How long does it take to recover from getting your tubes tied?

I’m about to make an appointment to get my tubes done and I am just wanting some input on how recovery went and how long it lasted for others. Also I have a beach trip planned for October and I want to make sure I don’t schedule it to close to be recovered from. Thanks!


I was back at work 2 days later. Just no heavy lifting. [quote=“anonymous116, post:1, topic:26220, full:true”]
I’m about to make an appointment to get my tubes done and I am just wanting some input on how recovery went and how long it lasted for others. Also I have a beach trip planned for October and I want to make sure I don’t schedule it to close to be recovered from. Thanks!

My doctor originally never told me how long to be out before surgery. But day of he said 6 weeks. Well I had just had an emergency c-section in September of that year. (Got my tubes tied 1 day short of 2 months later getting them tied, 7 days after my due date) So couldn’t take any time off I had no choice. And of course everyone is different. Also periods are definitely different afterwards, at least for me.

I was sore for a couple days afterwards just in my bellybutton area.

i had mine tied that thursday. i felt great Sunday.

Mine was about 2 days , it’ wasn’t nothing bad at all barely any pain mainly sore first day or 2 …i didn’t have to take anything for pain. But I tolerate pain well.

My incision took probably about 8 weeks to completely heal. But as far as pain, probably around 2 weeks. Not too bad if you take your pain meds.

I had it done via laparoscopic and was out doing yard work 2 hours after getting home. It effects everybody differently. I had no pain, no bloating, nothing.

I had mine removed 14 years after my last child, I was off 4 days from work and went back fine. Idk about going to the beach with incisions bc those do take a bit longer to heal

I was back to work, full duty in an active profession in 5 days.

I just got mine removed in June and it took me about 2 weeks to feel normal again the first two days after were brutal! I’m still sore with certain things to this day.

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I had my tubes removed last February. That day I was tired/little sore but other than some soreness around my incisions I was fine the next day.

I had mine done when I had my c section… honestly there was maybe a week… but I went back in the hospital for heart issues so I was heavily medicated…

I had my tubes tied in 2013 and I’m still recovering from it :sob:

Don’t go in the water unless it is totally healed! The rest is a quick recovery.

I had mine clamped. Laparoscopic. It wasn’t bad . I was cleaning house the same night . Little sore for a day or two

I didn’t have laparoscopic . I was ready to go back to work after 2 weeks. But that was 30 yrs ago. Lol

I had mine done 6 weeks after my last baby, it was supposed to be done at the same time, baby was born 12 weeks early(not by my doctor-in a whole different hospital). I was just starting to feel somewhat better from an emergency c-section so it was terrible for the first week.

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I had mine done the day after birth in 2013. They made a small incision in my belly button. The first couple days sucked terribly but I was miserable from birth at the same time. I was back up and going in around 2 weeks

A week to heal. It hurt less than contractions. It was like a period cramp if that. The incisions hurt more than the healing itself. It was like having a cut and waiting for it to heal.

My job is very physical and I was back at work in 2 days with minimal discomfort, if any. I got mine done like 4 or 5 years ago

Had mine done laparoscopically. I was sore the first day and went to a birthday party the second day. It was easy. I was 6 year PP from a C-section when I did it.

I got mine removed the day after I gave birth to my daughter. If I am being honest, the pain of my uvula was much worse than anything else. I would say maybe a week, don’t vacuum for the first few weeks. Don’t over do it, and don’t lift heavy things(babies)

When I got mine done 6 weeks after my son’s birth the only day that really hurt was the first one. But mostly it just pinched. After that it was pretty easy. You’re going to have a weight restriction of 10 pounds. At least I did

I had mine removed and I was good to go the next day. The small incisions didn’t bother my just the trapped gas in my shoulders was the worst but once it was out I was good to go…took maybe 2 days

I had mine done the old way, 18 stitches and I was sore for around 4 days I even had to stay in that long because at that time that’s how they did things, stitches were more irritating than anything

A couple days… then discomfort here and there for about a week after. Nothing horrible honestly.

I took a week off work but honestly was better in 3 days.

It depends on when you have it done. If it’s after having a baby everything’s expanded and you don’t need to be filled with gas. If it’s well past post baby that gas dissipating is one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt.

Give yourself at least a full week.

Guess it depends on type of job. Mine was done on Friday and back to work Monday

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I don’t know if it’s the same for every Dr but my Dr doesn’t tie tubes anymore, he removes them. I just had my tubes removed a week and a day ago and I was sore when I woke up and slept the whole day after I got home and I was sore for about 4 days after. I’m just now getting back to being able to do my normal stuff. They say you can go back to work in a day or 2 just to take it easy for a while so you don’t rip your stitches.

I had mine done with my 5th C Section. It was the hardest recovery of all. I felt more pain for longer after, but again, 5th c section at the same time. I also don’t take pain medications once leaving the hospital so my tolerance to pain is different.

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When I got mine done I kind of felt icky the day of but by the next morning I was fine… I don’t even remember being sore…

I’m not sure…it took me about a week. I also had mine done the day after my daughter was born. So not sure if it was the surgery or just recovering from childbirth in general.

If it’s just a tubal people usually resume after 24 hrs. Maybe no crazy straining but very easy.

As with any surgery. The sooner you move around the quicker you will heal. Sitting around in bed does nothing to help you heal. I had gallbladder surgery. Was released from hospital and drive myself to the fishing spot. Pain was gone in days.
After my hysterectomy I went straight home and fed pigs and ducks. My 1 month follow up was best my Dr had seen. .

The actual surgical recovery was only 2-3 days of being uncomfortable for me. I also didn’t know that there was a chance for heavier periods and cramping for future periods. Not telling you not to do it but I would encourage you to make sure you know some of the side effects I did not know.


Had mine done laparoscopic 40 years ago . Went home and slept it off and was back to normal next day.

I had it done laparoscopically and I was up and running around within a few days honestly.
You have some residual pain when bending and stretching for a week or two but all and all it isn’t terrible.
I had my tubes tied in Oct 21 and then a complete hysterectomy in Jan of 22 and I was back to my old self completely by February

I had a tubal along with an ablation, and it took about a week

Now, two years later here I am just had a partial hysterectomy, I am nine days postop, and I still feel like butt hole

Laproscopic bilateral saplingectomy - the anesthesia was the only thing I needed to recover from. The surgery itself was nothing

A couple of days a week maybe

As with any surgery in which they have to go into your abdomen the standard Dr recommended down time is 6 weeks. You may feel pretty good in a day or 2 but if you resume activities (work, exercise or lifting items/kids) you can rupture internal stitches and/or cause internal bleed and lengthen recovery.

Hmmmm I got mine removed July 10th last month that’s what my Dr does now … But the gas they pump you with was the worst for me!!! I felt excruciating pain when I woke up after surgery nurse had to give me 2 doses of pain medicine the pain I’m scared of is the gas that gavey chest pain and shoulder pain hard to breathe had to return to er that night they didn’t help… Dr told me to take pain meds every 3 hrs instead of 4 hrS… The gas pain lasted 3 days and the actual little cuts one in my belly button and one on my left upper pubic Area that felt as if I did 1000 situps at one time I could handle that but the gas pain was unbearable I hope you don’t go through what I did. I was fine for my son’s bday party 2 weeks later on July 22


I had mine done at my 3rd C-section. Easiest of all of my C-sections.

I had my tubal with my last child when I had a c-section, I was back to work full time the next week.

Hello! I just had mine done on July 31st and aside from being slightly sore that first week, recovery was a breeze. I think I took one dose of Tylenol on day 1 & 2, but otherwise, nothing else. I was picking my 35 lb son up by week 2 with no issues (released by doctor).

Everyone is different. Took me over a week

Had my tubes done in March … I was okay … a little sore … did get an infection post … But was given antibiotics post op either … My tubes were done due to having an eptopic pregnancy lost an ovary also

I am good now … Took a while for my period to regulate … Really heavy long periods … To begin with … then a shirt one … now average 5 days

I regret tying my tubes because i had issues afterwards with heavy heavy bleeding during periods and caused me to be physically ill all the time. Then i had an ablation done and it works great now

Had my tubes removed on December 20, 2022 and felt 100% by December 30th.

I feel like it was equivalent to terrible period cramps… With that also being said I’ve gained a :poop: ton of weight in the last year and I haven’t changed anything I’ve ever done. Went from 230lbs to 270 and my periods are horrific now.

I had a tubal ligation in March. I was put on light duty for 2 weeks. I was sore for those 2 weeks hot packs were my best friend. But after that I have had no issues except my menstrual flow went from a light to a heavy.

A couple days of rest then back to work for me.

I had no issues before my tubal legation female wise I have now had ovarian cyst back to back I lost my right ovary in February due to ovarian torsion then another ovarian torsion in June they cut my tubs out on the last ovary and tied to ligament now my lower bowel as wrapped around my ovary and I go back in for surgery soon :sweat::persevere::sob::confounded: seriously look at the side effects I wish I wouldn’t have been so follow along with it and dig up facts before hand I can’t go back now though by the time I figured out what was going on it’s to late I will have to have hysterectomy at 32 and be on hormones the rest of my life because I didn’t have 7,5000 at the drop of a hat to get a reversal :confounded::confounded:mind you I only had bands out on my ovaries my body did not like it at all but since bands have been removed now more cyst !! Insurance companies won’t pay to reverse and no doctor will write up a medically needed reversal !! NONE!!! Theirs a big rabbit hole here I highly suggest you start digging start with the millions of other Women in my shoes who didn’t ask question until it was to late Reddit

The worst part about it is the gas that they use to fill up your abdominal cavity. A day or two you will be fine.

A weekend for the anesthesia to wear off , i was doing normal routine the next day . The gas was what hurt the most for me .

Had my baby on a saturday.tubes tied on shower on Monday no big deal.went through my belly button.

2 months to be fully healed
3 weeks to be able to lay on my side without feeling like my guts were being braided while falling out.
2 weeks to be pain free

had mine done with csection. didn’t even notice

The gas pain afterwards is really the worst. The incisions are small and not really bothersome