How long did it take you to get a period after nexplanon was removed?

Okay, guys, how soon did you get a period after having the nexplanon removed? I got mine out June 16th and still don’t have one, yes we’ve had unprotected sex since then, but those tests are negative, which I figured as much since I haven’t gotten a period yet…

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Could be too soon to get a positive test also about a month.

Every time I’ve had it removed I always had my period about 2 weeks after and had a regular cycle without it

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Well that is silly to think since you havent had a period you couldnt be pregnant. Women ovulate without periods.
Every woman is different so I dont think there is a cut or dry answer of when it will come back.
I’d try to retest in a few days just to be sure.

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For me, after mine was removed, I started back up two months later.

Took me 4 months I’d it in 3years and also was on pill previous to this as far as I remember took 2 months before I had a period

It depends on the person I got mine immediately after but some it takes a few weeks

It may take up to 3 months to start getting a normal period again. Anything longer than that, I would recommend you to go see your OBGYN.

Had it taken out dec and was pregnant by the end of jan no period

I waited for a period for a few months, never came. But I did end up pregnant.

Following. My Nexplanon expired last November and I still haven’t got a period.

I literally got pregnant the month after I had it taken out. I never even had a period. :joy:

It took about 3 months for me.

1 month. Then the next i was pregnant.

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I had a baby, put in implanon, took it out after 3 years, no period, got pregnant 5 months layer still without any period. Put in another implant, it will soon be 3 years. So yeah. No periods since 2013!

I just got mine removed on July 16 … I should be on my period but still no signs of it

i took mine out oct 2019, didnt have no period for 3 months, had to see a doctor for progesterone pills, and now still waiting for a period.

Between 3 to 6 months after I had my last one removed.

I got pregnant a year after it was removed