How long after sex to take a pregnancy test?

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You usually have to wait until your first missed period. If you need to know sooner you may need a blood test from your doctor. At home tests detect hormones in your urine and those might not be there super early on.


My oldest I waited 4 weeks. My youngest I got a positive test at 1 week but she didn’t show on the ultrasound so I had to go back a week later just to be sure.


I went to a fertility doctor to have my kiddo. Had to wait 2 weeks after the insemination to take a test.


Did you track ovulation? Yes it takes one time to fall pregnant but did you do it when your ovulating or when you’re in your fertile week so there’s is no guarantee unfortunately. But wait 10-14 days or best to wait till missed period

Really.its at the earliest 5 days before a missed period.
Not necessarily based on when you had sex last

Some girls ovulate early in the cycle some late.


Earliest I’ve found to get a result, and it was a very faint result, is 3 weeks.
Then had it confirmed by doctor.


Ovulation can run 24 to 72 hours.
2 and a half weeks later if a egg is fertilized ur earliest pregnancy symptoms should be no period. Most tests now a days allows u to test 5 days before normal said period. U can track ur period on a calendar or an app so u can determine when it’s supposed to come visit and test accordingly.

Go to a doctor and get tested… I took one pregnancy test a week for 5 weeks they were all negative, then a doctor told me I was 6 weeks pregnant LOL


Ovulation is around day 14 on some women that can test positive on day 23. So maybe 9-10 days at the earliest.

A couple years ago I took a dollar tree test at 4 days late and it was positive immediately


Right after. It’ll usually show positive or negative 1-2 hours after.


Mine didn’t come positive until the 4th week

Read the box! Use Birth Control unless you are emotionally, financially and healthy enough to be a mother, the Rest of your Life!


I’d say after 2-3 weeks. Get a test that detects it early.

just dont have sex yet until you are educated about it

I found out after my 1st trimester because I kept testing negative.


Earliest would be 9-10 days after you ovulate.


I tested 2 days before my period and it showed positive

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I would get tested after you ovulate

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17 days is when mine turned +

Oh please, go to the doctor

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But what is funny I was four months pregnant and took a test so my cousin could see the home test was good it came out negative twice :joy:

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Earliest at home is usually 6 days before period is due with one of those 6 day early tests, a regular one may not work that early. Or you can go get bloodwork done sooner than that.

If you’re anything like my ex; we knew inside of a week with no test. She’d start puking.

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You’re usually 5 weeks pregnant or more before it will show up on a test.

Its up to 5 days before your missed period :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: but if your asking your probably to young to be having sex

There are tests like Advance or First Response that can detect pregnancy before a missed period

Well, at least get out of bed. Oh my gosh!

I would wait about 9 months! :joy:

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Depends on your hormones.

I mean you can get pregnant as soon as a few minutes after sex or it can take up to 5 days so you should wait about a week or until your period is late to do a test but sometimes you can tell sooner -

Don’t worry … the body will tell you .

Test immediately after for christ sake

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