How long can kids share a room?

I have a 5yr old boy and a 1yr old girl who share a room for now bcos our current apartment is quite small. Just wondering what the best age limit is to consider their privacy and to separate sibblings of different genders.

My brother and I had to share a room for a while at my dads house. We have a 5 year age gap, and I wanna say my brother was about 15 when we finally were able to get our own rooms

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long can kids share a room?

It depends on where you live

Depends where poster lives I think. Scotland is 10 years old x

I personally believe they should have their own rooms now. Usually you’re not supposed to have two kids of the opposite gender sharing a room no matter the age difference… At least that’s how it is where I’m at.

For those saying it depends on where the poster lives. What difference does that make?

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Ideally at age 10, siblings of opposite gender should stop sharing a room.

I’ve had friends who shared rooms till they were in their teens. The last time I talked to my cousin though he’s currently sharing a room with his sisters, they’ve all pretty much depended on each other since they were younger and don’t like to sleep alone, although he is 12 now and he has three sisters two that he lives with nine and five and one that is living with his dad 1 years old. He’s expressed to me multiple times how he wished he had his own room and wasn’t surrounded by girls all the time. In my opinion just to be considerate of the young man 8 or 9 is a good age to start looking into separate rooms. 7-8-9 for most males is the age that they really start discovering that their bodies are different and just feel the need for more privacy, that’s also usually when they start going through puberty that’s the same age for girls as well.

Up till age 5 in Michigan

In Michigan they can sleep in the same room past age 5 as long as they have separate beds and they don’t change in front of each and this was told to me by a cps supervisor

Me and my brother had to share a room until I was 17 :joy: I would say age 6 though

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In Iowa it’s 5 so since your son is 5 he can no longer share a room with her. But there’s really nothing in the law tho about opposite gender siblings sharing a room tho. It’s basically a dhs/cps/dcf/child services thing but it’s not a law

In Wisconsin, only until age 5. Then they need separate rooms

Different states have different laws. Normally it’s age 5. However, if you are in safe and stable housing and there isn’t enough space to separate them, ensure they have different beds and it’ll keep you out of trouble should any complaints arise.

Being poor, or only able to afford so much, especially with housing, isn’t grounds to hit you with neglect. If your children are clean, healthy, well cared for, not exposed to or behaving inappropriately related to gender differences, I think you’ll be ok.

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I shared a room with my sister until she moved out :joy: same-gender I don’t think they have to have their own room but different gender they should.

I would say around 8/9 because that’s when hormones start kicking in. I know my daughter began voicing her need for privacy at age 8.

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There are no state or federal laws against it from what I’ve read


Me and my brother shared a room for awhile until I was like 8 or 9

I hear from a lot of people in different states that the age is typically 5 years of age but in reality, at least where I live in the northeast, there’s a serious housing problem that’s only gotten worse since Covid. For instance, I’ve been on an emergency housing list for 2+ years meaning I have the highest priority. But if I were to have cps involved at any point, what could they really say about my 2 year old son and 5 year old daughter sharing a bedroom at the moment? Until our housing comes through, we are living with family (8 people in a 3 bedroom house). I’ve been sleeping on a couch for 2+ years so my children can have a space of their own and a bed of their own (separate beds). I think when it comes down to it, it’s purely situational. Some people don’t have a choice. If you’re able to, separate. If you aren’t able to, do what you can to give them each their own privacy. It’s not that hard to get them dressed in the bathroom. My kids are always only in their bedroom to sleep. My daughter plays in there occasionally (mayne once a week) when she needs some time away from her wild, crazy toddler brother. Luckily, they’re both very good at bedtime and are on a set schedule so bedtime is easy and one hardly ever disrupts the other. Make the best of your situation, whatever it may be!

I have 5 kids. Single mom 2 bedroom house. My 10 and 6 year old boys share a room with my 8 and 3 year old girls. My 18 month old sleeps in my room. I’m putting a wall up in the kids room a partial wall to give them some privacy, but they all hate sleeping alone anyways.

I’ll add I’m in Missouri and in my state and this is straight from a dfs case worker because I checked, there is no age limit where they have to be separated they just have to have their own beds.

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They’re literally tiny kids. Why does it matter if they share a room? I was the only girl of 4 kids and even though I had my own room, I slept with my brothers until I was like 16 just because I preferred hanging out with them instead of being in my own room.

They are 5 and 1. Not 12 and 8. At an older age, I can understand a child’s desire for privacy, but at their current ages… who cares?

In Texas, it’s when the older one is 6. I would not worry about it, they are little.

why don’t you room the baby with you?


I dont think in New Zealand we even have a law around this. I’m going to research it!?

My thing also- they do not say anything when kids sleep with parents. A single mom can have her son in bed with her and no one bats an eye, but a boy and girl can share a room and have separate beds and holy cow, you can’t do that.

Whenever you feel they should be in their own rooms.
You do what you need to.


As long as they have there own bed & own place to change in private I think the age limit isn’t a big concern

Cali had no age limit housing is short here

I would say whenever they voice there opinion my son never really cared but my daughter started voicing it at 5 almost 6shes very private about her body which she should be and she likes getting dressed in her room with the door closed and she struggled with that sharing a room so we got a bigger apartment and did there own rooms there 7 and nine and have been separate for a year now she likes her privacy but misses sleeping in the same room

They’re young enough but it probably won’t be long before the older one wants his own space.
If you can’t move can you divide the room ? Even a curtain fitted around the beds or a room divider can help . Secure storage for your sons belongings so the little one can’t get into them. Changing in the bathroom or your room can help too. I have friends that sleep on a pull out bed in the living room so their children can have separate bedrooms .
Recommended age here is 10yo though its not illegal …personally I think that’s too old .

Its different in every state, but I know mine is when one reaches 5 years of age.

It depends where you are, where I am age 5 and older needs their own room if it’s a boy and a girl

As soon as they start asking for privacy.

If you don’t have a way to seperate them then don’t worry about it. The 1 thing I’ve learned is that CPS is just a way to revenge or to bully someone. People will use the most minor thing against you. I have a friend that works for CPS. You’d be surprised the dumb reasons theyve taken kids but then leave others in dangerous situations. Don’t tell anyone your kids share a room. They can’t call on you.

I was selling a mobile home years ago. A single mom with 4 teens 3 boys & a girl wanted to move in. The park wouldn’t approve them because their rules were that no more than 2 ppl could share a room & they had to be the same gender unless they were a couple. The family ended up homeless when they could afford to buy a 3br with cash. How is being homeless & everyone sleeping in a shelter with 50 others of all genders better then sharing a room with a sibling? Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Until the boy is old enough to genuinely need privacy or feels uncomfortable sharing a room. I’d say probably around 10

You’re best to contact the Authorities and call from a pay phone so they don’t know who it is or have a friend call to inquire…a lawyer would also know…

My kids are close and always shared a room till 9&7 but would change separate. But now my daughter has her own room. I gave my son my old room with the king size bed (where I had a king size bed that I would let them sleep with me in when it was just us three if they wanted ) and they still choose to sleep in the same bed together and chill together. They’re just close like that and hate being alone: eventually it will be outgrown but for right now I let them be. There enough room they aren’t next to each other and they like to sleep with the big dog in the bed too. But it’s just until someone feels uncomfortable

It depends due to law. Like in my state legally kids of different gender can’t share a room once one of them becomes the age of five. Technically this would only be mentioned, be an issue if there was a custody battle between parents and one could use that as leverage of why the other house isn’t appropriate due to lack of space.