How long did it take for your milk to dry up after breastfeeding?

When you stop breastfeeding, how long did it take for you to completely stop producing milk? I haven’t breastfed for five months, and I’m still producing milk.


you have to see what works for you i’ve heard that cabbage leaves work, here’s an article on how to dry up milk supply: How to dry up breast milk: Methods and timelines

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I stopped nursing around the end of oct and still occasionally leak under the right circumstances. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Breast fed for a year. Dried up pretty quickly… but did have some leakage randomly after a year. It was on and off :rofl:

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When my body realized he was comfort nursing I dried up. Could maybe het 1/2 ounce between both a day for a week then i was done

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Mine started to dry up shortly around a year of breastfeeding so I’m no help

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Cabbage leaves worked great for me with all 3 of my kids

Try cabbage leaves in your bra x

A couple days, maybe 3 I think

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4 years until I stopped leaking everytime I heard a baby cry or smelled baby shampoo.

My oldest is 17… I’ve had milk sense I had him… It never goes away all the way. My mom didn’t loose her milk until well into menopause

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I swear by cabbage leaves. I screwed up as a first time breast feeder and working mama. I would feed AND pump from day one because I thought I would need to stock up before I went back to work. This led to a huge supply and mastitis several times so I had to stop. I put cabbage leaves in my bra and milk was dried up within a week or two. I noticed a difference in fullness after the very first time.

Little guys weaned 2.5 years ago…still waiting.

Almost 2yrs after I stoped breastfeeding I was still getting a drop here and here. That’s when I got pregnant again And started making it for little bean. (Never stoped making milk) I’ve heard some women say theirs never fully dried up

Probably closer to over a year… if I press a certain way mine will still have a little come out and my child is almost 5…


2+ years. Wasn’t until I got implants that it finally dried up completely. For reference, I breastfed for 18 months, my son is four and I got implants in may.

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I have stopped breastfeeding gradually by reducing the numbers of feedings. The process takes longer but I did not had any problems at all. This was your body will produce less milk and you won’t be in pain

FOR EVER! I don’t think I ever really dried up bc there would be times I leaked a tiny bit … and around my period I would. …

It’s been about a year and when I squeeze my boob I’ll still get some milk. Figured it’ll never truly go away till the kiddos are older :woman_shrugging:

I havent stopped producing for over 10 years aftrr my second son was born. Add 4 more kids to that over the years and it has just never stopped. Even though I only breastfed or pumped for few months tops.

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Took a year for me. I solely breastfed for a 12 months and it took the same amount of time to finally stop producing

sounds ridiculous and smells sort of funny but put cabbage leaves in your bra for a few days… dries those tatas right up

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This makes me think lol my son almost 28 months and still nurses an i am due anytime now…plan on breastfeeding to so long will I keep making milk

Stopped a month ago from nursing for 15 months and if I squeeze on them or they get stimulated they still leak

Mine stopped right away try putting purple cabbage leaves over the breast area

My mom is 64, and her last child was born in 1989. She could feed all the babies to this very day.


It never did, I stopped nursing my son at 22.5 months and 11 weeks later got pregnant- it just had changed back over to colostrum :woman_shrugging:t3:

My son stopped nursing over a year ago and i still produce a bit from time to time.

A day! Put cabbage leaves in your bra covering your breasts. You will dry up.

Old wives tale (that worked for me) put cabbage leaves in your bra for a few days.

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I stopped 7-8m ago and still have milk😬
Not like I can feed but it’s still there :roll_eyes:

Has anyone hers about putting cabbage leaves in their bra?

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I’ve known women to lactate for years after stopping breastfeeding.

I did for over a year; it wasn’t much but it was definitely there

shuld have tapered off then you would have already the less the baby eats the less milk you make.

I nursed for 2 years and it took about a year for it to completely dry up.

Was 2 almost 3 years for me, I exclusively bf for 10 mos, also had dd before and went up to a 36f

Use ground Sage in your food and you will dry up in a week.

Ask your doctor that question

:joy: I hyper lactated. I produced for almost 7 years

Most doctors will tell you to leave it alone. Dont touch, dont squeeze, nothing… use a pad in a tight fitted bra (even sleeping in a tight fitted sports bra) and do your best to suffer thru the “full” pains… ice packs help with those pains…
I lost my son at the end of January and it took until march to “dry up” ( I got frustrated an asked for help an was given the same advice… after that it took a week or so to dry up) but it caused me so much emotional damage that I was desperate to dry up as fast as I could… nothing worked cept leaving everything alone


They used to give you a pill to dry up. No clue what that was. And also wrapped the breasts tight to your chest and leave it wrapped for a week or so.

Do NOT “check” breasts for 2 months!! Old fashioned Binding breasts may help, like a bra too-too small! If NOT leaking through to clothes, ignore it!!!

I weaned my son 2 years ago and still will have milk express :woman_shrugging:

I stopped nursing my LO in about February. I think I could nurse a baby now if it was an emergency, but as far as needing to wear bra pads or pumping because of being engorged, I didn’t have that after about two months maybe? I think it has a lot to do with your weaning process. If your a momma that pumps alot it might take longer? I only nursed. I pumped to build a supply of like six feedings I think? I’m a sahm so I was with her all the time and nursing is just easier for me. When they start to eat real food i cut down the feedings till its just nap time and bed time because I knew I wanted to stop at 1 year.
Everyone is different though.

Vet some antihistamine from your pharmacy. Should dry it up or ask your o b what to take

It took me over a year to completely stop producing.

For me.Like 1 or 2 months but i already had a low milk supply.Before i stopped.My mother says even after years of not breastfeeding she kept producing a lil bit.

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See if you can medication to dry it up. Old fashioned way was epsom salts.

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Leah you see all these answers?! So long!!

1month… I gradually stoped breast feeding