How long does a fever last in kids?

"Hello I’m asking for just opinions. My child tested positive for the flu and rsv on Sunday. Despite fever medicine the fever is between 99-100. How long does the fever last do I take her back in?

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That’s considered a normal temperature. Anything over 100 is considered a fever. Give lukewarm baths and cool rags. And I’m going to be very honest the longer you use the fever reducer meds the longer the viruses stay in the body because our bodies run fevers because they’re trying to get rid of the nastiness inside of us. Fevers are a good thing because it shows our bodies are working correctly.


My son had a fever for 3 days alter Tylenol and motrin just to keep it low. Cold rags and warm baths.

We are currently in the ped nicu with our 4 month son and the doctors told us rsv peaks days 3 through 5 then starts to get better… but any fever that isn’t reactive to tylenol/ibuprofen needs attention from a doctor

Fever is a good thing, it means their body is doing what it’s supposed to do to fight the infection. 99-100 is pretty low grade temp, in nursing they teach us it’s not considered a fever until 100.4. As a matter of fact a pediatrician told me not to even dose with Tylenol or Motrin unless it was over 100.4 or the child was uncomfortable/miserable! Good luck momma! I know it’s not fun to have a sick little one, especially at Christmas time! Merry Christmas!

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Technically it’s not a fever till 100.4 so while that may be a little higher it’s not bad or concerning. But if you are concerned you can always get her checked again.

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Tylenol or motrin will only reduce fever one to two degrees. It’s not a cure, it just masks the symptom for comfort. If your baby doesn’t act sick, it’s ok to hold off. Most viral fevers last 3 days but some can linger for up to five. Lots of fluids and love :heart: are the best medicine.

When my son was just under a year his dr told me to only bring him back if the fever lasted more than 5 days or if it got to 103 or higher. I interchanged Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours and it finally broke after 4 days.