How long does it take for kids to get used to being in daycare?

Mom’s with kids in daycare… it was my daughters first day in daycare today & she cried the whole time it was only 2 hours, she’s 9 months I know it takes time but is there anyway I can ease the transition? I feel so bad :((


I feel like once they realize you’ll be back to get them it gets easier.
My daughter (3yo) started a new provider a few months ago. She loved her time when she was there. However drop offs were heart breaking at first. Some days were harder than others but eventually she stopped crying in the mornings.

I have no tricks but I have been there. Hopefully the daycare workers help comfort her and show her it’s a safe space.

It’ll take time. It’s all new. However, if it continues well after adjustment period, wouldn’t hurt to look into the facility itself. I had a daycare director tell me that before. A red flag if you will.

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Depends on how they like it and friends they make. My baby loved it bc they loved her

Every kiddo is different! Once they get used to it and start making friends she will love it! Hang in there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I was a daycare provider for yrs. Make sure you are so excited for her and tell her how much fun she’s going have. She’ll adjust if she knows you are OK with it

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I found that it’s roughly 2 weeks to transition into a new space

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Coming from a mama with babies in daycare and also a former daycare teacher… the older they are the harder it is for the most part. 9 months is a hard transition. I would ask if you’re allowed to send one of those little stuffies with the blanket attached for the caregiver to let her hold when she’s upset, if so then you should sleep with it so it smells like you… my only other advice is to be consistent… the more routine she has the better it will be. It takes time, sometimes weeks or months before they are comfortable at daycare. The more she goes the faster she’ll get comfortable. I started my youngest when she was a year old and it was really hard… she’s almost 2 and still cries at drop off but is fine once I leave now… it’s hard mama, but you both will get through it and I promise it gets better!

Find. Someone. From your. Church. A grandma

It’s ok momma she’s gonna be ok . All kids are differnt but within a few weeks they all seem to adjust . Prayers for you both :pray:t2::pray:t2:it’s hard .

My son started early head start at age 2 and he cried every single morning for 8 months. They’d have to basically pry him off of me and I’d run out. He would eventually calm himself down and accepted he would have to stay and wait for me. But every morning he would freak out just the same. Everyone just accepted it lol. Now he’s a pro!

Send a mommy stuffy with her that’s identical to one that you keep with her. Tell her to hold it when she misses you. And you’ll hold hers. It’s hard that early. That’s right when separation I starts to peak. Just keep at it and make sure she has very patient caretakers that can handle the crying and soothe her instead or getting upset by it. If u can and only if u can, ide recommend doing shorter intervals untill she’s used to it

If you do not work , and are free to pick her up about 15 minutes after drop off. This way she knows your coming back. At this age she doesn’t have a sense of time. So for her 2 hours seems an eternity for her… I had to do this with my 3 year old. 22 years ago. The teacher would call me when she wouldn’t stop crying after 15 minutes. It took about a week but she did stop crying. And began to enjoy going.

Every kid is difference. Neither of my kids had an issue and never cried. They both started going around 4 months. I’m sure it pulls in your mama heart, but your baby will be just fine.

We slowly transitioned her, stayed a few hours the first day, stayed two hours the next, stayed an hour the 3rd day etc etc until she was comfortable. Ppl just drop them off and leave them their first day? Wild

It really depends on the kid.

i have a kid who hated daycare the whole 8 months she was thr . she would wait be the door for me everyday it was really heartbreaking.!she was my middle child my older two and youngest didn’t have any problems

Hey momma I work in childcare and this is a normal occurrence at that age. With most of our babies it takes anywhere from 3-7 days for them to adjust. What we advise a lot of our parents to do is to send either the child’s favorite stuffed animal or a blanket with the child that has mom’s perfume on it that they can cuddle with during the day to help ease that transition :heart: it does get better and easier so don’t let the mom guilt eat you up too bad.


Ex baby room staff here and mum of 4. It’s a big change. She’s very young still (no attack on you promise) maybe send in a blanket that smells of you. She will get used to it and under oh mummy’s going but she will get me later. Its rough but I promise she’s being looked after and supported. I’m sure she calms down after a while. Thays my experience.

It took my kids about a month

I work in daycare… I have a 3 yr old who has been here for 2 1/2 months ( t-th) and he finally is okay… it takes time! 9 months is a hard age to start a kiddo… they are in the “stranger danger” part of their lives… it’ll get better

My first child started daycare at 3 months. My 2nd and 3rd were both 6 months. They all cried in the beginning but after a few weeks, they accepted that mommy had to be somewhere else and that she would be back. It helps if the caregiver is happy to see them and attentive so they feel loved there as well. I was lucky that there weren’t too many infants in “the baby room “ where they went so the staff wasn’t overwhelmed and had time to spend soothing them. We still had occasional days when they didn’t want to go and cried but when I called after I got to work, they had already settled down and were either sleeping or happily playing on the floor with other babies their age. Hang in there mommy!

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Try not to say goodbye or anything indicating your leaving. If my kids saw me they freaked out otherwise they would enjoy their time. Ha weird

drop off n leave. dont be like these dumb oarents that make it harder for kids and teachers and stay around when baby is screaming crying cause they dont want u to leave. the faster u drop off and leave the easier it will be/get

My son was 2 when he started and it took months for him to get used to it. He’s 5 now.

Send her with a pillowcase, sweatshirt or stuffy you sleep with so it smells like you. After a while she will cry when you leave then as soon as the door shuts she’ll be fine. I introduced my kids to a lot of people from the start so they were used to having other people around. Yours may take time if she’s mostly been with you around, plus new environment and other kids (not sure if yours has siblings). It’s normal & she’ll learn so much with other kids & grown ups around!