How long do you test positive after a miscarriage?

I was just curious how long you test positive after a miscarriage? My breast have been very tender for the past couple of days, and I tested positive. I had a miscarriage at the end of July.Don’t get me wrong. He has a job that one could say was stressful and also has picked up a shift or two at the warehouse from time to time. But he’s not pregnant.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long do you test positive after a miscarriage?

I’m confused with the whole man working and that he’s not pregnant…I really thought men could get pregnant :joy: I learned something new today :woman_facepalming: sorry, no judgment but that has nothing to do with the post lol


I had a stillborn baby boy 2/3/22 … I was pregnant like 2 months later. Very possible. Im 19 weeks now… as far as the rest of this idk.
A man can’t get pregnant no matter his work shift… so that’s wild


How is everyone answering this as if it’s not confusing. Who was pregnant, you or him? Sorry for your loss, but you had a miscarriage in July and it is now October. It’s likely a new pregnancy. Just take a test.


I’m sorry for your loss and it possibly could be a new pregnancy if you’re still testing positive. And also…


Depends on how far along you were and how high your HCG levels were… with it being middle of OCT. And your getting a positive I would highly suspect this is a new pregnancy.


I truthfully never tested after our miscarriages. Mentioning his job, are you try to say you haven’t been intimate so you don’t think you could be pregnant? If that is the case, I would contact your physician to check into it.


I’m sorry for your loss, but it sounds like a new pregnancy. So, congratulations :footprints:
Also, no matter what people say these days, men can’t get pregnant. You still require a uterus for that task. Their work schedule shouldn’t interfere with either. Unless you got pregnant when your man was overseas or something. Then, you got some 'splainin to do :upside_down_face:


My husband has never been pregnant either !!!


What does a job at a warehouse have to do with anything?


What? Lol I mean that would more than likely be a new pregnancy. But the other half makes no sense?


I had a miscarriage in October and testing negative a week later but my HCG wasn’t high at all because baby passed at 8 weeks and got pregnant November and have an 8 week old now


It’s could be a new pregnancy! I had a miscarriage in September and no longer test positive or have any symptoms.


Girl, congratulations, you’re pregnant ! Same thing happened to me, I had a miscarriage and never had another period, I called the doctors office and asked if my next period should be on schedule and they said yes, I said, “well then, I’m two weeks late” they said to come in for a pregnancy test and sure enough I was already pregnant again! My due date for the miscarriage was 2/13 and my next baby after the miscarriage was born on 3/14 !

Are you trying to say that you and your man haven’t been intimate? This post is very confusing to me, maybe I missed something :woman_shrugging: you should probably go to the doctor and get checked out. I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage, that’s got to be so hard. :pray:


:face_with_peeking_eye: what in the second half adhd happened


After my few miscarriages , I tested positive for about a week . My hcg levels were in the 700-1500 range each time .

Is your husband biologically female ? If not , he couldn’t get pregnant . But you could be starting a new pregnancy , I’d definitely contact your OB and see what they say .


If it happened at the end of July you’d of most likely recovered by now and could possibly be pregnant again. The only way to know for sure is to go to the dr and let them run test/ultrasound. None of us are medical professionals so our opinion doesn’t really matter. Also my opinion if you have thought you were pregnant for more than 48 hours you should of already called your dr and set up an appointment.


My mum lost a baby and went back to doctor for six week check up and she was still pregnant it was a twin pregnancy so go get checked


I’d go to the doctor. It’s been a couple months. If your testing positive chances are your pregnant again…I mean July was awhile ago.


I had a miscarriage in July 2012 and got pregnant in October of 2012 had my son July 2013 now he’s 9.


Go to a doctor they will explain things to you like why guys can’t be pregnant and does it matter what kind of job he has he’s bringing in money maybe yall just get activities to do to get your stress level down

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I had a miscarriage in march 2018, was testing negative after a week. A few months later I tested positive and had a healthy baby girl. I had another miscarriage in December 2020, a couple months later I tested positive and had another healthy beautiful girl.
Each time I went to the doctor and had them confirm with blood work and once my levels were confirmed we did ultrasounds periodically as pregnancy after a miscarriage within a certain time was considered high risk so we took extra precautions as my body was still technically healing

For my miscarriages that were all around 6-8 weeks it took about 6-8 weeks after to test negative. I would think by October you would be negative but you should follow up with OB.

Pretty sure someone accidently added the ending of the Mama’s Uncut “My husband Doesn’t Treat Me Like I’m Pregnant: Advice” post (also posted today) to the end of this post… Hmmmmmm :face_with_monocle:

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I’ve tested positive up to 10 weeks after one of my miscarriages.
Now, That’s usually not normal.
4-6 weeks with my others. I had retained tissue that required a 2nd D&C. So that’s why my levels hovered forever.

I miscarried at the end of July as well, and tested negative the middle of September

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Could be pregnant :pregnant_woman:
I never tested positive after my miscarriage 15 years ago .

As confusing as this post is, I’m gonna say if you miscarried in July and testing positive in October that is definitely a new pregnancy. Go to the doctor.

I misscarried start of July 2021 by end September 2021 I was pregnant again my daughter is 5 months next week best of luck and sorry for your loss :heart:


My mom miscarried early on. At her appt for followup after the miscarriage… She still tested positive…dr said she was likely prego w twins.

I tested positive for 3 months after my first miscarriage and 2.5-3 months after my second (hcg was 1.3 million) so it all depends on how long your body takes to filter it out. It could also be a new pregnancy if it’s been a couple months. Every woman is different

I lost a baby October of 2004. Had a d and c on October 5th and 5 weeks later I was pregnant and delivered a healthy beautiful boy in August 2005.

