How long does it take to get a trial date for custody?

how long does it usually take to receive a trial date for custody? It’s already been 2 months since I was served papers from my daughter’s father that he wanted custody. Haven’t got a trial date… the wait is killing me


Varies by state and by courts w how many cases, etc. make sure you aren’t being given an order that you have to respond to or give up your rights - it’s very much worth the cost of an attorney.


And usually there are plenty of court dates prior.

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It took me two years with a lawyer

1 Like state the dates right on the papers you serve


You can usually look your case up… go to the county filled. Non criminal and put name or case numbers

Make sure you don’t have to respond within 28 days. Call the court

Call the court house

That’s gonna be different depending on where your from. Each state (mabe county) is gonna be different. I hope everything goes your way. :two_hearts:

Get an attorney especially if he has one.

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Depends where you live. In NZ where I live it has taken nearly two years so far and yet to have a final hearing date appointed. The court process is very long, difficult and stressful/frustrating

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We’ve been in a cousdy battle for 2yrs now and finally have a trial date set! This is r second time around in court my husband going for cousdy as well. The 1st yr we lost bc r shitty lawyer but we have a very top amazing one this time. So make sure u have a good one… Don’t go with the first one or cheesiest one you see first that was r mistake the first yr. Good luck… We’re in Ohio as well

We had a lawyer here in Texas and it took about a 6 months after all the bio parents were notified. But I agree call the country Court House and check why you haven’t heard anything. During the holidays they run super slow too.

Call your local court house and ask. Legally he doesnt have to tell you until a week before the court date.

It can take a while depending on where you live. I live in Florida and our trial took 3 full years from start to finish and that was after dcf started an investigation into my step kids mom. You can call court house but they should send you papers about court date as long as they have your current address.

I hope you have a lawyer !

Around where I live the judge will postpone it till one of you gives up

Usually there’s a court date on the papers you’re severed. I would call the court and make ask so you dont miss it.

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Depends entirely on the courts calendar and how highly contested the case is. I work in the courts. It would take us a few months to be able to fit a highly contested case in. But at the very least there should be a scheduling conference set by now.

I would get an attorney. Most will give you a first visit for free. Don’t mess around with custody.

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Wow. I filed at the very end of December this last year, and we had a court date at the end of January. (Texas)

If the wait is longer it usually means better on your part. If they thought it was justified you would have had an emergency hearing within days.

My ex tried this and it took 6 months. All he got out of court was graduated visits. Then standard.

Are you legally separated why would you be worried are u a good mom if so the women usually get custody