How long after losing your mucus plug did you go into labor?

I have a question. My mucus plug came out today (or at least part of it). I’m not due for another 4.5 weeks. How long after your mucus plug came out did you go into labor?

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You can lose bits and pieces the entire pregnancy. It honestly doesn’t mean much.

I went into labor the same day my mucus plug came out and I wasn’t due for 5 weeks. They say it can be two weeks or so! Rest up!

Within 48 hours (I was almost 38w).

Mine started coming out about the same time as you…he was 5 days overdue

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Mine has been coming out for 3 days and still no baby :sob: I’m 38 weeks.

I’m 41 + 1 day with my third baby…

It came out yesterday… still no baby :rage:
My older 2 were only 2 and 3 days late so I don’t know what’s taking this one so long!

I went in labor the same day

I went in to labour 2 weeks after I lost my mucus plug

Some came out one time when I wiped at 35 weeks it wasn’t until I was 40 weeks and it wouldn’t stop it was every single time I wiped and it was a lot and within 12 hours I had my baby

The only one I knowingly lost my mucus plug with was 3 weeks before he came and he came on his due date.

I went into labor right after

My water broke then while checking into l&d I lost my mucus plug

jut cause u lose it dont mean ur gonna go into labor. my first i lost at 26weeks and had her at 38weeks lol my other 2 i never lost it

Lost mine on a Monday had daughter early Wednesday morning… at 3:46am

I also lost my mucus plug earlier this morning and I experienced mild cramping throughout the day, I definitely thought it was my baby coming all the signs were there until the cramping just stopped towards the night. I’m not due until another 4weeks but I’m so over being pregnant

Mine never came out with my 2nd. With my first it came out like a month before.

I went into labor at 41 weeks on the dot. I lost my mucus plug at 6:30am and had my daughter that afternoon at 3:26pm. I was in labor for 12 hours

I ended up going in a week after i lost my mucus plug.

I went into labor 2 weeks later…but only because I contracted a stomach flu and it put me into labor. I didn’t lose anymore until 3 days after labor and I decided then it was time to go to the hospital

I lost mine a month before I actually went into labor

I lost mine several times…they regrow

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Had given birth within 4hours of losing it, I was 37+6

37 weeks mine came out and I delivered at 40weeks and 1 day

I lost mine and was induced 4 weeks later :sleepy:

You can lose it all throughout pregnancy. It means nothing

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I lost mine at night and water broke next morning.

Mine came out and regrew a few times up until I was induced with both my girls.

I lost mine on 1st January and my daughter was born on the 15th of January

I lost my mucus plug at 37 weeks. I had to be induced at 41+5

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A few hours. I had a doctor’s appointment (late morning) and I started losing my mucus plug after my dr checked me and then I went into full-blown labor that night.

All three pregnancies I lost my mucus plug and was in labor a couple hours later

3 weeks ish. Lost it at 36 weeks ish. Gave birth at 39+2.

Mine came out at midnight and my son was born 11.28am the next morning

Was in labor for a day when i lost it. Lost it in the hospital, made my fiance puke :joy: he doesnt handle childbirth well or the process and we are fixing to go through it a second time, anytime now. Im so worried hes gonna pass out in the delivery room this time lol. My brother caught him the first time.


It can regenerate. Means nothing

Mine came out weeks before any of my kids were born

5 weeks. Mine didn’t all come out at once either. After the last bit, 3 weeks

I think it all depends on your body .

Lost mine and had baby 3hrs later

They regrow. Just keep tabs on how your body feels and don’t ignore contractions if they do happen to start. Everyone is different.


An hour later with my third one

Mine came out at 34 wks. It stopped coming out till 36 wks. And induced at 37 wks.

Lost mine 3 times with my oldest and not at all with my baby

I lost mine while I was in labor so it really depends on the person

My first 2 I never lost until actually in 2nd I had light contractions and a bloody show a few hours later, my water broke that next day. I’m almost 36 weeks now, and lost mine last Sunday, and nothing so far. every pregnancy is so different you never know.

Mine came out at 6am and had her 10 minutes before midnight. 4 weeks and 3 days early.

Almost two full days

You can lose several times. Doesn’t mean you’re going into labor anytime soon.

With my first born I lost if and a week later I had him, With my second born It was the same day I gave Birth I believe it was while I was in labour it . But you can loose it early and than you can loose it again as they can regrow so I wouldn’t worry unless your water breaks or you get contractions! Best of luck:)

Day of , all 5 times.

1 day.
I thought I lost it two weeks before and then I actually had a jelly fish fall out of my vagina

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Lost mine and had baby 4hrs later x

Two weeks for myself

Mine came out a week and a half ago and I’m still holding strong with another 2.5 weeks to go. Although I did have some serious B.H. contractions last night. This is my 4th

It has no bearing on when your labor will begin.

I literally lost mine in the hospital bed 20 minutes before pushing