How long does it take until a ear piercing hole closes?

Any girl mamas have their daughters lose a back to their earring? My daughter is 11 months old and I noticed today the back of an earring was missing. I’m going to Walmart or the mall to get a new back but how long will it take to close?? I don’t want to hurt her if it closes quickly


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long does it take until a ear piercing hole closes?

It really depends on how long she has had them pierced. If you had them done recently, they will close much more quickly than if you had them done shortly after birth.

I’d try to get a new one as soon as possible. It depends on how long it’s been pierced. But if you try to put it back in and it doesn’t go in easy don’t force it, it’s probably closed a bit and will need to be re-pierced. 

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My daughter is 3 and has her pierced sense she was 3 months. We lost a earring for a whole day a couple months ago and had to break skin to put a new one in. Might numb the ear with a ice cub and wait tell she’s asleep to try!

Depends. My daughter’s ears were pierced when she was about 1. We them found out she was highly allergic to most metals…so she hasn’t worn earrings in over 12 years…she recently tried to put one in…and it is still open!

Mine always stayed open, sometimes just had to push a little skin through. I would numb the area just in case first since she is so young

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