How long after a membrane sweep did you give birth?

HELP! :crossed_fingers:t4: first time mom overdue!

Yesterday I had my 41 week check up, they did a fetal scan and cervix check. The fetal scan went great my son scored 8 outta 8! I am 5cm and 80% effaced!
So for the last 3 weeks I’ve had appointments every Wednesday, I was suppose to have my baby by Easter is what my doctor said and then every weekend after that “oh I’m sure you’ll have your baby in a couple days if not I’ll see you Wednesday” is what I’ve been told at every appointment for the last 4 weeks :roll_eyes: Being I’ve been at a 5cm for a week and a half and prior to that I was stuck at a 4+ for 3 weeks! My cervix is ripe, baby’s head is low & I haven’t had any contractions what’s so ever in the last 4 weeks!
I’ve been walking tons, my membranes were stripped, I’ve been doing stairs, squatting, dancing and eating spicy foods to try and get something going and nothing started any contractions. So now I am scheduled to be induced on Friday morning with pitocin. I’ve been trying to do as much research as I can about it and read other mom stories but the ones I’ve read are moms who weren’t dilated at all.
So my question is;
if I’m already dilated & effaced this far, will i have a quick labor?or a hard labor being he’s already being this stubborn?
What was your experiences with induction using pitocin?


I did the balloon foley induction. It was AMAZING. IDK if your dr will let you try something else first. My labor was 3 hours from start to finish. Good luck mama!!

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That far dilated it shouldn’t take long. With my daughter I was 4 when checked at Dr. Was sent to hospital to be induced (for other reasons). Got to the hospital was 6cm. Got pit about 8ish. She was born at 11:54. I don’t recommend epidural. Pain is temporary, the damage from epidural is forever. I get so excited for new mamas. :blush: Having a new baby, whether it’s 1st or 6th, it’s so exciting each and every time! Good luck!

I had a great labor with pitocen but I also had a strong epidural.
I slept while the pitocen started my contractions. And I only pushed for 45 minutes.
Make sure they regulate your pain because pitocen amps up contraction strength

Try nipple stimulation and evening primrose oil :slight_smile: …I have 3 boys , had pitocin with my last…everything went fine… contractions we’re unbearable…but they always are for me.

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Everyone is different and has different labors. I was induced, and had my water broke. I got my epidural before they broke my water, made things easier. Wish you the best!

It shouldn’t take long…but there really is no telling.

I had the same issue woth my first son. I was induced at 40+5 weeks. Took 26.5 hpirs before he was born. Pitocin makes the contractions rough but i had an epidural and everything went smooth. I was induced with my second son too and no issues… only took only took 20.5 hours for him… :woman_shrugging:t3:

Might go quicker I would think. Pitocin wasn’t horrible but they didnt believe me when I said the baby was coming cause it did happen so quickly. My baby was 14weeks early and a bit of different circumstances but I literally had my daughter alone with my husband only in the room cause the nurse didn’t believe me she was coming and walked out not checking me like I had asked her to do. :roll_eyes::unamused::astonished::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I was 2 1/2 weeks overdue with my oldest daughter. I was in labor for a little over 5 hours and had no drugs (not by choice, they said I was too far in to labor by the time I got there).

Had both my kids that way. First my water broke on exam table just as dr was walking in. The second because of high blood pressure. You just have to relax. Easier said than done. It will go quickly if you relax and let it work. Good luck you can do this.

Start pumping your boobs:)


I was induced with all 4!!! None of them wanted to come out until the drip got things started.

I had a good experience with induction with pitocin. I was only 1 cm dilated and only made it to a 4 and stayed at a 4 for hours, they had the pitocin on as high as they could, so my Dr came in and broke my water once he broke my water I went from a 4 to 8 within 15 mins and I had him after 1 push 42 mins after my water was broke. That’s what my problem was, my water wasn’t wanting to break on its own

I had pitocin with all three of my kids. With my second I was pretty much in the exact same spot as you. I got induced at 8 AM and had him by 1:30 PM. For me nothing happens until they break my water and then I have babies within the hour :rofl:

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Also if you have a breast pump, I know some people are against it but pumping does bring on contractions

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I had the same issue with every one of my pregnancies. I had contractions but my OB called them “false contractions” because they weren’t productive. I was dilated 5 for a couple weeks when he decided to induce with my first. 12 hours of labor. He repeated inducing me at 40 weeks with my other 2 full term pregnancies as well. 12 hours of labor with each of my girls, 11.5 hours with my boy.

I was induced with my first at 42.5 weeks. I was dialted a four whole last month. They gave me pitocin and after 12.5 hours of labor (9.5 being contractions every three mins) my sun was born and only fifteen mins of pushing.

Orgasms. Triggers oxytocin, cervical spasms and even uterine contractions!

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10+ hours on pitocin but the actual labor was pretty easy.

It might just be me but with both my girls I delivered within 5 hours after walking into the hospital. I was in labor with first and given pitocin and induced with oxytocin the second time around.

He’s not the one being stubborn your body is. My daughter with pitocin took 16 hours 3.t hours of active pushing because when we started her but was touching my ribs.

Also try some really fresh pineapple. Spicy food wont do anything.

I have 3 daughters. First 2 were natural very quick births. Last daughter (whos now 8 months old) was induction due too health reasons at 39 wks and I have too say it was bloody unbearable. Had no time too rest inbetween contractions they were constant and I had just gas and air. Keep trying too start labour off naturally it will be a much more enjoyable experience. My second daughter was 23 min labour with no pain relief and was the best feeling in the world. Good luck!

I went into pre term labor at 34 weeks, they used pitocin. I went in on September 8th, started the Pitocin around 8-9 PM that night, I was 3 CM when I showed up to the hospital. I ended up having him on September 10th at 4:16 PM. But his heart rate also dropped 3-4 times so I was brought to the OP room but they got his heart rate back and I was able to do a vaginal birth. When they broke my water I was 7 CM, I jumped right to 10 after they broke it. (My water had been leaking for 2 days from a small hole) good luck!

Try using a breast pump for some reason that works for woman that nothing eles has work they try the breast pump in they go right into labor… I’ll be praying for you in hope you have a great birth an quick with a very healthy baby

Just try to relax! I was stuck at 4 no contractions. I was relaxing by doing sudoku puzzles and watching tv while laying on my side on the couch! My water broke on its own with a gush. I had tried the stairs squats walking you name it and nothing was working lol. 4 hours after my water broke I held her in my arms! Good luck mama!

I was at a 3 amd 80% effaced a few days before I had my daughter. My water broke but I never did start contractions naturally, do I had to take pitocin. They cranked that sucker all the way up. Turned it off and cranked it back up amd I finally started contracting. They came hard and fast after that. Maybe I’d geta minute between contractions. But that was at 11 am and I still didnt have her until 4 am the next day. Every body is different. You could take hours or 45 mins. There is no way of knowing, I’m sorry.
But best of luck! You’ll do great! Just focus on the end game when those contractions start getting rough.

I was induced for both pregnancies. My first, my water actually broke but I was only 1.5cm dilated and was induced 12 hours after it broke. That labour lasted forever, the contractions were horrible and non-stop.

For my son, I was 41 weeks and 1cm dilated when I went it. That actually progressed a hell of a lot faster than my first. My water had to be broken. After it was broken, I dilated super quick and I pushed for about 10 minutes. The contractions were manageable, still had the epidural though because it helps me dilate.

Inducing for me wasn’t bad at all I was in labor for 2 days at home before her stubborn self would come out

I had a wonderful experience. I was induced at 39 weeks due to my husband deploying. I was only 1.5 cm dilated. I went in a 4 am and was on pitocin by 6 am. I had a long labor, as I wasn’t dilated very much. I also had an epidural, which I have heard slows things down. I ended up having her at almost 11 pm that night.

I was induced with both of my children. First was 7 hours of labor and the second was 8 hours of labor!

not one mothers experience is going to be like yours. I went 42 weeks before delivering our baby boy with induction. it will be your very own experience, itll be perfect.

I feel like the pitocin slowed things down for me! Sex!!! Let him cum inside and then take a hot shower with nipple stimulation! It worked my twins came within 10 hours

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I was induced at 40wks 3cm and at 39wks 5days 2cm. My labors were 8hr 30min push and 7 hrs half a push lol. With my second I went from 7 to holding him in less than 15 minutes.

I was 4cm 80% when I got induced… got pictocin started at 6:30 am broke my water at 8:30 am and had baby at 2:30 pm

Massage your nipples or use a breast pump!!

