How long did it take you to go into labor?

How long after losing your mucus plug did y’all go into labor? I’m nervous


Mine came out in like 1,000 pieces over the span of a month.

I went into labor hours after my mucus plug.

I lost mine and went into labor the next day… but some people loose theirs and go awhile before they go into labor. Will see how the 2nd time goes currently 35 weeks.

I was on the way to the hospital within an hour or so of losing mine.

I lost mine in the hospital and went into labor next day.

Mine came out in over a month and still had to be induced

about 10 days spent in early labor after losing a small amount, then my water broke! I don’t recall any large or noticeable amount at any point before my water broke!

I had to be induced after losing my mucus plug. I was told losing your mucus plug is not a sign you’ll be going into labor. Bloody show is supposed to be within 72 hours. I’ve never seen my bloody show and I’ve had 6 living and 1 angel at 35w6d. Induced 4x, 2 csections and only 1 came on their own.

Idk about mucus plug but I was in labor 21 hours after my water broke

3 days, but all pregnancies are different.

I lost mine at 19 weeks and had my baby at 30 weeks :pleading_face: I just had weekly appointments

Lost mine and was induced 4 days later at 39 weeks

I went to labor 2 days after it came out.

They regenerate. So losing it doesn’t mean you will go into labor soon. With my last 3 kids I started losing huge chunks of mucus plug around 28-29 weeks and it never stopped. It just kept regenerating and then coming out. It was pretty irritating honestly. My doctor said they’re suppose to regenerate and it’s actually normal to lose it more than once during pregnancy.

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I lost my mucus plug 3 times with my oldest. The 3rd time I lost it I was induced that day and ended up with emergency c-section.

Mine came out with all three on same day I went into labor but it’s different for everyone.

I was in labor when I lost my plug. I lost all at once in the hospital.

lost it friday at 4 pm had her sunday at 2:42 am… contractions all over the place until saturday night at 11:30 they started every 5 mins… went to hospital and was 8 cms

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I was also in labor in the hospital when I lost my plug.

Lost it in afternoon, went into labor that night.

With my son it was about 2-3 days after I lost it and with my daughter it was about 12-15 hours before my csection

First pregnancy lost it at 34+2, water broke about 7 hours later and delivered at 34+4. Current pregnancy, lost it again at 34+2 and currently still pregnant at 37+2. I’ve been dilated 1.5cm since week 34 this time too.

Mine slowly leaked for awhile about a week or two before. Then my water broke and I went straight into labour. I gave birth 2.5 hours later.

I was 37w5d when I started to lose it. I had her at 37w6d.

I lost mine at 7 am (ish). Was holding a baby by 9:20 pm.

17 weeks! Not joking. I lost my plug at 22 weeks. It never fully grew back according to my OB. I went into labor at 39 weeks. Didn’t have my bloody show until I was already in labor and at the hospital… probably an hour or 2 after contractions started.

I’ve had three kids and I’ve never noticed losing it. It can regenerate so just because you lose it doesn’t mean you will go into labor.

Mine came out in small pieces for about a week before I went into labor.

I lost mine the 19th and my water broke at 2am on the 20th just got home

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Couple of days to a week

You could still be a few weeks out, but everyone is different! You got this! :heartpulse:

My first i lost mine at 7am and went into active labor at 10pm that night born 13 days early 6lbs 9oz. With my son i lost mine a week before i was scheduled to be induced cause they thought he was to big. Nope he was 8lbs 3oz born 6 days early. Currently 21 weeks pregnant now

I lost mine with my first a month before I had her

Lost my mucus plug and water broke all at the same time. Fun. It was my 4th baby though. My other 3 were induced. You can lose your mucus plug and not go into labor. It can regenerate.

I went a week and a half after I lost my mucus plug with my second child, then they induced labor

Think of being uncomfortable instead of pain will be easier was in labor 43 minutes but was 6 weeks early

I started having contractions late on the 12th, lost my plug around 3pm on the 13th, my water was broken around 9:30pm and my son was here by 10pm on the 13th.

I only recall losing it with my first and it was a week before his birth.

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I lost my mucus plug when my water broke I was a week late ended up having a emergency csection because in those first mild contraction the baby’s heartbeat kept falling but don’t let that scare you I didn’t have much pain more soreness ( but I have a night pain tolerance to) turns out I was just too small to have natural birth

I lost mine and still had to have my water broken before labor started.
I know first time is scary. I was scared too. But a nurse told me every contraction you have is one closer to holding the baby in your arms.
By the time it was time to push, I can honestly say I didnt feel any more contractions/pain. I think adrenaline kicks in and the thoughts of holding your baby is the only thing you’re focused on.
Main points to remember: Keep your eyes open! Focus on your S.O. or labor coach. I stared at the ketchup stain on my husband’s shirt. Yea…
You CAN do it like your mom did and her mom and her mom…

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Everyone is different. Relax. Everything will be fine.


Every birth is different. Every woman is different. My first I lost my plug but wasn’t feeling any pain. Went in and I was in labor and didn’t know it. My next two I lost my plug some time during labor but not sure when. My next two were induced early so once again have no idea when I lost my plug. You can lose your plug and not go into labor for a couple of weeks. Your water and movement are the important things. Sometimes babies slow down in movement just before they are born. Three of mine did. Don’t worry we have been doing this for centuries and our bodies know.

First kid: a week after, I had to be induced
Second kid: 4 days later, my water broke

Both times when my water broke. First born was born 16-17 hours later. Second one was born 1 hour later.

I lost my mucus plug one day, then the next day I started contracting, went to bed, woke up and went to the hospital and was 5 cm dilated. Had him 9 days early

Everyone is different. Ask your mother. I was like my mom. One daughter not, one went like me, 15 to 30 minutes after my water broke. So all different.

