How long does bleeding last after a colposcopy?

Question. I had a colposcopy on Tues last week. Had the liquid bandage/tissue stuff come out on Thursday. Had sex first time since then tonight. Is it normal to cause bleeding?? I dont remember this last time. Not sure if it’s the start of my period as it’s late (I’m on mirena tho so dont always get one n not always on time when I do) or if it’s just from having the colposcopy?

Oh and if its from the colposcopy, how long should I expect the bleeding to last?


Ive had them and never yout dr

I had a tiny bit right after and was told to give it a week and did and resumed normal activity with no bleeding… she even scraped off most of the areas that were cancer concerns

When they did mine they told me no intercourse for 2 weeks…