How long after losing mucus plug does labor start?

After your mucus plug what’s the longest wait for labor? And will the pregnancy ball help speed things up?


I lost my mucus plug a few times from 6 months till 9 months

My labor started 2 weeks after

Lost mine at 32 had her at 34, walked 9.5 miles a day average, and used a pregnancy ball.

Mucous plug doesn’t mean labor is near, usually. The bloody show is when you know labor is right around the corner


I lost mucus plug around 34 weeks. I had to be induced at 40 + 6. I tried pregnancy ball, along with other remedies to try and speed things up, nothing worked.

Lost mine a week ago and nothing yet. But yes ball helps

I had lost mine with last one and 24 hrs after I was in labor… I’m hoping the same for this one. One month to go!!!

I always lost mine during labor

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I LOVED the pregnancy ball during labor. I didn’t feel my contractions until the last hour or two before I was delivering but once those contractions started hitting that thing was the only thing that helped me.

Walk, walk, and WALk!

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Mucus plugs can regrow do not neccesarily mean labor is anywhere near close…


With both my girls after losing my plug I was in labor a week later but its different for all women losing it doesn’t necessarily mean labor is close cause often times it does grow back

I lost my plug as I was laboring. This is my first baby.
My second baby I lost little pieces and didn’t lose it u til I was at the birth center

I walked all the time and my mucous plug came out like a week before I had my baby

I loved the pregnancy ball

Lost plug, did the ball and baby came 24 hours later at 36 weeks. It was my third baby

I only lost half of mine along with my bloody show so was in and out of labour for days :roll_eyes: then got the midwife to do a proper internal and the rest came away! Daughter was born 4 hours after xx

I lost mine and went into labor 2 weeks later. Walk alot & def use the balll

Your mucus plug can actually grow back, but it does indicate your are starting to dilate

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I lost mine 2 weeks before I had my son and then with both daughters I lost pieces of it during my 3rd trimester so it’s not necessarily a sign labor is soon considering it will grow back to prevent infections

My was a few days later

I lost mine like 8am and went in to labor that night

I lost mine is pieces and it was still two weeks before I went into actual labor

I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and never lost my mucus plug with the first 2. Lmao. Bouncing on the ball can help though

Eat a whole pineapple and have some penis :hugs:

My mucus plug came out and 3 days later I had my daughter I dont know about the ball tho good luck mama

I’m 23wks n I’ve already lost mine, no labor yet

Are you talking about a bloody show which is the mucus plug with fresh blood or the actual mucus plug which regenerates. I usually loose my mucus plug constantly during the third trimester, but out of 6 pregnancies, I’ve only seen my bloody show once, which was with my 5th after a membrane sweep. I was induced the next day because my baby had IUGR.