Same day, but I’m an overachiever

What in the flying blue freak is a mucus plug, or do i even wanna know?

I lost mine while in active labor each time but you can lose it weeks before you go into labor.

That’s a really hard question because every woman is different. Even every birth is different. I’ve had 6 children and each was different. Is this your first? The best thing you can do is find a birthing class. They will give you relaxation techniques & breathing exercises. You can ask all the questions there & put you a little more at ease with what will be happening next for you. Relax, you got this!

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I was losing mine about 2-3 weeks before I went to my appointment cuz I was past my due date then they checked to see if I was dialating and popped my water because it was bulging

My water broke 1st one 5 hrs
. with 2nd 3hrs.

36 hours then c- section

I started losing mine at 6 months and went on to carry until 41 weeks

Every woman is different. Best thing to do is remain calm. Labor will be much easier if you are calm.

I lost mine and my body didn’t do anything lol I got induced a week later. But I had to be induced with all 4 of my babies. They refused to leave peacefully :rofl:


Lost mine a week before I went into labor.

I lost mine when my water broke.

2-3 days with 4 of mine.

never went into labor

Beginning of five hour labor

Just relax and breath it’s the most beautiful thing in the world

I was very lucky. I was supposed to have a c - section from day 1, my daughter was breech. I was ok with that, since I hate & can’t handle pain. I came for my last appointment, 1 week before scheduled c - section. They checked everything & told me that they were not letting me go & that I was going to have the baby that day. They connected me to all the machines, it was 2 pm. For 7 hours, I was just relaxing in bed, water did not break & no pain at all, just IV in my arm & oxygen mask on my face. They took me for a c - section at 9 pm & at 9:10 pm, my daughter was born. I threw up during the c - section & it took longer than usual for them to remove my placenta, but other than that, I got very lucky.

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I was in labor for about 16 hours before my mucus plug fell out.

I mean you could get off Facebook and call the doctor :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I was 28 weeks when i started losing mine. Didnt deliver until weeks later

the early morning i lost at work went to hospital after that and couple hrs after .that was at 5 am and had first daughter at 9:50 am same morning . i basically walked in and she walked out .i was full term and due any day my due date was 23 and came 21st

You can lose your plug for weeks to months in advance till you actually go into labour. With my 1st son I lost it in chunks and pieces like 2 months all the way till I actually went into labor and had him after being induced… Now I’m prego with my 2nd 29weeks,and haven’t started losing it yet.

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7 to 8 hours prelabor before active labor started and continued for 12 hours for both my sons. They were literally the same length of time for some reason lol

Then I used hypnobirthing breathing and visualization techniques and my 3rd birth was the shortest I was still terrified but I was more prepared and just breathed through each contraction. I truly believe it made all the difference. Prelabor was only 4 hours long and active labor was 2 hours!!! I was amazed and so happy!!! I didnt lose my mucus plug for my 2nd and third birth

But for my first I lost my mucus plug on a thursday and had the baby saturday so 2 days later I was still working so I had to call off to go to the hospital

Different with each of 5. 2 weeks was the longest for me.

If ur labor has stalled

Please watch these Positive Birth Company videos on youtube about breathing techniques that will help!!!

Heres a few of my fave vids:

Reducing fear of birth in The u.s.
Ina may Gaskins

Pleasure bonding; Ina May gaskins

Why you dont need to push/ and down breathing

(Side note I still pushed evrry birth is different make sure you take DEEP DEEP breaths and dont strain yourself and force the pushing let ur body tell u when ok)

Up breathing/hypnobirthing techniques

These all super super helped me especially the breathing techniques and horse lips, laughing and I kissed my partner during labor and we laughed when I did horse lips lol he thought it was funny. And it made me laugh too and laughing and kissing actually opens up your pelvic floor more and helps you dilate faster I really believe it helped baby know we are ready for her and she could come quicker. Also hands and knees position opens up your pelvic floor more by about 30%. I also switched to hands and knees for my 3rd birth and dis cat and cow at some points and had the baby faster.

I hope that helps.:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

A week for all 3 of mine! Don’t be nervous… Things always work out!

Fun fact… mucus plugs can be lost and then regrow. Is isn’t always indicative of pending labor.

I started losing mine a month before my daughter was born.

With my first labor started immediately and my daughter was here almost 2 days later. My second I don’t remember, my third it was 5 days before active labor started.

I don’t recall actually losing my mucus plug but I went in for a doctor appointment at 36 wks and 5 days and had high blood pressure and plus 1 protein in my urine. Ended up in ob emergency because they suspected preeclampsia. While in ob emergency they hooked me up to all the machines to monitor the baby and the nurse said “do you feel any contractions?” I told her no and she said “well, you’re having contractions.” They ended up keeping me for a urine test which they gave up on once my contractions started to steadily get more intense and regular. I labored through the night, had an epidural about 9 am, and had my baby boy at 12:09 pm at 36 wks and 6 days.

Every one Is different my boys my doctor delivered with In2 hours didn’t even know I was In labor

Don’t remember with 1st ever losing it lol from 1st pain to baby was 5 hrs at 40 weeks

2nd i was induesed at 41.5 weeks and was 6 hrs

Lost mine 4am. They broke my waters, gave birth at 10:22pm. Thank the good Lord for epidurals!

With my first I lost my plug on Sunday morning. Was in hospital by 10pm. Gave birth on Monday at 10:33am

17 hours after my water broke and lost my mucus plug and ended up with a c section

Try 21 hrs with my first and 3 hrs with second and third my fourth 3 hrs

First child 7 1/2 hrs. Second- 3 hrs and 15 minutes

Lost mine and had my daughter 12 hours later

Don’t be nervous!!
You got this!!! :heart: