How long does it take to recover from postpartum pre eclampsia?

Did anyone had postpartum Pre-eclampsia and how long was the recovery from it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long does it take to recover from postpartum pre eclampsia?

With my first it took 3 months to get my blood pressure to regulate.
My 2nd was to normal after birth and my last my preeclamsia is still going. My sugar spikes out of no where at times and I get light headed time to time from my blood pressure. I just had my last in April

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6 months in and it’s not better

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I was on blood pressure meds for 5 months after. But I also had so much going on health wise that didn’t help. Didn’t even find my eclampsia until I was having massive back to back seizures from how high my blood pressure was.

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I had a blood transfusion in the hospital and had very little downtime from my Csection. Got up immediately when I could, my stupid ass almost passed out everytime I went out to smoke a cigarette until the transfusion.

I’m 9 month PP and just getting my bp back to normal…but I had a rough pregnancy and baby was born early

I had pre-eclampsia during end of my pregnancy. I ended up delivering at 35 week. I was on blood pressure meds and dealing with it for 4 months after. They told me it could be permanent for me to take the meds but in my case I was able to come back off them. It took me about a year to feel more normal again

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This page has helped me a lot

It took me about 6 weeks for it to come down. But I am now permanently on BP meds with elevated BP due to postpartum preeclampsia 2 years ago. I also had it postpartum with my daughter 4 months ago, and it took six weeks to go back down (still on medication for elevated BP)

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long does it take to recover from postpartum pre eclampsia?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long does it take to recover from postpartum pre eclampsia?

It depends on how bad it was. It took me 12 weeks with my first 2 and 6 months with my 3rd. All 3 required at least a week of hospital stay

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I had pre eclampsia with my first 2 and after I delivered it went away. I had postpartum pre eclampsia with my 3rd and it took a few months for all my symptoms to go away. My blood pressure was so bad my obgyn had to give me meds to help (the hospital just sent me home feeling AWFUL!)

I had it bad after my first. I was only given enough meds for a month. Thankfully, I know exactly when my body rewired itself back to normal. I was literally on my last dose, and I went to take a shower, and then I got super dizzy for a second. I had to sit down. I got out of the shower, and my BP was finally normal after an entire month postpartum. Thankfully, that was the only kid it happened with, and I haven’t had to take any BP meds since. But I’ve had preeclampsia with both kids. Everyone is different.

I had it. I was 16 and it started almost immediately after my son was born. I was retaining fluid. He was ten days old and I ended up in the hospital in a medically induced coma because of it. On a vent, with chest tubes, the whole nine. I was in the hospital for two months and when I left there to go to rehab, I was almost back to normal.

I had postpartum pre-eclampsia and it took about 2 months for me to get my blood pressure back under control.

My daughter was 7 weeks old when I ended up in the CVICU intubated, put on heart transplant list, yet took 1 year total recovery and to get my ejection fraction to a normal range. She just turned 5 on July 1st. :heart:

I had severe postpartum pre eclampsia… it was at almost a year before my blood pressure went back to normal and I was able to get off BP meds. It was several months for liver/kidneys to go back to normal. I was on a few medications for a long time. My body stayed weirdly swollen for a long time too. It was weird that it was worse after giving birth I wasn’t diagnosed with pre-eclampsia until about a week before labor.

I had severe preeclampsia and HELLP and it took my body an entire year to recover.

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I had “severe pre eclampsia” and they sent me home after 1.5 days (full census and I seemed ok, I had one good blood pressure they took while I slept that was barely under 140/90 while on IV bp meds. Then the following week I was readmitted for post eclampsia for three days and sent home on blood pressure meds. If you’re talking about the BP I was on meds for 6months after but never really felt anything abnormal (I have chronic headaches) was due to the pre eclamspia.

I had postpartum preeclampsia and it took a month to recover after 4 days in the hospital

It took like a year for me.

Took me a few weeks to get back to normal

My friend had it bad and she was sent home from hospital after baby, they thought she was ok. She had seizures a few weeks later. It’s different for everyone

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I had preeclampsia and ended up having a seizure while 36 weeks pregnant. I took blood pressure meds (two for three weeks and then one for three weeks) for a total of 6 weeks and an anticonvulsant for like 8 months. But it was just a precaution. The blood pressure meds were needed because my BP wouldn’t come down. I was dizzy for about 3 months and then fine. I had a 4 day stay and then slept a lot when I got home. Thankfully he was a surrogate baby so I didn’t have to do anything after except rest. I was also on a magnesium drip for the first 24 hours of being admitted I think. The first 36 hours after my seizure are kinda fuzzy.


I had it with my last. After giving birth I was put on bp meds and had to stay till it was normal .after being sent home I was on the meds for maybe 5 months

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5 years later for me, I have permanent heart damage with high blood pressure. I take 2 different B/P meds daily to try to keep it under control.

I had help syndrome, and I was 8 days in the hospital after having my son. My help syndrome started at 29 weeks or so. I had meds for I believe 1 month after… but the meds never helped during.

My son was born emergency c-section 2 months early because of it. I spent almost a week in the hospital and it lasted a few months before I was able to come off the blood pressure meds

I did with my 1st pregnancy. I don’t remember exact time, 15 yrs ago, but know it was within the 1st month. Also was my delivery was pretty intense but I only had to stay 2 days. I think everyone is different

I had preclampsia and post partum preclampsia. The swelling is what was the absolute worst - after I was out on a blood pressure medication the swelling went down the very next day. I was fully recovered after about a month and was able to drop the medication.

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It took my body awhile to get back to normal. I even had a heart murmur for a year. The first week I remember having high fever.

