How long does it take to get pregnant after depo?

So my husband I are starting to try for baby #2, our son just turned 6 months old.I’ve only has one depo shot, was suppose to go back for next one next week. Last time it took 8 months for us to concieve after 2 shots, any other moms have differences concieving after the depo shot?


Took me 12 months to conceive my second

I got pregnant on the depo shot. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Took me a year after my shot

Took me almost 2 years but I was on the shot for like 3 years

I had ONE depo shot TWO years ago & haven’t been able to conceive yet (but I do have Endo & PCOS).

5 years on depo pregnant within a month after i ended it switched to the the nuva ring fell out and didnt realize for 2 days oops i brushed it off like ah ill be fine and now i have a daughter lol

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Took me 8 months of being off of it after being on it for 8 years

I got pregnant with baby #2 on the Depo shot…

Took me 6 yrs but had from 15 to 19 yrs old

Depo for 7 years. Worked great. Off for two months and pregnant. Everyone’s different

Took me a year and a half after three years of the shit

I was on the pill from age 13 on forgot to take it around my 21st birthday for like 4 months yea I know. Got pregnant went back on it religiously. Fast forward to right before my 30th birthday finally ended up with Mr right. Had a baby right before next birthday. Went on depo after baby. Had 2 shots and took almost 8 months or more to conceive next baby. I’m turning 34 this year and thankfully got pregnant again. Knew a lady who had 2 kids young. She was on thw shot for many many years. When her and hubby started trying Drs told her sorry but basically the shot made her not able to have kids anymore!

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Oh honey… Please wait at least a yr not only for your body but for your sanity I’m so fuckin serious. Mine are two yrs apart and I’m losing it lmao

5 shots in a 3 month period and got pregnant within a month of the last shot. Apparently those shots did not work for me.

Took us almost 2 years after 2 depo shots to conceive our second. Will never get it again

Got it for a year straight missed that next shot an that same month conceived my son, so one month

I did. It took me about a year.

My sister got pregnant on the depo shot, didn’t find out until she was almost 5 months, my niece is now 17 :person_tipping_hand:

Shantelle everyone’s so different :flushed:

Used depo once it took us 2 year to conceive