I don’t want to be that weirdo but nipple stimulation is the only way scientifically. Nipple stimulation causes uterus contractions, small, but has been proven effective to get things started

I feel like pitocin slowed the process down to be honest. It made the contractions much stronger as well.

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I was 41 weeks and 7 days when I got induced. 32 hours of hard labor. Labor was rough, Delivery was easy.

I was about 4 1/2 cm dialated when i was induced. Within a couple hour (if that) i was at 7. They broke my water and boom there was her head. Pushing took all of 2 minutes. Very easy labor. But tbh i was already in labor when they induced me.

I was 5cm and then given Pitocin. Lasted about 8 hours.

It was absolutely miserable! Given the choice never again!

I go in on Friday as well to be induced! I will be 39 weeks tho. This is my 4th child and he is measuring large. But with my other 3 I got stuck at a 3 and never went any further. But it should go fairly quick once they break your water.

All my Dr did was rupture my membranes and I went into labor no need for pitocin

I was given pitocin while in labor to speed things up and it sure worked lmao

mine were quick :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I went into labor with both of my daughters naturally but ended up needing pitocin to try to help since I had preeclampsia with both.
My first daughter: labor started Thursday while at work. My back pain was insane, I could barely walk. By the time I went to bed I didn’t even want to go pee it hurt so bad. At the time I thought it was just discomfort of being pregnant but my water broke at 4am. Then mucus plug came out and bloody show and then contractions. Went into hospital around 8 am, (I was 36 weeks 6 days) dilated fairly quickly until midday and stopped at 5 cm. Waited hours and nothing. I was started on magnesium and pitocin around 5pm and contractions got insane immediately. By 9pm I couldn’t take it anymore, there was no break on between contractions and I hadn’t advanced in hours so I got the epidural. Finally got some relief and went to sleep around 11pm. Woke up at 7am, and when doctor came to check on me the baby was already in position and I was fully dilated. Pushed for less than 20 mintues and she was born 3 weeks early.
Second daughter: doctors wanted to induce me for 2 weeks prior because of preeclampsia. I chose to wait and they let me go home twice but warned me they wouldn’t let me go home a third so to be prepared on my next checkup. Didn’t make it to next checkup. I spent 3 days with irregular contractions starting Friday. Mucus plug came out Saturday night and had contractions for 18 hours but as soon as we decided to go into hospital Sunday at 3pm they just stopped. Went to grocery store to distract ourselves and I could barely walk. Went to bed and contractions started again but this time regularly and very painful immediately. 3am I woke my husband up and we got everything ready to be at hospital for days (37 weeks 6 days) Arrived, sat there monitored, insane contractions so they thought I would be ready to push but I had no dilation. Water broke at 7am and it showed baby had pooped inside of me because she was in distress from all weekend of contractions apparently and that was dangerous so they gave me pitocin to help me dilate faster and I got the epidural right away this time but barely 3cm by midday. Kept changing positions and finally by 5:45 pm baby was in position and I was almost fully dilated. Pushed for 20 min and she was born 2 weeks early.
Every woman and every baby is absolutely different and all 3 stages of labor can range greatly as well.
Not even a doctor can tell you how your body will react or how it’ll be so just be prepared to wait a long time and try to be patient as hard it can seem. But get your rest and try to relax as much as possible for both you and your baby.

If you are already dilated the pitocin will throw you into labor immediately and then they will probably stop it. May want to think epidural because the labor pains are worse with induced labor

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I was exactly where you are. Went in for induction at 5 and 80%. Baby born 5 hours later. My first

It made labor harder. It forced my body to contract. Much worse than my natural labor with my first. I wouldn’t want to do it again but waiting too long can harm your baby. If your baby stays in too long, it can actually defecate in the water. It’s called a meconium birth. That happened with my first because we didn’t induce at 40 weeks. I say obey the doctor. He is the expert and knows what is safest for you and your baby.

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Labor hurts. :rofl: but pitocin can make aspects worse than without. I was 6 cm when I was started on it and had a baby within about 7 hours. Definitely let your doctor know if you want an epidural very early because it can move very fast. Last thing you want is to want one, wait too long and have to watch them wheel the cart out of your room because its time to push :rofl: (speaking from personal experience)

Pitocin is the devil drug. Just saying. I know you are so sick of being pregnant mama but just hold out a little longer! Every body is different. No-one cananticipate how your labor will go. Good luck! Congratulations!!

There’s no way to tell how hard or fast it will be. Being dilated ahead of time doesn’t matter. Especially if it’s your first baby, it will likely still be just as awful

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That drug WILL make the contractions 10x MORE PAINFUL. I’ve had 4 kids. 2 all natural no meds at all. 1 C-section and my 4th was induced a month early and that was the most pain I’d ever been I actually had to ask for an epidural with that one. It was not something I could even tolerate and that’s after having 2 perfect labors without meds. Good luck. But there is no way of knowing how long it will take. My labor with pitocin went super fast. 2 hours from the time I felt the first contraction to baby being g born. But all my labors were fast. I’d try everything out there to help get it going before you are induced. Also sounds like the Dr could just break your water and you will start on your own. I had my water broke for my first at 37 weeks and 4 cm dialated and the labor started right away. Good luck

I was 1 cm for for weeks at 41 week they wanted to induce. 7pm they used pitocin and i was still at 1 cm until next day 7am, they tried something else then at aroundn 3 I was at 4 cm the nurse said I should have baby I’m evening by now i was on the epidural cause i couldnt bare the contractions cause within the hour I jumped to 10 cm and my sister asked the nurse to check me cause she said I think she is ready they said no they had just checked…she said check again and they did and called the doctor and said let’s do this, few min later baby here

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I just had my water broke at 41 weeks and he came within the half hour; I have heard nightmare stories about induction so start with just breaking your water because that far, effaced and dilated, usually all you need and fairly quick

I had pitocin twice and it was horrible, for my 3rd my doctor inserted a pill to get my contractions starting “naturally” I would ask for that instead!

I was at 41 weeks to the day, but I wasnt nearly as dilated as you are (1.5 cm when I went in) I was in labor for a total of about 22 hours, and 3 hours of pushing. Every woman is different but with how dilated and effaced you are, I would think it would go much quicker. Best of luck :heart:

My experience with pitocin sucked. It made labor fast but the hardest I’ve ever had it. Baby came so fast she spent 3 days in NICU. I will NEVER agree to pitcin again.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t just break your water and go from there. If you’re 5 cm dilated they can do that. Pitocin will increase the frequency and intensity of your contractions rather quickly, it’s not that it hurts more per se, it’s that you have less time to adjust. I’ve had 9 kids, I’ve been induced with it a couple of times, and the last time I told them off the bat, give me the epidural before you even start. I know what I’m in for thank you very much. My water had also ruptured several hours prior with no sign of natural contractions starting. Once your water breaks, there’s no more cushion against your cervix and the pain is something else.

Good luck


The pitocin made labor a bitch. But I was only in labor from 9am to 2:38pm and went in being 1cm dilated.

Ask them to just break your water. It should go super quick once that’s done.

I had to be induced due to severe preeclampsia so I wasn’t dilated they started me on it around noon on Monday by noon on Tuesday my water broke and I was dilated. Went into what my dr called active labor Tuesday night had baby at 1:17am Wednesday morning after actively pushing for just an hour. My little one was stubborn as well and didn’t want to come down she was also 5 weeks early

I was induced twice. One ended in a emergency C-section underliying problems but my next one I was dilation to 5 and it went pretty quick.It will be fine. Don’t go for an epidural unless you really can’t handle the pain. Natural is so awesome and worth the pain

I was in Braxton Hicks labor for 28 days with my second child. I was also dialated to 4cm and 80% effaced for the entirety of the 28days. They tried the pitocin and it didnt work. They ended up breaking my water for me. Mind you thats the painful part. But once my water was broken he was out 2hrs 15mins

It will be ok. Everyone is different. It could be quick since you’re almost half way there. But it doesnt always go quick with the first one. Keep your head up. Good luck! Congrats!

Hmmm I was induced a week early due to medical reasons. I was only 1 cm dilated when we started pitocin that morning. They kept bumping it up and kept bumping it up. Made me manually dilate to 5cm with a bulb/catheter thing. Still wasn’t getting anywhere. More pitocin, wasn’t working. so they broke my water. Finally that started getting us somewhere. Ended up being in labor for 15 hours. Key thing I was not ready at all! They had to work really hard just to get me to 5cm. You’re already there. I think IMO you will have a fast labor once things get a little bump start! (Pun intended) but bear in mind, every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, every delivery is different. Stay strong Mama, you got this no matter what!

If you haven’t tried it already, and if you can, have lots of sex!! If you don’t have a partner, donut yourself! The contraction from the orgasm works your uterus and could start your labor. I did this with both of mine. My first, a boy, was a little stubborn with 10 hours of labor, but only about an hour of that was actually painful for me. My second, girl, was much much faster, went in to hospital and a little over an hour later she was here! Try it momma, see if it works for you. Btw, I had no drugs with the first, but they did strip my membranes twice, the second was much more painful and I had a touch of nubane, otherwise everything went perfectly. Good luck!!

All depends on babys position sadly sounds like they are not in a good position otherwise your labour would of started - could be posterior

I was dialted to 4cm for a week before I went into labor and miserable pregnant. I went nuts walking constantly, spicy food, awkward uncomfortable sex, and jogging up and down my stairs put me straight into labor.

It didn’t work on me, unfortunately it didn’t even start my labor, it stopped it and ended with a csection

I was induced at 39+4 due to high fluid and they thought my daughter was going to be too big (she weighed 7lbs 11oz :joy::joy:). She was my first and I had a really good labor/delivery for a first time mom (a little under 12 hrs including pushing time). I was about 1cm for about 3 weeks before being induced. My NP wanted to induce at 37 weeks due to the fluid level but the doctor said not until 39 weeks :woman_shrugging:t2:. I had to have my epidural early because my cervix was back so far that it put me into too much pain when they checked me that it caused my daughter stress. I went from 3cm to 10cm in a little over 10hrs (used the “peanut pillow” to help the process along). My doc did get keep bumping up the pitocin though and I had to have another bag run after delivery as well. I pushed for an hour and 15 but just as the epidural wore off is when her head got stuck so that was an extra few minutes of them having to “help” deal with that lol. The only thing that really got me was when they started the epidural it made me sick for a short period of time.

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Every pregnancy and labor is different. My sister in law was 7cm at 37 weeks, stayed that way for a week before they induced her and she still had a long labor.

I had it twice, both times my labors were very different. Stay as active as you can. I would also consult a chiropractor proctor certified in the Webster Technique if you have time. They can do adjustments to help with positioning.

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Lots of sex will put you right into labor :blush: good luck

I’m a FTM & was induced at 41 weeks & 4 days. I wasn’t dilated at all & only like 70% effaced. My body showed absolutely no signs whatsoever of going into labor by itself & I tried everything. Pineapple, extra sex, walking, bouncing on the ball, etc. My blood pressure was getting worse the the day so my OB scheduled my induction. The whole process took 15 hours from when the administered the first dose of Pitocin from when she was in my arms. I would assume since you’re already at a 5 labor will be a bit quicker, but you never know - every delivery is different.
Good luck!

I was dilated to 5 and 100% effaced when they started my pitocin and I labored for another 2 hours. 2 hours of my baby’s heart rate dropping, being put on and off of oxygen and being moved from side to side. Just make sure they’re watching the monitors super closely and don’t be afraid to have a csection if it’s needed.

I had to be given pitocin at the end of my labor tell you the truth I just made it harder labor pains but it sure got that baby out. it just makes you have harder and more intense contractions to help you be able to push

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They should have induced you already unless your trying to go natural they always induced me at 4 cm I prefer to be induced if that’s the issue I was induced with all 5 of my babies and labor was never more then 3 hours long :blush: good luck

Pitocin slowed my contractions and all 4 of my labors were over 12 hrs. I was usually at 1-2 cm when they started and even though delivery was 2 pushes with 3 out of 4 the first I pushed for almost an hour. They were ready to run me back for c section but ended up using vacuum and forceps. Also, almost all my kids were late. The first was 10 days and the rest were 3, with the exception of my youngest who we scheduled the induction the weekend before her due date due to doc not being in town on due date. Good luck Mama.

I was like 4-5cm dilated, and got pitocin, and my water broke, baby was delivered like 5 hrs later.

I had preclampsia for last baby and took pictocin.full labour within half a hour.Everyone is different.

Both times I was induced I was already at 3 cm, and both of my labors went pretty fast. I know everybody is different, but if you’re already that far, hopefully it will go fast for you as well.

I was dilated to 4 and late also, I was induced with my 1st that way they started at 6am an I had her before noon, I got the epidural, took a nap and they woke me up to push, since then my other 4 have al been induced and went very very smoothly, dont worry, you and baby will be ok, if ur hosts getting ready to go the pitocin is only going to help you get there faster,

I was induced with my son at 34 weeks because my water broke at 31 & 6 & I wasn’t dilated or anything yet. It was a lonnnnnngggg labor, but I also went into labor at 35 weeks with my daughter & that was a lonnnnnng labor without being induced. Let me tell you, being induced was way better than going into labor on your own all the way around. I’d prefer my sons labor over my daughters!

I took castor oil and it sent me into labor six hours later, it wasn’t going fast enough and her heart beat was dropping so they gave me pictocin and within an hour I was ready to start pushing

I was induced with pictocin with all three of my children. The first two were overdue and very large (over 10 lbs) and delivery came within 2 hours. The last one wasn’t over due but because I had such big babies they wanted to induce me early and that one took 10 hours.

My kid was stubborn. Even induced she took her time. I was induced. The first 10 hours were a piece of cake. 4 hours of very painful contractions. And I ended up getting the epidural. My water broke shortly after that and shortly after it was time to push. 16 hours of labor and 20 mins of pushing. Pitocin made a comedian. I had a lot of jokes.

I was induced early due to toxemia. I got my first dose around 4pm, ate dinner, visited with friends, slept a bit, late that evening i got up to walk to the bathroom and my water broke. The nurse actually asked me if I was sure I didn’t just pee all over the floor! Ok, I know, first time mom, but c’mon… anyway, then in the early morning hours the contractions actually started and my daughter ended up being born via c-section around 7am.

Every one is different you got this momma l am sure you will go quick you are already 5cm baby just wants to stay in there as it is warm and safe happy mothers day as baby will be here by Sunday for you how sweet is that

I expect it to go quickly as they will be able to pop your water and get you contracting very nicely. I was dialated at a 2 with my 5th and took 12 hours after they popped my water. My 3rd went much quicker. I did have to have cervidil to soften my cervix and had him in 4 hours. All births are different. But I would expect everything to go fast. Congratulations

I’ve been givin pitocin with 3 of my babies, already starting to labor on my own. First baby pitocin at 6 am, born at 12:05 pm, second baby pitocin at 6 am, born at 10:35 and he was trying to come to fast, 3rd baby I got stuck at 7cm, he wouldn’t turn his head, I think pitocin was given at like 7-8 am, he was born at 9:16 am.

I tried sex, walking, castor oil, pretty much anything and everything told to do to start labor. I was due with my first born before Christmas. I didnt deliver until 1-19. I was 42 1/2 weeks pregnant. Braxton Hicks. No full blown labor. I was induced and pushed over 4 hours. It ended in csection. That was not my birth plan needless to say I was upset and exhausted. There was meconium in the water when they broke it for me. My body just has never went into full blown labor even after 4 csections.

Pains are more intense with the pitocin.
Have you tried doing the deed? That sprung me into labor with my daughter. It’s worth a shot, go steep and deep, just saying.
Pitocin should speed it up, but if you get the epidural, it will slow it back down. It’s kinda a catch-22. Cuz you want baby to hurry up and come out but the pain is too hard to handle so you opt for the epidural then you end up in labor longer than you intended to me.
I was induced with me son… 19 hours in labor pushed for 26 minutes (I didn’t know what I was doing)
My daughter 6 hours labor and pushed for 5 minutes (with the epidural cuz I was traumatized by the labor pains from the induction with my first)

My first son was induced and I labored for 70 hours! He was stubborn and kept going sideways instead of head down. Keep in mind I was only dialated to a 3 and stayed that way until my third day of labor. But I had two after him with induction and the labor was around 10 hours each. My last baby I went in to labor on my own and it was 10 hours as well.

My mom was unable to deliver, she has a heart shaped uterus. She had 4 C-sections! My big sister wouldn’t come out after 18 hours in labor!

She if they will just break your water first. Mine had to be broke with all five of mine and my second baby I was 15 days late with him but once they broke my water it put me right into full labor and it didn’t take long and he was out. No pitocin was needed.

I had my daughter at 42 weeks…I was induced Sunday afternoon, had her Tuesday morning. I was stuck dialated at 7 for over 12 hours…it wasn’t until my midwife broke my water that I went from a 7 to a 10 in less than 30 minutes.
Everyone is different. Some people it goes quickly, some… it’s horribly slow.