How long did it take you to get pregnant after having your implant removed?

I’m getting my arm implant taken out in March. It’s my 3rd one. It has been on bc 9 years with no pregnancy. My BF and I are going to try for a baby. But I’m worried it is going to take a long time because of this. So lady’s, please tell me your pregnancy stories from after the removal of this implant


I had mine out the end of August and got pregnant the beginning of September. Like a week and a half of trying and it happened.

Have a friend and she got pregnant that next week after it was removed. She had the implant for 4 years. She is due in April.

I was allergic to it…so i only had it for 3 months and then was diagnosed with severe pcos. Idk if its related but :woman_shrugging:

6 weeks after with twins lol

Had mine for 6 yrs (so 2 of them) and after having taking it out to try for a baby it only took 3 months, and the I had my next one taken out at 2yrs and only took a month for me second

I got pregnant 14 months after mine was removed

I had mine out in January and we found out we were pregnant in March! I also had mine for 9 years, 3 different implants!

2 years after having my Nexplanon removed I got pregnant with my daughter

3 months for me. I have 5 kids.

Took almost 2 years with my daughter. This one I’m pregnant with just shy of a year but I was diagnosed with pcos. Not sure if the nexplanon has anything to do with it.

I had mine in for 6 years, took about 6-8 months to get pregnant. We weren’t actively trying to get pregnant though.

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I was the same… i had mine 9 years then took about 3ish year to get pregnant. But i dont have any kind of proper cycle.

Taken out in December, switched to the pill. Got pregnant end of January, found out in March

6 years, 5 years technically but had 3 miscarriages in that year

2 months after i was fertile fertile

I’ve been off for a 3 years and no luck yet😔

2 weeks. Got pregnant 2 weeks later after getting the bar removed.

It’s been 5 months since I’ve had mine removed and I’m still not pregnant yet

Everyone is different. Why not ask your OB to check your fertility?

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2-3 months. Got it taken out at the end of March, found out I was pregnant at the end of June & by the time I had my first ultrasound in the middle of July I was already 11 weeks along.

Took mines out august 2019 got prego Feb 2020 so 6 months for me

5 months. I had the nexplanon

Mine out in November in now 2 months pregnant.

Took me 2 months court with my boy then had it back in I’m not having any more got 2 girls an boy good luck

Took me 1 week, and it was my 3rd implant so 9 years in total,i did get told if i dint get pregnant within 9 months to a year go back to my drs x

I had my implant for a little over a year. I got it removed last March and finally got pregnant in November, after trying the whole time.

3 years the implant messed with my hormones so bad the drs told me it made me infertile 3 years later we found out we were pregnant with triplets that was in 2019 and now I’m pregnant again 1 and half years later.

I am right in the same boat you are. It took me 2 months to get pregnant. Took mine out in April found out I was pregnant June 4.

I was same as you 3rd implant, got taken out in the October of 2015 and was pregnant in January 2016! I know it might be different for others, good luck x

Had injection 4 years, implant 3. Had no periods in that time. Took me 4 months x

I had 3 implants in, third one I got out a bit early so in all I had them in for 7 n a half years. I was worried it may affect the natural process but I got pregnant within 5 months of having implant out :slight_smile: xx

I had mine in for 11 years. Took it out when trying for my little boy and got pregnant within 7 months. Had it put back in straight after he was born and then taken out again in May of this year to try for baby 2 and I fell pregnant in November

3 months. Took out in September was pregnant in December :heart:

I had my implant out for almost 2 years, never got pregnant. Got a new one put in and got pregnant with the new implant :joy:

Period started 3 months after removal, positive test 6 months after that.

2nd time, it was almost 2 years. Had given up hope, and then got that positive test. 17 weeks today :blue_heart:

I had 4 implants in then only took me 2 months to get pregnant but everyone is different xx

6 months after IUD removed no complication at all …:clap::ribbon:

I had mine in a little over a yr and half took me about a year but wasnt trying

Download a period tracker app - it’ll help you know when your ovulating - I used “Flo” when I was trying (and now I have a 3 year old :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Got preggo 2 months after i removed it

Out in July, found out I was pregnant in December. He was born August 4th.

I also had mine for 9/10 years and it took me about 9 months after removal.

Got mine out in july and switched to the mini pill never missing a day and am due June 14th

I had implanon for 15 (every 3 years back to back). Took it out early feb. Pregnant April - 2 months :grin:

I had mine out end of jan. Had a miscarraige in aug. Fell pregnant again dec. Currently 14weeks. With my first it took me 2 years

I got mine out in November of 2018 and got pregnant in April of 2019.

I got mine out in October and was pregnant by January

I got mine out in December and pregnant by February

Took mine out 19 November 2020 found out I was pregnant 13th dec :see_no_evil: super fast for me

Had mine for 6 months. Got it taken out in July. Still not pregnant and this is month 7😭

2 weeks after mine was removed.