How long does a landlord have to fix your appliances?

This isn’t really a mom question but what is considered a reasonable time for your landlord to fix your fridge and freezer??


Depends on the state and application if it has to do with power and water normally 24 hours after legally giving them certified notice

Check your lease. Appliances are not required to be repaired, and are sometimes excluded in the lease.

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The law will vary by state. Check your lease.

Depends. Fridge came with my rental but it’s not included & anything needing fixed we are on our own

But are they his appliances?

Depends on the lease. My landlord isn’t responsible. One year at income tax I bought a fridge , stove, washer and dryer from lowes and got warranties on all of them .

depends what does your lease say.

Ask via text message multiple times keep a record call city ask about local laws


Depends on the state. Some states 48 hours some states are 30 days. Either way, give landlord written notice, keep a copy of it, and if they fail to repair within your stated time limit of the state look up rent escrow. You can pay your rent to a 3rd party and your landlord can’t collect it until he makes repairs. It is 100% legal and he cannot attempt to evict you.


“Depends on your lease and state laws” should be the only reply as we don’t know the location, lease terms or appliance in question

I don’t know but invite him over for dessert n I’m sure he will comply with ur request :rofl:

Just check with your state. In colorado they aren’t required to be provided in a rental. But if they are provided they are required to maintain them

Every state is different, without knowing what state you are in we can’t properly tell you. You need to contact them in writing though, email or certified return receipt is usually acceptable. You can contact your area housing assistance place about landlord tenant laws.

Legally unless it’s stated in lease agreement he not responsible for appliances

Law isn’t going to give a specific hour because it allows for the repair guy to not be able to get there asap. Wording probably says reasonable time. An appliance repair shouldn’t take more than a week.