How long after a c-section could you wear jeans?

How long after your C-section were you able to wear jeans ?


About 4-5 weeks and even then it was a little sore.

2 weeks postpartum for me

I think I was about 2 weeks, just wore high waisted ones

C section on Saturday and discharged in my jeans on Tuesday. So, 2 days tops.

If you’ve those maternity jeans with the stretchy stuff you’d probably be ok. I was wearing stretchy trousers when I left hospital. Couldn’t get into my regular maternity jeans for a few months after! I found my biggest problem was finding comfortable underwear that didn’t hurt my scar.

I wasn’t able to wear jeans for a long time because of the nerves in that area. Anything that rubbed or pressed too hard hurt so bad. And I was really small lol

Like 3 days after I went home

I didn’t wear them.often beforehand. But, I went back to work 5 weeks later and often would wear jeans there.

With my first I wore maternity jeans out of the hospital…with my second it was about 2 weeks