How long does it take to get divorce papers?

I got divorced on the 16th still don’t have the papers saying I’m divorced or that I can go get my Oldest. I’m in Arkansas. Shouldn’t I have had the papers in the mail by now?


It all depends on where you live… state and county. Everywhere is different.
Where I’m at, I had to wait 7 days and then went to the court house records office and had to pay for a copy of my decree. They don’t send them here.
Just another way for the government to get money out of you but you kinda need that decree to move on with life and get your ducks in a row.

It can take months depending on where you live

May take a while for them to actually be filed. Some states make you go and get them yourself also.

When I got divorced, the papers were ready the next day, but I didn’t know. I waited months for them to come, only to find out I had to go to the court house, pay a fee, and get a copy. Also now days, you can look up court records online (In most states) and you can see everything regarding your case, including the paperwork.

If you had a lawyer they likely were sent there

Go to the court house and get a copy. It’s free.