How long does it take for birth control to work

I just started the pill and want to make sure there are no ‘mistakes’. does anyone know how long it takes to kick in?


Jus make sure you don’t skip a day, shud be effective immediately…

Usually one full cycle (28 days) and if you ever take antibiotics it will usually cause ur pill to be less effective. But it has been years since I have taken the pill. So I could be wrong


Learn your cycle. I got pregnant on the pill and got pregnant less then a week after taking out the ring. It’s always smart to still use protection (such as natural family planning) as pregnancies on birth control are a lot more common than doctors will usually admit

Haha its NOT immediate.


30 days is what planned parenthood told my daughter

I was told to use protection the first 30 days after starting any new birth control

I was told to use extra protection for the first 7 days

Ask you doctor or pharmacist or read the insert that comes with medication.

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I was always told at least 30 days

40 days. So you need to use another form of protection

Depends on the type of pill. The pamphlet that comes with it explains it pretty thoroughly. When in doubt you can just ask the pharmacist or even the doctor that prescribed it to you.

30 days is usually a good guess
And you have to take it the same time everyday
And antibiotic and other meds can sometimes mess with it too

Birth control isnt 100% effective and if you dont want an “accident” you shouldn’t have sex or just have him wear condoms. Kids are not accidents either.


30 days and anytime you have to use anitbiotics or such use extra protection

I think it depends on the type of pills you take. For me it was 7 days, and i took the first pill on the first day of my period. That’s what my obgyn told me and i never had problems. I take 21 pills/month with 7 days pause. I took them for 9 years straight, took a break for 3 years (had a kid) and two months ago i started taking them again.

If you take antibiotics or forget to take a pill one day, take it the moment you remember, don’t skip it and use extra protection for 7 days.

My doctors always told me that for the first week or two you should use back up while it works it’s way in for the pill. If you happen to have unprotected then immediately use plan b. Certain antibiotics will cancel it out.

Omg i haven’t been on birth control in like 6 years. I have a 13 year old and 3 month old twins. I started birth control last month and had sex the same day cause i wasn’t told i had to use anything else or to wait more. I’ve had symptoms of pregnancy i guess i need to take a test.

Last time I was on the pill they said 2 weeks but you should always use a 2nd method every time you have sex if you truly do not want a baby. Birth control is not 100% effective and even women who take it at the exact same time every day still get pregnant. Every body is different. There are a few different methods you can use besides male condoms too. I find planned parenthood’s website a good place to find information on for birth control options/info.

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2-6 weeks usually. Use another form like condoms while your body adjusts. Also do your best to take it at the same time daily. Set alarms :alarm_clock:

Most are I believe are recommended two weeks to full sink in and adapt yourself to also condoms are obviously recommended to prevent any surprises