How long after losing mucus plug do you go into labor?

ladies! how long after loosing your mucas plug did you go into labor? i lost mine this afternoon, yesterday at the doctors i was only 1cm dilated, but keeping my fingers crossed that this means labor soon! :grin:


A mucous plug can grow back. Though i didn’t lose mine until i was IN labor. It just depends on the pregnancy!

Don’t get too excited. Lol lost mine twice first at 35 weeks and didn’t have my son until a week after due date

Lost mine a few weeks before. I think it was 3 weeks.

I lost mine one morning and by 6 that evening my water broke and went into labor 3 weeks early, but it all depends everyones different. Good luck to you.

My friend Lost hers Saturday and had him Monday

About 2 weeks before she was born!

Mine kept coming out for over 2 or so weeks before I went into labour

1st baby 2 hours, 2nd baby during labor

I lost my mucous plug a MONTH before my due date and was dilated to 3cm. Around 35 weeks didnt deliver until 42 1/2 weeks and it was a failed induction resulting in a csection. Each person is different as is each pregnancy.

Sooner or later, You’ll get that contraction that says LABOR! Good luck, prayers for speedy labor!

I went right away with both babies. But all pregnancies are different. My daughter was 3 days of stop and go labor and my so was about 4 hours of labor. So they ate all differant.

Baby 1: a day. Baby 2: a month lol it can come back.

It can grow back, doesn’t necessarily mean labor.

I lost mine 3 weeks ago! Still no labor!

Didn’t lose mine until just about to push her out with my first, lost it at 3am and had my son 18 hours later

About 3 days from plug to water breaking