How long does it take to heal from a csection?

Mommas advice please. I just had my third baby boy Monday morning via emergency c-section. This is my first and I have a 5 and 2 year old at home as well. I just want to know how long it took to get back into a semi non painful step again. These last two days have been so hard and I don’t think I could have done it without my amazing husband. But he goes back to work thursday so it will just be me and the three boys and I’m terrified of not being able to do them all. My oldest will cry if he even sees me in a small amount of pain and I really don’t want him thinking I’m in pain and he has to help do everything. (Already tried when he found out I had a boo boo in the hospital today.) Just some encouragement and advice would really be appreciated right now!


You really need to see if someone, anyone, can come help you. If you do too much too soon it can do more harm than good.

If the five year old can help with simple things let him, if you need a diaper let him get it if your phone is a different room let him dash to get it you don’t want more pain or issues because you don’t want help also remember to take care of yourself it’s a healing process and mama needs to take care of herself and accept help

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Mama of 3 girls- all c-sections! My third was my easiest recovery! I left the hospital 24 hours after (once baby was free to go, I had the okay to go as well) went home and took it easy that night. Things were back to semi-normal the next day (day 3) we even had to make a target run for a few baby necessities we didn’t realize we were missing. Everyone is different tho. Moving around will help ease the pain. Just don’t over do it!

Take the pain meds and use pillows around you. I have a two year old so I always sat with pillows surrounding my belly, other than that I made sure I took stool softeners for the first month and I stayed on my percocet until it ran out. I normally don’t take medicine for anything but I made sure I took it after surgery.

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the quicker you walk the faster you heal but dont pick up anything bigger than your baby. show the other bsbys your owie so they understand you cant pickbthem up just yet. about. 10 days you will be ok walk alot

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I’ve had 3 c sections, if you normally have a higher pain tolerance and heal pretty quickly you should be okay by Thursday. May have someone stop by just Incase you need some rest! Congratulations

2 weeks pp I was able to push myself a little bit more. By 6 weeks I was feeling almost 100%. I could definitely feel when I over-did it by lifting something too heavy or going on a longer walk than I should have. 8 weeks I was feeling back to normal.

It’s hard. Try to get help when you can. Do the minimum when it comes to chores right now. There will be plenty of time in the future to catch up.

My 1st c-section I was moving furniture 5 days later, the 2nd c-section I had pain 2 months later

I found it easier to roll to the side then sit up to stand start with short little walks around your room or house but do so slowly it helps you get moving again without having too over amount of pain. Anything that your oldest is able to do that you trust to do let him do it. Suggest paper dishes to save you on standing for too long that was my major issue was standing scrubbing for too long caused more pain. While your husband is home also suggest having him help you set up busy boxes for the older kids to help keep them in the room with you and baby without being bored even have the kids pick their favorite toys to go in whatever room you will be using most for the first week or so. And please try and rest everyone always says this to new moms but more so with being a c-section mom best of luck and congrats

I was told with my first section that I should try to take it easy for 6 weeks. No lifting , driving etc .By 4-5 weeks after I felt pretty good .

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I only have one child, but I had a csection. My boyfriend and I don’t live together, so I had to do everything myself from the first day home and on. I was out and about a lot with my boyfriend and I not living together. Try to get up and move around as much as your body will let you. And I agree, if your 5 year old is willing to help do simple things let him! It will definitely help you not be in too much pain. And showers help so much! Don’t over do yourself❣️

I had a c section about a month an a half ago. Just take it easy. It won’t heal any faster if you rush it. Trust me when I say, dishes and laundry, etc. can wait. Spend time with the little ones and just relax.

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Put the two older littles in daycare. Daddy meal preps and shops for everything and takes them to “school “ and picks them up until you are healed. Minimum 6 weeks.

Took a couple of weeks to feel kind of better. Even though I was sore I was still able to do things. I was definitely feeling better by my 6 week appointment. I didn’t feel 100% like before I had the csection for like 9 months. By that I’m talking about random pulls and pains.

I was feeling good enough to stop painkillers after 10 days but be careful cause the insides are still healing. I didnt take it slow and it got infection and set back my recovery. You got this!

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If you don’t have friends or relatives who can help during the day, do you have a place of worship?Sometimes they have folks on call to help with whatever—meals, transportation, errands, babysitting, general help around the house so you can heal & get the rest you need.

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I’ve had 3 csections. It’s rough, but you just have to do what you can and not worry about the rest. Let the older 2 help, that definitely helped strengthen the bond between my daughter and her brothers when they were born.

I was up and walking around with out pain 24 hours everyone is different if you are feeling a lot of pain still talk to the midwife or Dr

If breastfeeding I heard you will heal faster. I formula fed I remember feeling less pain the second week. Try to not over due it or sudden jerks. If you have a swing put it to good use while you heal up so you can divide your attention amongst them. Get the other two to “help” with the baby such as soothing it by talking softly or helping with feedings. The good thing is you will be plenty distracted from the pain with keeping up with the kids. Good luck you got this

Honestly like 3 weeks. Have the olders help. Buy bribe items and don’t skip a dose of medicine. Do what you HAVE TO and lay right back down… Fr. First week is the worse tho

After You get your staples out doing stuff gets a bit easier. Ive had 2 c sections. The 1st week is always the roughest. Just don’t push yourself to hard momma you got this

Walk ! It will help !! I took my pain meds at night and dad got up with her

This depends on your pain tolerance my 1st was a crash csec and took me about 2 weeks but until I could even stand straight but I had other issues my 2nd was a planned and I had a spinal tap not an epidural I was trying to move around the evening not well and my 3rd was also a crash csec with her I also had a tubal and was about 10 days or so about the time the staples came out. Wish you the best and remember you can’t take care of the baby if your not well

Our kids was 4 5, and 6 when we had our last one. C section i would let them help me out if they wanted too, i didnt make them. So if your son will help you out I would. We had our son on Wednesday went home Friday and husband went back to work that Monday.
You can do it, the 1st few days home rest as much as you can, ( and with 3 kids it won’t be much but you can) but it’s okay to push your body some. Listen to your Dr. Maybe talk to your mom or friend family in-laws just to see if they would come by and check on you all. If that will make you feel better.

I know you need to take it easy. No lifting anything other than the baby! Don’t push yourself. You will have to find new ways to do things!

The first week was the hardest. The second week I was walking more but was still slow and sore.

After two vaginal births I ended up with 2 c-sections. Honestly it’s hard but I found the gas pains were the worse! Involve your boys in burping contests ! It’s good for you and they think it’s funny!

It’ll hurt for a while. Power through the pain but DON’T DISOBEY DOCTORS ORDERS NO LIFTING AND WHATNOT! But keep up and about, take breaks when you need them and keep breathin’ :heart:

I was up and back to semi normal about a week after my c section

After a few days it will be easier to move just remeber to take it easy and if your older one is upset because your in pain just ask him/her for help let them know that they are helping you feel better

I had little pain. I never took meds. We are all different