How long did you take to conceive after IUD removal?

Hey ladies, kind of a long post, but …I just got my IUD removed on May 16, and a few days later on Friday, I started what looks like a period, with cramps, etc…but Idk if it’s “breakthrough” bleeding or an actual period. Because the 1st day of bleeding it was pretty bright red and normal with tiny mustard seed size clots which is normal during my periods, but then it was off an on for the following few days and now it’s very light pink. Do you have breakthrough bleeding with going off IUD? I’m taking ovulation tests every day so I don’t miss my ovulation day because hubby and I are trying for baby #2. They have been negative so far. I never had a period on the IUD so I have no idea when I’ll ovulate, but I’m pretty sure I ovulated while on the IUD due to egg white thick discharge once a month and surge in hormones, but I never kept up with what day it was because obviously I was on BC and wasn’t trying to get pregnant, except I did have the discharge a few days before removing my IUD, and I made sure to have sex like 2 days before my IUD came out so I could still have sperm in there to possibly get pregnant as soon as it was removed. Have any of you had breakthrough bleeding going off the IUD and then got pregnant before your actual period started? How did you know it was your actual period? I don’t think every woman would have a super bad period after IUD removal because everyone is different. I am so eager to get pregnant and am doing constant research about this and psyching myself out. Help!!