How long does it take to go into labor?

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I have a question just out of curiosity… I know every pregnancy is different. But how long did it take you ladies to go into active labor after you were dialated to a 3? Im at a 3 right now not effaced at all and 3 weeks away from the due date. With my first i was at a 2 for a few days, thought I was having contractions and went in and my Dr decided to induce me 2 days before my due date. So I cant really get a good idea based on that…

PS: Im not looking for ways to induce labor and I for sure know not to use castor oil.


I was 2CM for 2 weeks and then 4CM 100% effaced for 2 weeks before my son was born.

Well with my middle one I sat at 3 for almost a month. My youngest I was sent home at almost 5cm because I wasn’t in labor.

I got admitted at 3cm because my contractions were super close together. I went in around 9-10pm and had my son the next morning at 856am

I used caster oil at 39 weeks and all is well and went perfectly when i gave birth

After the epidural I dilated to a 9 from a 3 in about 2 hours

I’ve been at 2 cm for 4 weeks now. I’m 39 weeks, being induced Tuesday if my labor doesn’t start on its own before that

I was 3cm for 5 weeks

I was a 4 at 32 weeks and I made it to 36 weeks. This was my 3rd. But I tried my best to make it so baby could bake longer.

I was at a 4 for a few weeks, and 80% effaced

I’m at 3cm and 70 effaced and my due date is July 7th absolutely nothing is happening on my end lol you can try prime rose oil vaginal but with this pregnancy it hasn’t worked for me. This is my 5th child and I feel like he’s got no intentions at all of making an appearance… good luck though.:slightly_smiling_face:

I had 4 babies & each one was different. A boy then 3 girls.

I was at 3 1/2 at 37+5 days. Had my son the next night!

With my first it was like 7 hours, with my second I was at a 3 and having contractions 6-7 mins apart for like 3 days lol, with my third it was like 8 hours of being at 2 with my water already broken. After some oxytocin though within half an hour I was at a 10 lol.

I was 3 and went into labor less than a week later.

Everyone is different everyone story is different!

I was at 1 cm for 2 weeks, 5 days before my daughter was born I was at 2 and still not effaced at all. I picked up a couple shifts at work to help kick in labor ( I was a server so all I did was walk lol) and contractions started while I was at work, by 4 am that night I passed my mucus plug and by 5 I was marking down contractions and times, got to hospital at a little after 7 am at 5 cm, and had her at 3:28 pm. I wasn’t induced because she was born at 39w 1d, so I take it you’ll start feeling it soon but every body and baby are different. Good luck :heart:

I was having contractions, water broke, got to the hospital at 9:30pm. Was at a 3. Had my daughter 3 hours later at 12:30am. As I’m sure you know everyone is different and has different experiences. Good luck to you!

i was dilated with my son to 3 for the last 4 months they stopped labor at 25 and then again at 28 weeks went til 40 weeks being dilated to 3 and 100 percent effaced

Well nothing works until cervic is ready. Theres no rushing that. My first I was in preterm labor at 4 1/2 months I finally had her at 10 months tried everything. 2nd child I was less than 2 months pregnant when I went into preterm labor I went to 9 months dialayed to 3 they finally induced labor on a monday I had my son that friday night. It WILL come when its ready and not before. Cant rush perfection

I was 1cm and in labor lol but I was in labor for 22 hours

I was a 3 the whole last two months of my pregnancies. It doesn’t really tell you anything

I didn’t dilate to a 3 till my water broke :joy:🤦 i was at a 2 since 39 weeks.

I was stuck at 3 cm for 2-3 weeks