How long does it take to recover from a c-section?

Hi ladies, just curious as to the recovery of a c section? It’s about a 50/50 chance as I have a sick bubby and high risk pregnancy… I just want to get prepared and not rely on google (I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I can ask then too of course) curious as to the recovery, the level of pain? Healing the scar? Being intimate with my husband again? Not sure what to expect if this happens as it’s my first bub. Thanx!!

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I have had 2 C-sections. My only advice would be to go at your own pace. EVERYONE heals diffrrently, everyone scars differently, some are intimate with no issues, others aren’t, trust your body. You will only know how you will feel once its done.
Congrats on your first baby. Enjoy every moment (good and bad)

It really all depends on you. Walking does help. Keep your area clean and dry at all times. Do not over do it even though you feel like super mom. They say 6 weeks to wait to become intimate. I have had two c sections and both were okay. You know your body and listen to it…

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Honestly for me, I don’t think it was as bad as people made it out to be. The worst pain for me was laughing/coughing.

Hold a pillow tight against you when you need to do either.

The wound itself healed extremely fast. I wanna say it was nearly scarred over by week 3, even with complications my scar is nearly gone 8 months later.

My stomach is still numb from the belly button down though lol.

Gas pains killed me, so when I had them I would just jiggle right above my belly button with my fingers to help them pass faster!
And the first 5 days sleeping on my side was impossible, it felt like my organs were gonna fall out :joy:

The procedure itself was super calm, don’t know if we lucked out with our team but it was not scary at all.

The best advice I can give is get yourself a Frida Momwasher!!! Wayyyy better than the bottle they give you at the hospital. Amazing for wiping and cooling and can be used to clean babys diaper messes when you’re healed!

Anyone else have pains in the scar area? Like Stinging pain? I’m 12 week post partum and I’ve healed but still have those stinging pains

Shoooooooo. I had 2 and fully cut for a hysterectomy. Get a stomach binder :eyes: makes it 10x easier to move. Holds your guts in while using the bathroom or coughing .

2 csections. If you are walking before, then recovery is faster. By 2-3 weeks I usually felt really good. My scars healed fast and easy. Btw, I’m overweight, but… I was active during pregnancy and that made the difference. :slight_smile:

My csection was not too bad. Compared to other surges I had afterward(gallbladder removal and a hernia repair) I found the section to be an easier recovery.

I have had 2 csections, the first i stayed in bed for 24 hours which i regret, with my second i was walking abiut 5 hours post op, and it made the world of difference to recovery, i survived with panadol and nurofen, and felt good after a few weeks, each person is different so just take it a day at a time and do whats best for you

Everyone is different, make sure you stay on top of your pain meds and realize recovery will most likely be a long slow process. It took me a good 9 months to really feel like I did before the csection but that didn’t mean I wasn’t feeling alright well before that point. My incision healed fine on it’s own, you can’t even really see my scar now. I would definitely wait the recommended 6-8 weeks depending on what your doctors says to be intimate again. You will most likely be sore but just take things slowly and you you will be fine.

All i can tell you is i had one child vaginally and one via c- section and i healed so much easier, faster, and less painfully with the c-section!

I had a decent recovery. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought or heard about. The worst part was my shower was upstairs and I couldn’t physically get up the stairs for about a week and a half, so I knew I stunk lol. I’m probably going to have another one in about 6 months and I’m not even phased by it really.
Also, when you drive home go VERY VERY slowly over any bumps. Just trust me on that one.

I have had 4… my last one was hardest. But i healed quickly listen to your body and dont lift anything heavy

first 2 weeks are hell, healing takes about 6 weeks…i wouldnt lift anything heavy before the 6 weeks

It depends on the person the first couple weeks are hard but it gets easier from there. I healed quick and stopped taking pain meds the second week

If you’re able to, go to the bathroom as soon as you can get up, walk around as much as you can (like get up to to go to the nursery and push the bassinet back to your room) and definitely request the belly binder. Without it, it will be harder to walk and use the bathroom because your insides will push on the incision and cause you pain. Never miss a pain pill, you’ll regret it and then have to wait for it to kick in. Slowly wean yourself off, I did one Percocet and one Tylenol when I got home so I wasn’t falling asleep while on the toilet and stuff like I had been in the hospital lol. Something they didn’t warn me about was gas pain. Not fart pain, but they fill your abdomen with air so they don’t knick anything they shouldn’t and makes it easier to see. After they close you up, the air has nowhere to go so you’ll feel like you’re going to explode, usually in your shoulder or back. I felt it before I was even off the operating table and honestly started screaming because I didn’t understand what was happening. They’ll give you gas-x and it’ll be a few days before that subsides so keep up on that as well. If you need to lift, definitely do that sitting down, and stretch as much as you can comfortably. Within 2 weeks you should be feeling back to “normal.” We didn’t wait too long after to have sex and the only discomfort was my incision and some friction between us, so maybe put something between you two or do it in a side lying position until you get the hang of things. A c-section is not the end of the world but it is tons of work to recovery so just go easy on yourself.

I have had 4 csections. Yes everybody is different. The scar is a smiley face in your bikini line. Around that line you will be numb. I recommend highly you wear lose fitting clothes and WAIT your 6 wks to be intimate. Just because your scar most likely is healed from the outside doesn’t mean fully your healed internally and you put yourself at risk for infection or opening inside. Not trying to scar you just giving you the experience I’ve had.

I still have back issues from my c-section :confounded::pensive:

I’ve had two. My first was a breeze. Not a lot of pain and healing was really quick . My second was completely the opposite. I was in a lot of pain for quite a while and recovery took a lot longer.

I had a c-section 6 months ago only took Motrin for the pain for the first 4 or 5 days. I was up and walking a few hours after surgery which helped a lot . I also used a belly binder for the first week or 2 . I have 3 older children and had to take care of them and their needs as soon as I got home because my husband had to go back to work it wasn’t as bad as everyone made me think it was going to be