How long after a membrane sweep did you go into labor?

Has anyone had success with membrane stripping? How soon after did you have your baby?

For me it was a little under 24 hours from the time my dr stripped my membranes to active labor and even that was not to long!

My mucous plug came out in less than 24 hours and then went into labor 2 days after that

3 days after I had the stripping my daughter was born

Membrane sweeps never helped me. 5 times stripped… never helped. 4 inductions. I went into labor a week after I was swept with my second child, I don’t think it had anything to do with going into labor.

4 kids each was 2 weeks late stripped with all four worked 2x labor within 3 days didnt work at all with the other 2.

I did it and went into labor that night!

I was stripped twice with no success.

I had mine stripped. 2 weeks later I started labor.

I was stripped twice. I went into labor within 48 hrs of my second sweep.

I was stripped with my daughter and within 2 hours i was in labor

I had one done went in the hospital I just wouldn’t diolate farther they had to pop my bag and give me meds to move things along

I had mine done. Went into labor that night had him the next afternoon.