How long after losing your mucus plug did labor start?

Hello! I’m 36 weeks pregnant. I seen my doctor today and we did confirm that I am starting to loose bits of my mucus plug! Baby is sitting super low in my pelvis and ready to come out. My questions is, how long did other mommas carry their babies in similar situations? Did you carry full term or were you early?


I had my daughter at 38 weeks, I lost my mucus plus at 36. I would just have the bags ready and the car packed and all that!! Congrats!

With my first I lost my plug at 35 weeks and delivered at 40. With my second I lost it at 36 weeks and delivered at 38. With my third I lost it at 37+6 and delivered at 38.

Both pregnancies I lost my mucus plug and had my babies within the next day. First was 40 weeks and second was 37 weeks!

Had 3 and all were 2 weeks before due date

I had mine on both my due dates.

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Full term,no problems

Had mine at 38 +4 days and lost my mucus plug right before I went into labor

You can lose your mucus plug all pregnancy long doesnt mean your water will break


40 +4 for my first. I was at 4cm for a month and lost my prior to that

36 weeks while I was traveling out of state for the day. Lol think the ride sent me into labor

I went 3 weeks early with my first. My step daughter kept having pains in her cervix area and turned out that a bone was in the way of her pushing the baby out. So after a hour and a half of pushing they decided she needed a c section.

My plug fell out at 36w and I went full term. A day before her due daye

I lost mine with my son 2 weeks before I had him and with both of my girls I lost pieces of mine at a time…it does regenerate to prevent infections


I lost my mucus plug 2 months before I went in labor

Started doing all that at 35/36 weeks and I went almost full 40

No way of telling… my 3rd was still high up and not engaged at 38 weeks and my midwife said at least another week and he came 4 days later. Unfortunately they have a mind of their own

Mine 2nd 3rd were like that. Had them on my due date

I lost my mucus plug at 9 weeks with my daughter and didnt have her till i was induced at 37 weeks. With this pregnancy i just lost mine at 29 weeks and im now 32 weeks