going to play out. Some people’s goes fast but mine was one that didn’t. My doctor promised me on the next one that I just have a scheduled csection at 39 weeks. I’ll take it!!!

I was induced with my first and it was my easiest labor and delivery. I was in labor for 5 hours and pushed for 15 mins.

I was induced with #2 aday after my due date. Was induced at 7pm. Had baby at 7:41pm the next day. 24 hour labor. The epidural was amazing. Was up and showing within a hour after birth. Had no tearing like baby #1. You will do great. Good luck dear!

I’ve been induced 4 out of 5 times and the only difference I think is the contractions are just harder faster and quicker than on your own.

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Induced at 5am.
Failed epidural.
Contractions beat my ass, blew my blood vessels in my face, looked like I had a rash.
Baby was here at 11:41am. 9lbs. Healthy & beautiful.
That was my 3rd delivery.
2nd birth was the worst hands down. Natural birth, thought I was going into the light!
First birth, I watched CSI while pushing, no issues.
All that to say this, I had one induction & it was not the nightmare i was expecting…

I went in to be induced at 5 on Sunday was dilated to 4 they broke my water at 6:30 and started Pitocin. I had a very hard labor and delivery but my little boy was born on Monday at 4:04a.m. I had severe blood loss and was taken to O.R also had to get a blood transfusion :cry: Thankfully everything turned out great.

I went into labor, it stalled out after a few hours and they had to induce me. And I didn’t notice much of a difference between the two :slightly_smiling_face:

I was induced with my daughter and she was my first. I was told prior that most of the time that you are induced with your first baby that it ends up with a C-section 50% of the time. That’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t terrible but bc of the chance of csection, I feel they let me go on longer before doing the csection which I didn’t like. I would’ve done the csection from the beginning honestly

I was induced with my last before I was even in any uncomfortable pain I had my epidural…I was literally in ZERO pain during labor and delivery.

I was induced both times. It hurt like hell and with my daughter I almost had to have an emergency csection because her heart rate kept dropping. But other than that it went okay. Both of my kids were born happy and healthy.

i was induced twice because my 2nd was 2weeks late its rough laying still for an hr or or more then get up and walk because of laying so long after that my water broke and everyone left me at that point. and my 3rd i was also she was a week over due she was a rough labor and delivery we had do a bath at hospital to help.

I was induce with my 2nd 11 days after my due date I went In got induce and long enough for my mom run home get my ex husband n my dad n her back to the hospital which was like a half hour later and I was ready to give birth and I didn’t even have to push she was pushing herself out I just did one big push and she was out. Labor 30 mins n pushing less then 3 mins.

My water was leaking with my second so I had to be induced I ended up getting the epidural but for me it didnt help I was induced at 12 am and had my baby at 547am ans pushed for 47 min I had my first without and the only thing I didnt like about being induced its the drugs they give you because it made me feel sick and ended up getting pupps but all in all baby was healthy and was 2 weeks early

I was induced with my 2nd cause he was almost 9 lbs and they broke my water at 10:30 am. Gave me pitocin at 1 and was ready to push at 4… he was born at 4:07pm. Was more stress free than my first cause I could plan around it. Good luck mommy!

I was induced with all 3 of my girls. I had them all with in the first 5 hrs of being induced. Labor wasn’t long but it was intense. I never had an epidural either. So for me, short but definitely intense. Contractions were off the charts but because labor wasn’t that long it really wasn’t that bad. Learn some techniques if you haven’t already & just relax & do what works for you. I tried the bath & it was the worst for me. I couldn’t stay in there. Walking wasn’t an option for me either. Just have a list of things to try & if something doesn’t work for you, move on to the next. This is about YOU don’t let someone tell you what to do if you arent comfortable or if it isn’t working for you.

I got induced at 37 weeks too, and it sucked. Lol I labored for about 33 hours and then ended up having to get a c-section after that which took 3 hours. The pain was awful, unlike anything you will ever feel in your life. But dont let that scare you, once you see your beautiful bundle of joy none of that will matter expect your beautiful baby :heart: it was totally worth it​:heart: I wouldnt trade it for the world​:heart:

Induced 5 times. All 5 went in around 7 pm. I never dilate before so I am usually only at a 1cm. Got cervical ripening meds that night, sleep through the night. Water is broken in the AM after epidural. Delivered my first at 1pm the next day, delivered my 2nd around 11 am that next day, 3rd was born at 9:30 am, 4th took her time and came at 2pm, and my 5th was born at noon. They were all a little different, but no probs. Good luck!! :tada::blush:

Is there medical reason for induction? If not, in my experience, I wouldn’t do it and let the baby come when they’re ready. My first baby was induced and it was very traumatic and awful.

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I was induced at 37wks because my daughter stopped growing at 26wks gestation, i was given the pessary at 1pm on the 12th it didnt work so they had to pop my waters a few hours later, i had to have some other medication through a drip one was for strep b & the other was because my previous c section scar was so sore it hurt every time they gave me an imternal. After having my water popped it still took hours & she bacame distressed & i became worn out so i had pefadin i don’t remember much after that until i gave birth to my daughter at 3.26am on the 13th. I wish you all the luck in the world but my mother in law tried warning about having my waters popped & how fast contractions become stronger i didnt believe her, so if you have your waters popped be prepared for them to come strong & fast… :heart:

My son was a week overdue. I was induced in the afternoon around 3, got an epidural and they broke my water that night. I pushed for 2-3 hours but baby’s head got lodged and had to have an emergency c-section. My son was born on August 10, 5:30 in the morning. He was 10 pounds 11 ounces, lol.

I had to be induced at 40weeks and 4 days with my second baby was induced at 9am had my son via emergency c section at 6:30pm

Induced with pitocin for both kiddos, no epidural or tearing :muscle:t2::raised_hands:t2: