How long after getting your mirena taken out did you get pregnant?

Did you get a regular cycle right away or did it take a while ?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long after getting your mirena taken out did you get pregnant?

The first time I had it taken out, I got pregnant 2 weeks after.

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I was pregnant about 3 months after having mine out.

I never got pregnant after I took mine out, and it’s been a little over a year.


It took me about a year

Mine has been out for over a year now and I still haven’t been able to conceive yet

6 months, I’m currently 25 weeks :relaxed:

I personally got pregnant within the week of removal last time. But I used to be ultra fertile. Everyone is different

Had mine our end of November was pregnant beginning of January

I had one cycle then got pregnant. I was also tracking my ovulation though.

Had mine the full 5yrs and after take out it took around 5 months…6 maybe

We are still unsure if I was pregnant on the mirena or not. I had a positive test before it was removed. But they thought I lost it. Only to find out a few weeks after removal that I was pregnant. To this day we are not sure if it was the same baby or a new one. But he is 5 now. Most cases I have heard ppl get pregnant fast after removal

I had regular cycles it took 6 months for me to get pregnant again

Had my Paraguard removed two weeks before my period. Had a short/light period then had positive pregnancy test before my next period. Good luck!

I got my mirena taken out last year on August 11 and got pregnant like 3 days later with my now beautiful 4 month old baby girl

It took me a year to get pregnant with my daughter

I had it for almost seven years. Got it out Dec 2019, started trying in September 2020 (regular 25 day cycles from having it out), got pregnant immediately. We also tracked ovulation when we started trying.

A full year and after a month or 2 got regular periods

I got pregnant after 3 months but had a miscarriage around 5-6w. Took me another 9 months to conceive a successful pregnancy after that.

It took me one month. :heart:

The first and second time was 2-3 months and the 3rd time was a year.

Within the first month all 3 times but I miscarried all 3 times it took 2 to 6 months after that to get prego with all 3 rainbow babies

I’m going on year 2 and still nothing.

Took it out January and pregnant my March …. But i will say my SO and I were both taking folic acid supplements that I think helped so much.

Got pregnant right away, had a miscarriage. Tried again about 3-4 months later & got pregnant with my daughter.

I had my husband take mine out after the 5 yrs bc it came dislodged an was hanging out of me an the dr couldn’t get me in for a month so my husband pulled it out easily an we had intercourse with protection the next day but the condom broke an I got pregnant instantly my son is now 4

My daughter in law was pregnant a month after

I took mine out Feb 2009 got pregnant in Oct but was told I had miscarried and had cervical cancer all in one breath.

I had my mirena in for 18months, got it taken out and then found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after.

5 days believe it or not!!

Mine was out in july/August and I found out I was pregnant in March. 31 weeks now!

5 months. I never got my period at ALL :woman_shrugging:t2:

I got pregnant about a month and half after I got mine taken out

I got pregnant as soon as I got it taken out the 1st time. But it resulted in a miscarriage

I got pregnant less than 3 months after mine was out and due in 3 weeks.

Out of Wednesday, knocked up by Friday!

Took me a year and a half to get pregnant. Took about 3-4 months for my periods to get regular.

I mean, my dr was like, "you can get pregnant the minute you leave this office so if you don’t want a baby right now, be VERY careful.":eyes::rofl:

About 2-3 months after.

So I wasn’t trying to get pregnant (and didn’t). But I got my cycle in a month. And it’s been pretty regular. Never been regular until I had the Mirena and then had it taken out.

Within.the same week of it coming out. I had it for 4 years before coming out.

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Got my period the next day. Took almost a year to get pregnant then I had back to back miscarriages

7 months to get pregnant

I got my mirena out the last few days of august and i got pregnant by October .

The first time I got it taken out I got pregnant right away. The 2nd and 3rd time about a month

Mine came out mid June was pregnant in August. Had it in for 5 years.

It took me 3 years in a half!

Everyone is different.

Had mine removed 9yrs ago this coming January due to complications and had 2 losses that we know about in 2020.

4 months after getting it out

My cycle went to regular pretty much immediately. Took me almost 1 yr to concieve after having it removed

I got mine out in Feb of 2014. Got pregnant July 2014. Doctor did say it child happen quick or take a while.

First time getting it out I got pregnant after one cycle, second time getting it out I got pregnant writhing 4 days

It took me 9 months to get pregnant. But the next month after getting it out I have regular periods.

Had mine out at the end of November got pregnant in January

I had mine in for 5 years, then took about a little over a month for my cycle to come back. 4 months to get pregnant.

I got my IUD taken out about 4/5 years ago… still cant get pregnant

Month and a half and with twins

3 months and I was 41

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long after getting your mirena taken out did you get pregnant?

Me and my husband tried for a good four years after I had mine removed with no luck, had regular cycles come back and everything. We didn’t get pregnant till my mother suggested that I go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins while we were trying. I was pregnant within six months of starting the vitamins. Highly recommended trying.

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Cycle came back right away and got pregnant 4 months after I had it removed.

Regular cycle right away but took 11 months

I asked my OBGYN and she said theoretically you can get pregnant right away.

I got pregnant within a month.

I got it taken out in December (I think about the middle of dec) and got pregnant at the end of January

Less then a month for me and I got it taken out just shy of my 5 year mark of having it in

3 months for my husband and I. Regular cycle started right away for me

I got pregnant my first ovulation after getting mine out so 2 weeks

Right away got the rag back, ugh and got prego within 3 months…

They say around 3 months or so I had mine taken out at the 5 year mark (needs to be changed every 5 years) and was told to wait before getting the new one put it and 1 got pregnant with in 2 days :joy: so I guess it depends on the person really, now that my daughters 2 im going to get fixed because I’m not messing around with this shit no more

Took mine out after 10 years, immediately started my cycle and every month after that. Took 1 year to get pregnant. Then had another placed for 3 years took out and started cycle following month and got pregnant 6 months after.

Had mine out and got pregnant while waiting for my first cycle she will be 7 in February took me 8 months after having her to conceive my son although I was breast feeding her. Every time is different

2 months after Mirena and 2 months after nexplanon. Had birth control in for 5 yrs between each pregnancy.