How long does it take for the fever to go away after starting antibiotics?

17 month old has ear infection is currently on antibiotics going on 48 hours now and running fever off and on not high fever just low grade how long does it typically take for them to start feeling better ? This is his first ear infection hoping this is not the beginning of Chronic ear infections :weary::weary: for I had horrible ear infections as a toddler


When my daughter got them, about a week.
Did the doctor prescribe Motrin or a pain reliever? Usually she would get an antibiotic and ibuprofen. It helped :blush:

My almost 18 month old has had 6 ear infections since november, finally getting tubes the beginning of april. 6 ear infections and 5 different antibiotics. Her fever never really went away was always there but very low, nothing dangerous.


My kids have always gotten ear infections… Along with the antibiotics and pain /fever reducer I put a little peroxide in their ear- let fiz up, then turned their head to drain out. It’s a crazy feeling- takes a lot of explaining so they know what to expect, at first was really weird for them lol but it does help so much.

My son who is now 5 had so many ear infections I lost count… 2 different sets of tubes and tonsils and adenoids out!! Also at some point a ruptured left ear drum!! Even with antibiotics it can not go away always go in for a re check as many times with my son some antibiotics didn’t work! As to the fever my sons were 103 or 104 that is how I knew it was an ear infection… he never complained his ears hurt… as a mother if you feel like he is not getting better take him back!! Hopefully it’s a one time thing… good luck!

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