How long after losing your mucus plug did you go into labor?

Hi! When did you ladies lose your mucus plug and how long after did labor start?? I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow and believe I just lost it! I’m hoping that this means labor is coming soon!


With oldest I lost it a week before labor and with my second I lost the day of labor and with this pregnancy I am losing little by little and I am only 23 weeks

I lost mine & started labor within an hr or 2.

I lost mine at 32 weeks, I’m 38 and still losing parts of it. My OB described it as a salamander’s tale and said they grow back.

You can lose it and it can rebuild its self. Some girls I know have lost it multiple times…I’m 27 weeks and lost some of mine today but I read since there was no bloody show that labor is not near.

Yeah I only lost part of it a week n a half ago and I’m 34 weeks now.

You can loose your mucus plug weeks before labor or hours it just depends I lost mine at 34 weeks I am 37 weeks now

Only noticed it with one if my kids. Lost it Sunday, had him Wednesday.

I lost mine at 34 weeks and didnt go into labor until 37 1/2 weeks

I lost mine n had my oldest 17 hours later…i dont remember loosing it with my youngest

A week. they can regenerate, though…

I lost mine 2 weeks before I had my son…with my 2 daughters I lost pieces of it at a time

I lost mine a week ago, had bloody show this morning and still no labor. Im 37 weeks tomorrow

I lost mine followed my by water breaking 45 min later; Baby was born 16 hours later.

Lost mine 2 weeks ago accompanied by blood! I’m 32 weeks & 1 day today…I’m praying I go a few more weeks at least…with my 1st I lost it a little at a time & never bled but I had her at 35 weeks to the day but I also had a lot of issues with low water levels with her too

It regenerates. Doesn’t really mean anything :woman_shrugging:

I never lost it with my first. .y second I lost it and it grew back…so it never helped put me in labor cause I was induced with both of my babies.

Doesn’t really mean anything. It can regenerate itself. I lost mine twice during pregnancy. The last time I lost it was around 38 weeks and went into labor a week later.

With my most recent I lost mine at 37weeks woth the “the show” had a sweep at 38weeks and induced at 39weeks

I didn’t lose mine until after my water broke and I was in labour

I lost my completely at 38 weeks and 6 days, literally 4 hours later I was in full labor- contractions were 2-3 minutes apart lol.

I lost mine about 2 weeks before I was induced with my first, second one I never noticed it… I don’t know if I ever lost it, I was induced for both pregnancies

I lost mine at 40 weeks and went into labor 4 days later! Good luck! :blush:

I kept losing pieces for a week. Finally went into labor at 39+4

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Never lost it with my first 2. Lol.

My 38 week check up apparently I had already lost it. Was about 2 centimeters dilated at my appointment. After lunch that afternoon my water broke.

I started to loose mine the day before my daughter was born

I lost mine a couple hours before I gave birth

I don’t know that I ever did with either of my girls. I was overdue and induced though, so maybe I didn’t until I was in labor and disnt notice :woman_shrugging:

I never saw mine in my first pregnancy and had my son at 36 weeks in currently 35 weeks and waitin to see if I notice this one

It can grow back but ive gone as long as 2 weeks

I lost mine twice :woman_facepalming:t3:

i didnt notice my mucos plug or bloody show for either of my labors, just a few drops of amniotic fluid here and there and contractions

I lost mine at about 38 weeks too and the baby came about 5 days after I lost the plug. I had my lo at 39 weeks. Definitely pack your hospital bag now and good luck!

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I lost mine a few days before giving birth.

I got mine like two weeks before labour sorry to tell you it could still be a while

I believe I lost my mucus plug 2 days before I went to get checked at my OBGYN office. By that time, I was 4cm dilated. I went into labor 5 days after losing my mucus plug and had my son the same day I went into labor