How is it taking the glucose test?

I’m about to do my glucose test in a few weeks and I’m worried, I’ve heard alot of unpleasant things about it. Plus im scared that I might have Gestational Diabetes, I just want my baby to be healthy and mu delivery to go as smoothly as possible. Any advice? Please don’t be mean. Thanks.


The drinks they had me drink were like sugary flat soda. Made me nauseous, but I was able to hold it down, even when I had to do the three hour test twice (had gestational diabetes with two of my three). Just follow their directions and suggestions. They should help you out with a plan for what to eat and how often. At least the hospitals I went to did, and I had to check in once a week with my blood sugar readings so they could monitor my sugars.

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I felt like all the talk about it was over hyped. It was sweet but I chugged in in less then 15sec and had no problem keeping it down. I would check and see if they had one that wasn’t orange or Citrus flavored.

It’s not bad worst part is the drink in my opinion I hate the taste :nauseated_face: I heard some like it I don’t it taste like an off tang if you get the orange one I usually chugg it get it over with quick then sit in my car for an hour to watch a movie then get blood drawn

It’s not the most fun thing, it’s worth it. My advice, just breath and know you are doing what’s best for your baby

The sugary drink made me very nauseous. Bring a snack and drink with you for after the test is over. It’s not too bad. I had gestational diabetes with my second child. It wasn’t bad either it was just annoying to check my levels throughout the day. A lot of the time gestational diabetes can be controlled with diet.

Not too bad. 1st test i failed with my last pregnancy and i just failed with my current pregnancy. They have u come back in for the 3 hr test which i passed last time, hoping to pass this time. Drink isnt horrible but not good either. I love sweets thats my issue. My boss ate very healthy and not a ton of junk and had GD so it just depends on how your body is. They will help u through the process.

It doesn’t taste great but you are doing what’s best for the sweet baby inside you…just like all the tests mama’s go through while pregnant…chug it down mama you’ll be ok…worrying about things you can’t control won’t help

Don’t stress about it as that will make your BG go up! Just focus on getting it done. If you have got gestational diabetes, it’s far better to know so you can keep your baby safe and well and so you don’t have a twelve pounder.

I loved it, did it in the morning,…you’re not supposed to have food like 12 hours I believe (I dont remember how many hours) before the appointment,…they recommend to do your appointment early in the morning so you can eat right after the whole appointment (after the last hour (not in between)) if you go based on their instructions you will be fine. The drink tasted so good,…i craved sweets with my baby girl,….my flavor drink was fruit punch and down it like a shot :sweat_smile:

I can’t have sugar it makes me sick so I’ve already refused to take the glucose test

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The lime one actually taste like flat sprite not even sugary sprite just flat sprite. It’s not too bad but I felt icky after the fact. Definitely have plans to go get food or have a snack in the car waiting.

Wasn’t bad to me. I had the orange drink all 3 times. Just tasted like flat Fanta. I will say the first time I chugged it and it almost made me puke. The other 2 times I took sips and had it drank in 5 mins, and I felt fine.


I’ve had every flavor multiple times. They taste like cool aid. I have had GD 3 times. Currently on my third GD pregnancy! With proper management it can be a very smooth pregnancy like any other pregnancy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I thought it was fine. I also had HG I found it the easiest when I booked the appointment first thing

It’s nasty it made my stomach a little upset

Tastes like flat Sunkist with about 30 teaspoons of sugar added to it :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

It’s really not that bad.

I failed the 1 hr and had to do a 3 hr I did struggle there. My advice have water and food in the car.

It’s not too bad the drink tastes like a flat sweet lemonade, have small sips of water afterwards if you feel ill

I thought it tasted like orange soda it was yummy

Easiest tests ever :joy:
No studying
No homework
No grading
Just go to bed, wake up, drink a small flat tasting bottle of soda, wait 1-3 hours, get blood drawn, go eat

Ask you doctor for other options. I failed the 1 hour and threw up the drink on the 3 hour so I asked for other options and I was able to check my blood sugar for 2 weeks and passed.

I drank it then fainted. Good luck

Its a drink or you can ask for another method as I didn’t care for the drink, they let me eat gummy bears.

The glucose drinks are sickly sweet…sorta like drinking soda syrup without enough of the carbonated water to balance.
Other than that it’s really not too bad.

Do what your doctor says as far as prepping for the test.
No one wants to have gestational diabetes but you WANT to know if you do.
Having it and not knowing is dangerous.
If you have it and know it…it’s often manageable.
With my oldest I was able to manage with diet changes, and excessive until I ended up on bed rest (I had preeclampsia too but that was unrelated). In bedrest I just had to take metformin.

i dont think it was that bad, the drink dont taste all that great… i had the orange one all 3 pregnancys and i just drank it quick to get it over with!

I had to do the 3 hour twice when I was pregnant (long story) and it kicked my butt both times. Personally I would try to plan a whole day off so you can recuperate if needed.

It’s better if the drink is cold; easier to get down. I ended up having it and felt like crap while I waited for them to test, and literally napped in the car between tests during the 3 hour one lol.
Like…it’s not great, but compared to other medical things, it’s not too bad. If you find out you have it, they’ll guide you through the process. Trial and error while you figure it all out. It’s not fun, but if you follow their guidelines it’ll end with a happy, healthy baby.

It wasn’t bad for me. Had to do it with 2 of mine, and the outcome was always good. Deep down I kind of knew what the problem really was. My eating habits…

Yes it tastes nasty but you’ll be fine. It’s a good idea to take it cause if you do have gestational diabetes you’ll want to control it for it doesn’t cause issues. Diabetes isn’t a joke trust me regardless if it’s gestational or not. So just take it and don’t worry.

I had it with my second and it wasn’t a big deal. I followed the diet and he was born perfectly healthy.

Like everyone else has said, don’t stress about it and if you end up with GD, just listen to your doctors and do what they say. I didn’t have to go through it because I’m already diabetic, but it’s not the end of the world. You and baby will be fine!

This is my 5th pregnancy. It’s like flat soda. It isn’t terrible in my opinion. I just chug it fast.

It’s easy just follow what Dr says you will be fine… if you come out positive there is a chance you could become type 2 later. Talk to your Dr.

I opted out of the nasty toxin filled glucose drink they give and used organic grape juice instead.


I’ve never done a glucose testing. Just take your blood sugar