How long does it take to get pregnant after removing Nexplanon?

Any mamas have any experience getting pregnant after removing their Nexplanon? I just got it removed 3 weeks ago and got my period the next day. I should be getting my period next week but hoping for a positive as we are TTC. Thank you


Got mine out and went on the patch. Was pregnant within 3 months. So I imagine without the patch I would have been pregnant immediately

It took me 3 months to get pregnant after I had mine removed.

Pregnant 3 months after having mine removed

I got mine removed on march 15th, became pregnant on june 21st. Due march 17th(:

Got mine out July 24th, 2018, expecting mid May 2019!

I didn’t get pregnant for over a year after it was taken out.

It took exactly 3 months after having mine removed.

I got pregnant 1 month after getting mine out!

Got mine taken out Feb 2 and had a positive test May 7th

Took a year and a half for me

Got pregnant in less that 4 weeks! Removed the 5th, ppt the 30th!

I got pregnant the same month mine was removed

Pregnant a month after it was removed.

Took us 6 months (3 of which I was on progesterone cream) post removal but I also have PCOS

Took mone out in November and got pregnant in December… through gods love. Im 5 weeks today

I got mine out in 2014 an it took 4 months to get pregnant then I miscarried, an 5 weeks later I fell pregnant with my little girl, it’s just when your hormones settle in you have to give your body a chance x

I got pregnant maybe 3 weeks after I had my taken out.

Took me 5 months after removal of nexplanon and i never had a period

You can get pregnant right away. Best of luck :heart: