How long does it take to get pregnant after Nexplanon?

I was on nexplanon birth control for 2 years recently had it removed in December to try and have another child. How long did it take for everyone else to conceive after stopping nexplanon?


My wasn’t planned but I got it taken out December 20 found out I was pregnant in feb of the next year

Got mine out the end of March, had a miscarriage in May, and currently due in 11 days. :slight_smile: Good luck​:purple_heart:

I took mine off took care of my self and tried to get my period back on track for 6 months before trying for a baby once we tried I got pregnant right away.

I took it out in August 2014 got pregnant in November 2014

I wasn’t trying. But got mine out and got pregnant a month later… I was also on the patch after getting it out.

About a year and a half.

It shouldn’t take long. When I was on my mirena I got it removed and let my body get rid of all the hormones before I tried. When you’re on something for so long your body needs a break

A little over a month

I was on it for 4 1/2 years. Got it removed 6 months ago and still haven’t gotten pregnant.

I got mine taken out in may 2018 and got pregnant in october 2018

It took me a little over a year to get pregnant after getting mine out.

I was on the implanon (same thing different name?) Since my 2nd child was born. (2008) of course it got replaced at the 3 year mark every time. I just had it taken out in November 2017 and I got pregnant in March 2018. Had a horrible miscarriage and got pregnant again in November 2018 and had a Blighted Ovum miscarriage. We are still trying to get pregnant and have a healthy baby but its proven to be most difficult.

I think I took it out four months before my hubby came home from deployment and our first try I got pregnant

I’m sure that’s not much help since I never got to try to get pregnant for four months lol

Little less then a year and still not pregnant

I got mine removed march 2018 and got pregnant in September 2018… I had it for 4 years

It took me like 4 months maybe 6.