You are the most fertile after a miscarriage. That’s how I had my rainbow baby. See your doctor!

Usually after a miscarriage the HGC hormone is gone fully after 7 days.

If the loss happened in July then this is a new baby and you need to get in to the Dr.

It’s definitely a new pregnacy, but I’m lost at the rest of the post.


I had two misscarraiges back to back and got my rainbow baby shortly after all within 6 months

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It could be a new pregnancy.
When I miscarried the first time last October we got pregnant again in the December

First I am sorry! I miscarried Oct 28 and was pregnant by Nov 28.

I had D&C March 15th, and tested positive may 2nd. Now 23 weeks in a new pregnancy lol id get checked by doc

I miscarried November 5th of last year. I found out I was pregnant again January 4th of this year. My baby is 6 weeks old tomorrow :blue_heart:.

Could be a new baby but after I lost my daughter it took months but I was full term

Possibly the lady missed out some of the post…it does not need mocking!

I lost a baby December 17th and fell pregnant February 20th

I read this three times and I don’t understand it at all. Please explain.

I had a miscarriage, DNC and got pregnant about 3 weeks later…

Depends on the person. But usually up to 9 weeks for HCG levels to be zero.

Author please explain this!


Just 4 to 6 weeks till you start your next period - your prob prego again and maybe this is a rainbow baby

Very possible to be preg again hp to the dr fir a test

I would take a test to see if you in fact are pregnant, and the rest of it… I honestly am not sure about any of it.

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  1. You’re pregnant.
  2. Huh?? :thinking:

Your pregnant call the dr

Schedule an appointment with your doctor. You could very well be pregnant again. My heart is with you Momma :black_heart::pray:t3:

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Like everyone said above…but the end of this post. ?. Is he Trans? Cause that’s the only way I see a man being pregnant and it’s slim if he takes T


I thought it was 6/8 weeks after you miscarry you can still test positive. Definitely go to the doctor !

I’m going back to bed after reading this :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

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You shouldn’t be testing positive three months later. But some women always test positive on urine tests (I always have around ovulation, during and right after my cycle. Contact your doctor. Could be hormonal issues, could be a new pregnancy.

Go to the doctor and let them do an ultrasound, If you miscarried in July you shouldn’t be still testing positive! More than likely you’re pregnant again or you never miscarried in July! Good luck. :heart:

Hahahahaha these comments

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Okay but who’s he all of a sudden? :thinking:

You wouldn’t be testing positive in October is miscarriage was in July. Sounds like a new pregnancy. Congrats!

Sounds like a new pregnancy.

I tested positive for about 4 weeks after

“Don’t get me wrong. He has a job that one could say was stressful and also has picked up a shift or two at the warehouse from time to time. But he’s not pregnant.” Say what now?


If you are testing positive and sexually active you are likely pregnant again if a biological male is testing positive he needs to be checked for testicular cancer

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First of all I’m sorry for your loss. Secondly, I misscarried in December and got pregnant again and found out in June. It can happen you’re still very fertile. Take a test. And for the other part I didn’t really understand what you meant lol

You shouldn’t still be testing positive from the miscarriage so you are probably pregnant,I would definitely get a Drs confirmation though. I’m kinda confused about the last part though?

You won’t be still showing up pregnant this long from the miscarriage. You’re pregnant again hun. The levels go down pretty fast as long as everything passed correctly which your doctor should have been keeping an eye on those levels to make sure they were going down properly. If they were still high from the miscarriage then it did not pass correctly so your body would think it’s pregnant still. This long out though you’d be having some huge health issues. You can die from not passing the baby properly

I get a blood test and untrasound to rule out a new pregnancy, although when I had a still birth at 20 weeks I tested postive for pregnancy for like 2months after

It’s very much possible. Not to freak anyone out or especially OP but my mother had a miscarriage before me and even though she didn’t have sex, she tested positive for me shortly after. Vanishing Twin Syndrome is what they call it. I am the surviving twin from that miscarriage.

I cant answer as i dont even understand the post

Hi. I’m so sorry for your loss it’s a horrible thing to experience. But if you’re testing positive now it’s a new pregnancy. You wouldn’t continue to produce HCG (the pregnancy hormone that shows up in a positive test) for this long after a miscarriage. As for the man’s job and his pregnancy scenario I can’t comment because I don’t understand it. Could you maybe explain the last bit of the post better?:thinking::two_hearts:

Sorry for your loss. I tested positive two months after my loss.

I would say your pregnant again. You really need to go to your Dr.still confused about the man thing though

Did you give him your pee for a drug test at work and he came back pregnant?

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i had a miscarriage Feb 2022 and about 5 days after tested negative then july 2022 tested positive found out im pregnant with twins due March 2023 id definitely say go to your doctor! you could be pregnant again or could have a false postive due to something else going on definitely get in soon and get checked ot will give you peice of mind and your husbands work schedule and stress wouldnt affect his ability to get you pregnant unless yall havent has sex for months and youre testing postive

Most likely a new pregnancy if miscarried in July. It is October. Usually wont test positive for 2 weeks after a miscarriage anymore,unless it is a really slight positive. Boobs are usually sensitive with pregnancy symptoms still though for up to a month after. You are very fertile after a miscarriage.And yes…men can’t get pregnant.

I got pregnant 1 month after my miscarriage. U should go to the dr

I have had a miscarriage at almost every stage. Never tested positive more than a week afterwards. Even our still born son at 37.5 weeks. Sounds like a new pregnancy. Go see your dr. Could have a problem with pieces still being left in the uterus so your body thinks it’s still pregnant. That would be very bad though. Please go see your dr to get checked

I got pregnant June of 2019, miscarried middle of July, ended up testing positive October 4th 2019 with my now daughter. I’d say it’s a new pregnancy.