How late is too late to come home from a bar?

If your partner goes out to the bar, it’s 6am too late to be coming home?


Ain’t no home to come to at 6 am!


Partner was coming home from somewhere for sure. But not the bar.


Where were at, bars either close at 2 am or 3 am so either way 6 am is suspicious for sure.


Our bars usually close around midnight or 1am. Nightclubs close at 3am.
So definitely yes, wayyy to late for that excuse!!!
I live in Australia :australia:, not sure where you’re located.
Even so, as a dad (and mum for that matter)… a night out should definitely be home by 1am. We have responsibilities


Bar closed at 2am. 6 am, yes that’s way to late. I mean waffle house doesn’t take that long. Lol


Bars normally close at 2am… don’t think he was coming home from the bar


If he is coming home at 6 he is probably not coming from a bar.Sorry!


Seriously this question again? Y’all have posted this same scenario 3x in 2 days. Give it up already


We don’t have bars open that late here so I would say yes. We usually agree on a rough time we’ll be home so the other one knows when to panic if we haven’t made it back.


Seeing as how bars close before that I’d say absolutely


Maybe he passed out in the car so he wouldnt drive home with alcohol in his system.


For me this would probably depend personally cuz where I live bars are allowed to stay open till 3:00 a.m. usually don’t go out to the bar until after 9:30 p.m. and when me and my girls go out if we shut it down at 3:00 a.m. chances are you’re going to find us eating breakfast somewhere after we leave which has left me not rolling through the door until about 5:00 a.m. or later. So I’d say depends on your partner and what kind of person they are you know them better than anyone if you think it’s off and unacceptable then stand on that and speak on it.

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I mean did he get so drunk he had to stay at a friend’s instead of driving home but in that case I’d hope he would call and tell u his plan but if he’d just show up at 6 am with no explanation I would have a nice long talk


Depends on the bar. There’s one here I used to frequent and it “closed” at 2 but if you were in the doors by 2 they were open until 6-7. If you left after 2 you weren’t coming back in. My personal boundary is if you’re not home by sun up then you didn’t come home last night and that’s a big problem for me. In the door by sun up we’re good but it really depends on your relationship and the trust you have.


Bars close at 2:30am where I live. Yes if he came home at 6am he was doing something he shouldn’t have been.


Does it matter if you trust your partner and know where they are/they’re safe? Bars close different times depending on where you’re going/where you live.


Why do people ask the questions they already know the answers to?
If it’s not ok with you, it’s not ok. It doesn’t matter what’s ok for anyone else.


My partner texts or calls if he’s stopping at the store after work or if he’s doing something else when he goes to the gym. He knows my anxiety doesn’t deal well with the unknown. It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s that after losing our first child, I panic that something went wrong. Disappearing until 6am without communication is inconsiderate at best. I think the latest he’s been at the bar in several years is 8pm and I was with him, but bar isn’t really our scene.

Ultimately, that’s your call to make as to whether you’re willing to accept that behaviour or not.

Personally? My best effort was stumbling in the door around 4am.
But I don’t live with my partner, and I wouldn’t be out that late without him.

Last call is 2-3am over here. That’s around when I’m expecting you to head home. You show up after sun up, then you didn’t come home last night and we might have an issue unless there’s a legit reason.

6am is way to late unless you’re single. Plus, bars usually close at 4am… He went somewhere else after the bar honey.


If he comes home and it’s an entirely different day, it’s unacceptable without a phone call.

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Was it a one time thing? Regularly? Context other than time of arrival home? Was it an event? Special occasion? Was he being sketchy while he was out?

My bf thinks its fine, gets off 11am I’ll be back in a hour turns up 6am smashed sometimes later no text phone call nothing

Yes, that is by far too late IMO.


That 3 1/2 hours between typical bar close and when he arrived home is the big question, at closing time people are at there most “adventurous” and the fences come down so I agree with Julia Marie, go get tested

Depends on the context and how often they do it

If he was my partner he wouldn’t be coming to MY home period at that time!!!

Most definitely is, and id go get myself checked if I were you.

Um, that’s EARLY. People getting ready for work already😅 It’s weird to be out that long.

Absolutely that’s too late !

Um, YES especially because they close at 2/3 AM

Depends but most likely yes :woman_shrugging: There are alot of variables here but it comes down to trust in the partner you’ve picked

If it’s Vegas then hey they never close.

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Yikes, I’d definitely have to say yes!

Ummm what …lol. Yes that is too late.


If you have to ask, then yes. Bars close at like 1-2am.

Our rule was 2:30 if you aren’t home your up to no good.

Out of respect for the other partner, yes!!

Yes no bar is open that late

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Even if we stop off to go eat afterwards we are still home by 4am.

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Well hell yes that’s too late!

Lots of “partner staying out all night at the bar” posts lately :face_with_monocle:

Would you come home at 6am why or why not ?

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That’s a discussion you would have with your partner one would think :thinking:

Is this a joke? Bars close at 2 at where I am. If u want to stay til closing without me. You best be home by 215. Or you are definitely cheating. He should be respectful and not stay out past let’s say 12 when you have a family!! 6 am :joy: here are divorce papers


I mean if my partner was coming home from a bar at 6 am and I wasn’t with him I’d be pissed and thinking the worst. I can tell you it happens because I go out and get home anywhere between 2 and 6am depending but usually bar hop or go to someone’s house when the bar closes. I’m single so have no one to answer to though🤷‍♀️

Depends. If me or my husband stay out that late it’s because we passed out on a friends couch and the other knows exactly where we are.


Depends round here bars close at 4 and us drunk back in the day would be at a Steak ‘n Shake drunk eating. So no but depends on the situation also


This kind of thing is a boundary each couple has to establish in their own relationship. Nobody else can give you this answer.

Y’all have to talk about it, your reasons, and find a compromise. If you two can’t come to a healthy agreement, then it may be time to reexamine the relationship.

Bars usually do last call at 2 AM so where were they the other 4 hours…?

My dad did that n then attacked us… He left when I was 15 n hasn’t been bothered since … I’d say that’s red flags

If you’re out at bar til 6am chances are you’re not JUST drinking​:nose::snowflake:


Depends when he said he will be home :man_shrugging: if you don’t agree to a time then it’s your own fault

If they home at 6 am , there hoing around lol


Yep cause bars close at 2am so bye bye

Most bars close at 1

Really? Legit question

You already know. Change the locks and move on.

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Yes, bars close by 2 a.m.

where the hell was he that whole time? red flag

The time the tells you that he’ll be home, it’s just common respect to let your partner know we’re you’ll be until 6am.

That’s not a lifestyle I want in my life so I’m gonna say no that’s something I wouldn’t accept. Plus around here that’s 4 hours unaccounted for since our last call is 2am.

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We’re they driving… Did they have to sober up?
We were usually back by 5 but where I was, bars closed at 245. Lol
Generally, 6 is a bit late/early, especially with no text or anything.

So, back when I drank a lot, it was pretty common to get a case or 2, find a spot to park, drop some tailgates and shoot the shit :woman_shrugging:

Honestly as long as they communicate with u throughout the night . U know they are safe . U trust them and the friends they are with , then it doesn’t really matter my opinion . A lot of people forget when u are with someone whether dating even married , u still are ur own people , that doesn’t just change because u feel they shouldn’t do certain things , yeah y’all could come to a comprise if u hated the thought of them coming home at 6am maybe make it 4 am , but they don’t HAVE to . What if u were at a concert with ur girls ? It didn’t get over till 3-4 with the after party making it 6am . Guess if u really trust ur partner

He probably had to leave before her kids got up :tipping_hand_woman:t4: I would ask the doctors opinion while getting checked for STDs :weary:

6am? Bars close at like 2 or 3. Sounds like he’s got a side gig too.


Well I’m pretty sure the bars close at 2am don’t they? Lol

In a state with last call yea but I live in nevada so not here

Yes, yes, & freaking yes


Too many unknowns here. Does he normally do this? How often does he go out? Where do you live? What time do the bars close? There’s only a handful of times where I’ve come home that late & no, I wasn’t messing around or nothing but I’m also single. If it were me & my man didn’t communicate with me & just showed up without explanation, given that our bars close at 2am at the very latest, I would be skeptical. However, regardless of what we think, if it’s wrong in your book, then that’s all that matters.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How late is too late to come home from a bar?

My mother once told me “ the only thing open after 2:00 a.m. ….is legs”!

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Our bars close at 3am. I remember a time in my early 20’s where it took my drunken ass 3 hours to walk home. Which was only 11 minutes from the bar :rofl:

Our local bars close at 2 am so 6 would be suspicious unless hanging somewhere or going to breakfast otherwise be home

It all depends if u have a wife or husband boyfriend or girlfriend this is why sometimes it’s best to be single that way you can come when ever you want :joy::joy::joy:

Maybe… idk it depends where he slept to sleep it off

Literally depends on what state and county you’re in some are 2am, some are 4am some go all night along with that many places also have after hour spots and restaurants open til 4-5 am or stay open 24hours
But most people wandering home at 6am have been up to no good :tipping_hand_woman:

Some private bars are open later than 2/3 or even later . What time did he leave , who was he with ? Did he pass out somewhere and then come home when he woke up ?

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Without a phone call…yes

Umm yes normally bars are closed way before than