How long did it take you to get pregnant after stopping the pill?

how long did it take everyone to get pregnant I have stopped taking the pill in may be on the pill since 16 years old I am trying for our first baby and hoping to get pregnant before next year when I am 30 year’s old


I was pregnant the following month after stopping pill

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I got pregnant on the pill! Yeah, not planned! But what a blessing!:heart:

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Everyone’s body is different, definitely talk with your doctor and they can help monitor your hormone levels and answer fertility questions. You can also get an app that helps track your cycles and let’s you know the best window to conceive


I was on pill same length of time and within 4-6 months I got pregnant with my first child .

Everyone is different. It took me one week but I had only used the pill off and on. Best thing is to talk to your doctor and they can help you start your family. Best of luck!


Everybody’s body is different so where it may have took one woman a month to conceive it may take you longer I know for me personally using Depo it took me five years after to conceive my daughter

I got pregnant on the pill, sooooo i wouldn’t know… but good luck!

First time on the pill, second time, two months, maximum (and I’m 39!)

Within a month after being on it for about 8 years👍

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The very next month.

I was 29 when i stopped pill. Was pregnant within 2 months

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I got pregnant a year later after coming off the pill.

I was pregnant the next month.

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Two minutes for me .

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Took me 2 weeks. Went to my gyno to make sure I was good to go. Found out I was already pregnant.

I got pregnant on the pill

5 long ass months! I was on birth control from 16 also and was 25 when I stopped to try for baby #1.

2 months after stopping the pill, miscarried, then pregnant again 5 months later

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I stopped talking birth control pills and was pregnant within two months after taking the last pill

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Everyone’s different. I’m 35, have never been on birth control and have issues getting and staying pregnant, and then I know girls who have gotten pregnant one month after stopping their birth control.

I got pregnant while on the pill.:woman_facepalming: It usually takes 2 weeks to get fully out of your system, but 48 hours of not taking it makes the chances of getting pregnant increase. Just remember to relax, have fun, and enjoy the baby making process. :smirk:The more you stress, the less likely it’s gonna happen. And he needs to “build his reserves”, if you know what I mean. Can’t go at it 20 times a day :grin:

With my first I hadnt been on the pill. I had a miscarriage and waited 2 months after to start trying. I got pregnant 13 months later and had another miscarriage. A month later I was pregnant with my daughter. This time it was 3 months exactly from stopping the pill

I wasn’t on the pill, I just knew as soon as I stopped trying, and gave up trying to have a girl… I got pregnant with a girl… I was 36 when I had her…

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I got pregnant two and a half weeks after getting off the pill between my kids. I’m now battling cancer and all of the cancer doctors especially breast cancer say it was caused by birth control pills for me not for my children

I got on the pill at 17 an stop it at 20 years old an I didn’t get pregnant with my first daughter until I was 29 had her at 30 got pregnant with my second daughter at 36 had her two days after I turned 37.

I tried for 5 yrs to get pregnant and couldn’t so I finally gave up that man and started enjoying myself and met someone knew within a month I’m pregnant

Usually takes 2 weeks after stopping that you could. Given that’s what i was told by my ob dr

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I got pregnant with my first while on the pill and my second on Depo…I have no faith in birth control anymore lol

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I was told a month after u stop taking it so that it is out of ur system.

Took me 8 months after stopping the pill after taking for 20 years

4 years with my first then got pregnant on the pill with my second.

I got pregnant while on the pill…twice!!!


Just a couple months. 3 different times

I got pregnant on the pill lol. But when I stopped the pill at 19 I got pregnant within 3 month

1 year the first time & 3 years the second time

I dunno- I got pregnant ON the pill :woman_shrugging:

4 months all 3 times

My first got pregnant on the pill then had some miscarriages and two children with my ex. Then I got the implanted birth control and had one for over 7 years and then had it removed in 2018 got married to my new husband on October 4, 2019 and just found out I am pregnant. Starting over but it’s all worth it!! The lord allows it to happen when the time is right. Take it with a grain of salt and don’t stress because that makes it harder on your body!

Yo tengo 3 hijos:
El primero fue despues de dejar las pastillas por 6 meses ,
El segundo fue tomando las pastillas y sin tener mi periodo por 5 años
Y la tercera fue estando con la Depo y aun sin periodo ,
:woman_shrugging:t4::tipping_hand_woman:t4:creo q cada cuerpo es diferente ,