I had it about a week post partum. I never had blood pressure meds, but the docs and nurses monitored it.

They told me to not lift a finger for at least a week, not even cooking or cleaning

I had postpartum pre eclampsia, I was on hypertension medication for 8 weeks post delivery.

Depends how bad u get it. With my first i think it lasted 3 weeks. With my second it was over n done with by the 2nd week

I had pre eclampsia as 34 weeks and had a c section. I was on blood pressure medicine after for a couple months.

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I left the hospital with it. They didnt give me any bp meds. I was back in the hospital 5 days later and was in the hospital for a week they sent me home with bp meds and i had to take them for 6 weeks. After that it was touch and go on how i felt but the bp was back to normalish

I had my daughter 10 weeks ago & my bp is still through the roof without meds & I get super dizzy.

I just had my daughter in may and got readmitted the week after for post partum pre eclampsia. I had to try 3 different blood pressure medications before we found one that worked. While treating my pre eclampsia, we found out my liver enzymes were very elevated and I had gallstones and sludge in my gallbladder. After they released me for my pre eclampsia, I was on a blood pressure medication for 2 weeks and then was able to get off it because my blood pressure stayed in normal range. It all depends on the intensity and how early its caught

Took me a few months for the blood pressure to come back down to normal and swelling to disappear.

My son is 2.5 and I’m still having problems. I stayed for a week in the hospital after I had him. I’m on bp medicine now

I did probably 4-5 weeks after birth my blood pressure started to stabile again but two years later I do have HBP

It took me a month but I felt good within 2 1/2 weeks.

I think for me it took 3 weeks for my BP to become normal again.

Sorry I dont know much about that but what is it exactly & also help syndrome?

8 days in the hospital after giving birth and maybe 2-3 months after that

I did with my 4th baby. I was on the magnesium drip for 24 hours.

6 months to a year for me

About 8 weeks for me

I did. I had Post eclampsia.
She was born the 25th I was having seizures on the 4th
Spent 8 days in ICU couldnt even set up. I laid flat in a bed for 6 days
Almost bit my tongue off.
It took about 8 months before I was able to come off the kepra (seizure meds)
That caused depression it was awful
And about a year on the BP meds.

She was about 1.5-2 the last time i had a BP spike

I had pre-eclampsia with my daughter and have been diagnosed with hypertension

I m 6 months pp and still have blood pressure issues :frowning:

Took me about a year.

6 years later and I still have kidney damage and need meds for my high blood pressure … :pensive:

About 3 months had it with my last 2 boys

Shes going on two years old and I still have it :unamused:

Hannah Van Guilder Hanna

I was in the hospital about a week. They sent me home after 3 days and when I came back for a follow-up I was stuck in the hospital another 4 days. Medication did almost nothing. I spent a ton of time since then doing research and watching my blood pressure. Preeclampsia is a nutrient deficiency. The placenta is blocking certain nutrients. I can get my blood pressure to drop drastically if I lower sugar, carbs, and eat an enormous salad with lots of colorful ingredients. I’m currently pregnant again and have been able to control my blood pressure with diet if it seems to increase. I don’t have high blood pressure when I’m not pregnant.

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I didn’t have post Partum preeclampsia but I did have pre and post partum hypertension, it took a good 12 weeks to stabilize.

I never stayed extra in hospital or on meds they caught it at my 36 weeks appt…they delivered her the next day csection …cord around her body and neck about 5 times…went home few days later …this was years ago :smiley:

I had to stay on my medication for about 2 months after my son was born.

My daughter turns a year this month and I’m still battling high blood pressure (it was always normal until I reached roughly 32 weeks (4th baby)) I also have type 2 diabetes so I’m not sure if its all connected or not.

I had it! once I got the magnesium drip I started feeling better. I was in the hospital 5 extra days

Yes! I had that and also spinal headaches so my blood pressure was through the roof from that as well…
I was in hospital for 4 days to keep me on mag to lower it. I started feeling good maybe a week or two after.

I had it 6 days after giving birth. Was in the hospital for a week and on medication for 2 months

2 months on medication post partum. Had to lose weight too which helped with my blood pressure.

I had pre eclampsia and I spent 3 days in the hospital after birth but after that I had no residual effects.

I am 2 months out and still on blood pressure medication and antidepressants I have been told by my doctor that I could be on antidepressants anywhere from six months to three years and blood pressure medication the rest of my life

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long does it take to recover from postpartum pre eclampsia?

I had to take blood pressure meds for about a month or 2 before my blood pressure returned to normal.

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It probably took me 3 weeks to get my blood pressure back to normal and get off blood pressure meds. As you can see from the comments, everyone has a different recovery time frame.

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I had postpartum preeclampsia and my daughter is almost 8 months and I am down to just 1 blood pressure medicine and only half the dose I was taking so it is slowly returning to normal.

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It slowly went away but i still have borderline blood pressure sometimes and had to take lasiks after giving birth to get rid of the water retention

:raising_hand_woman:t3: My daughter was born February 2019 and I’m still on blood pressure meds because I didn’t keep up with the meds while she was in the NICU

3 years and I still have random spikes in high blood pressure and heart rate.

It took a week and a half for me. I had it with my first.

It takes about 6 weeks however I ended up on blood pressure meds permanently after my first bc it never went back down completely. My 2nd was even worse and came at 32 weeks but my blood pressure stabilized about 3 months after, around the time she got home from the NICU and settled.

I had it with 2 of my pregnancies I was kept it hospital a week with one then 9 days. I was on blood pressure medication for around 3 months but started to feel better after a couple of weeks. Take it easy as long as you and the baby are clean and fed forget everything else for a few weeks, hope your feeling better soon xx