How long do newborns go without pooping?

any of your newborns ever go without pooping? she’s 2 weeks and hasn’t pooped since last Wednesday night and i don’t know when to start worrying


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long do newborns go without pooping?

Definitely go to your gp or hospital


She should be pooping atleast one to two times a day and as many as 5-10 times a day. I’d take her to the clinic


If breastfeeding they can go a week or so.


Prior to 6wks, babe should be pooping MINIMUM of once a day.


We may need to define poop? If it’s yellow and mustardy from a breastfed baby, that is poop.
If you’re formula feeding, then it should be more brown.
In either case it should be more often, I hope you’ve just been missing it…

When my 2nd daughter was 3 weeks old she went 13 days, we did diaper testing so I documented every diaper. Doc said what goes in will come out. He was right :grimacing::woozy_face::joy:

baby needs to go to the Dr. when NB

I would see the Dr asap

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If you are breastfeeding they can go a week easy. As long as they are peeing and not uncomfortable


You should call your pediatrician.


I would take her in she should be pooping like twice a day if not more

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I’d be contacting pediatrician or er but did you try gripe water?


Get some gripe water it helps

Your baby is 2 weeks old and hasn’t had a poopy diaper for a week? She should be pooping at least 1-4 x a day. You should be taking your baby into the doctor.


Now is the time to worry. Call in the morning at the least. If you have a nurse advice line call them tonight.

See a Dr or help her along… Based on this post you don’t have a lot of experience in this area (mother of 4 here).


If your baby is only being breastfed they may not poop every day. This is because their body can use up almost all the components of breast milk for nutrition and there is very little left that needs to be eliminated. After the first 6 weeks or so they can go even a week or two without a poop.

If you’re breast feeding its normal

Call the baby’s pediatrician right away, this is not normal.

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Never more than 2 days!

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Drs told me about 3 days before starting to worry. We used the light corn syrup in her bottles. It helped loosen her stools enough to go. Even with breastmilk my little got constipated every once in a while.

It’s normal as long as baby is still drinking and has lots of wet nappies then there shouldn’t be a worry. Unless you can see some sort of ‘discomfort’ like unusual crying or also a hardness on the tummy then see a Dr otherwise baby is fine and it’s quite common and normal for newborns.

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I think you should contact you doctor rather than asking random people on FB because you’re only gunna get mixed answers… Give your baby cool boiled water with 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar in it (preferably brown sugar) its a tried and tested method to ease constipation in infants. I used it with all my babies and also a lot of my patients at work who don’t have laxatives in place yet


Is baby breast fed? And what does new born mean to you? How old is baby?

Even breastfed babies should still be pooping daily at this point, doctor asap.

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You can try using a cotton swab with Vaseline and putting it into the bum just a bit. Sounds uncomfortable right but it works

My son had a problem with constipation, they had me put 2 ounces of prune juice into his bottle and it worked. 

Try moving her legs as if she was riding a bicycle…it helps to stimulate a bowel movement. Also, there is a pressure point about 2-3 finger widths below the belly button that helps to stimulate as well