How long does it take to get pregnant after removing Mirena?

I got my Mirena IUD out today. How long did it take for other mommas to get pregnant again after having their IUD removed?


It took me about a month!

My niece got pregnant 2x with it in. Good luck on your journey. :heart::heart:

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Took nearly a year after having it in for a year.

1 month after 5 years

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When I had it after my first born, I had it for a year and got it removed and got pregnant within days of having it removed.

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It should be immediately

I had move taken out Feb 2014. Pregnant July 2014. Had it for 5 years.

I got pregnant very quickly after having it removed and miscarried. I waited a few months and got pregnant again and my baby girl was born 9 months later :heart_eyes:

I got pregnant within 10 days of it being removed

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I got me removed in may and got pregnant by that October

It took me almost a year and then had back to back miscarriages before getting pregnant with my youngest

Had mine in for three years, got pregnant within days of it being removed.

I got pregnant with it

Immediately but miscarried at 6 weeks then immediately again he’s almost 8 now

Got it taken out in December and got pregnant on Valentine’s Day!

I got mine out in April and then was pregnant in July. Just had my baby a week ago.

I got pregnant with it in, she is now 16.

Kellysha M. Rivera González

I got mine taken out cause of issues and couldn’t get pregnant for about 4 years then got pregnant again right after when that baby was 6 months old.

The same week it felt like lol😂

Going on 14 months of ttc

Removed November 19th. Positive pregnancy test December 16th. Didn’t even have time to have a period!

Had it in for the full 5 years. Was prego 4 months after

The first time I had an iud removed I was open to pregnancy for 5yrs and it never happened. 2nd iud came out after a month having it in and I immediately conceived that night according to the fetus size and gestational dating.

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Everyone is different.

took me around 4 months

After your body heals from its hormones

All depends on the person. I’ve had a friend who got pregnant on mirena and my cousin got pregnant a month after getting hers removed

I had mirena for 5 years. I had it removed about a year and a half ago and my husband and I have had no such luck yet. Everyone is different! My husband is really bummed because he kept reading where women got pregnant shortly after, but it didn’t work like that for us. We track my ovulation too. I think it’ll just happens when it’s suppose to!

As long as that IUD didn’t ruin your body. You should have no issues.

Everyone is different your body will allow you to conceive when it’s ready

I had it 5 years from 2008- 2013. I got pregnant and miscarriaged 3 months later at 5-6w. I was told it was common and its common to take a year to get pregnant after removal. And it took a year conceive a successful pregnancy. Had my baby 2015.

It took me almost a year then miscarried around 5-6 weeks. Then got pregnant again 6 months later and gave birth to a healthy girl. But it only took my friend a month and her pregnancy seems to be going fine. Everyone is different

First ovulation for me :slightly_smiling_face:

I had my mirena for about 2 and half years, it took us 9 months but 4 months of really trying as we weren’t living together for the first 5ish months of us trying. My doctor has told me that you can get pregnant within a week of having it removed but everyone is different and it may take some time to figure out when you ovulate

1st ovulation did it for me

5 years after having it in for 5 years :roll_eyes:

I had 1 cycle and pregnant both times

6 months exactly both times!

Somewhere in the first week

I got mine out August 25th, 2020. Had my first period for a week the 28th and was pregnant after that. I’m currently almost 33 weeks

Took us about 6 months, 2 months of actual trying!

1 month. Got pregnant first ovulation.

I only had mine in for a little less than three years and it took us a year and a half to get pregnant with my second. Everyone differs though, even the man. Best of luck!:heart:

I got mine taken out the beginning of April 2018 and was pregnant by the end of the month… we were trying but never thought it would happen that fast. My dr laughed with me and was like dang did you even get a period? Lmao

December 28 it was removed. First period March 12. Began tacking ovulation in May. Conception occurred July 1st.

I got mine out in January 2020.

Wasn’t really trying but just going with the flow. In September 2020, we decided to actually try, I got pregnant immediately by tracking my ovulation. I am now 31 weeks pregnant.

Got it removed on 9/11 got pregnant on 9/14 :joy:

Took me about 5 months

I got pregnant the month after removal