How long can you go without a period?

How long can you go without a period after you’ve already had two periods after having baby? We use protection, but I can’t be on birth control, and I’m trying to find some sort of way to track my cycle. I didn’t get regular periods until about 6 months before I got pregnant with my daughter. So I’m just wondering, how did other people deal with this?


Is there a reason you cant go on BC?

Your periods could still be trying to get back on track I would say try an app called Flo it was amazing for me it tracks a lot on it might just take awhile for your body to Co partly adjust :slight_smile:

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Are you breastfeeding?

There’s an app called period tracker, it’s free and good.

You should go no longer than 3 months without a period, as per my OBGYN. That’s when abnormal cell growth can begin, and can cause you some problems. Give your physician a call, and they can prescribe you a medication to start a period. I’m currently 2 months postpartum and still no period. And not breastfeeding. So, 1 month to go before I have to call the dr, for myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got mine normally 6 weeks after my daughter. They were regular for about 3 months, and then started going all over the place. Shes one year and one month old, and they are STILL irregular. My cycle lasted 44 days one month.

how many months PP are you? it can take a year before your period gets back on track, much longer if you’re nursing.