How long does morning sickness last?

How long does morning sickness typically last?


It could last all day for 9 months…

Mine lasted my whole pregnancy, good luck hun

My first son I had it up until delivery my second and third was just the first trimester

For me until 14 weeks, but some have it all throughout the pregnancy

I had it he whole 9 months

There is no “typical” sometimes it’s just the first couple months and stops other times it’s all day everyday for the whole pregnancy or some people don’t get it at all everybody is different

Both of my pregnancies lasted the entire 9 months.

All 9 months for me, throwing up as I went in to deliver my son!

For me until I reached about 14-15 weeks so second trimester but everyone’s pregnancy is different

Lol until you give birth if you’re me. :joy:

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It’s different every pregnancy. My 1st I was sick from the beginning up until I went into labor. My 2nd I was only sick during the 1st trimester, and it wasn’t even that bad. I just had to make sure I never had an empty stomach and I was fine.

My first was until about 22 weeks, and I’m 36 weeks with my second and get sick sometimes so it never really stops unless your body wants it to lol

The entire 41 weeks +6 days for me. Even threw up several times during labour. Once while pushing and another while strapped on the OR table for my emergency c section.

Lasted until 14 weeks with my first two then with my 3rd I was vomiting nearly all day every day for 32 weeks

Each woman is different but mine lasted until about 18 weeks. I had to carry a 2 liter of Canada Dry ginger ale with me everywhere. It helped. I’m fearful of vomiting and with that by my side never did once and make sure you eat a lot too so your sugar doesn’t drop with you feeding the baby and all.

Mine lasted until I gave birth. It was terrible.

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Mine lasted until halfway through my second trimester

I’m 30+5 and still have it

With my first i had it horribly 1st trimester none in 2nd and back again in 3rd trimester ( boy) with my second i didn’t have any at all ( girl)

I kept hearing after first trimester. I stopped getting morning sickness when I hit my second trimester

One thing I found out would make me throw up was if I drank water then I found out if I squeezed a little lemon juice in the water it stayed down when I first heard about it I thought it was silly but it works usually the morning sickness lasts about three months my daughter had it so bad that they put her on Phenergan and it controlled the morning sickness really well

Depends on you honey! Sorry to disappoint!

All the way up til the 4th month. Every day/night. Towards the end it was on and off during the day for days til it finally eased away

3 of mine (boys) until. The other 3 (girls) until the day i delivered. But everyone is different…ginger ale and crackers.

No right answer because everyone is different. Though, most woman say it goes away in the second trimester. For me, two of my baby’s, that was correct. First was at 23 weeks & this second one went away at 19 weeks.

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Had it till 22-23 weeks

Depends on your body! My first pregnancy I threw up anything and everything for 8 months. I couldn’t even hold water down.
The second pregnancy my husband took me to a Gynecologist and he started giving me B-12 shots in my butt and that worked! I had 4 children and 3 of them I had B-12 shot in my butt so I wouldn’t throw up so much.

Till I was 24 weeks. Then it got better… then I would randomly get sick during my 30 week period… not often tho…

My ob said it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy…it is from the prego hormones. It’s worth all the trouble…the gift in the end is amazing.

Depends. Mine last from when I first found out in November to janurary. And then even afterwards I would get it randomly

Depends…sometimes goes on till birth of baby sometimes it goes away by 4-5months

I had it my whole pregnancy with my first. :disappointed: but everyone is different!

I was medicated 3xday for it (boy) until 7mths and it came back for the 9th. I got 1 month freeeeee lol

I’m sorry I didn’t have morning sickness…

Mine lasted until my son was three weeks old…

I had itbthe whole 9 months but I was having twins

Mine lasted my entire pregnancy with both. With my first born I literally puked every day, including the day I gave birth. With my second I got nausea meds so it wasnt as bad, but I was diagnosed with hyperemesis with both as well.

I had it the whole 40 weeks with my first. I’m currently 14+2 and still suffering with it this time around too.

It just started going away for me about a week ago. I am 17 weeks with #6.

Every babies different, mine son was all nine months even the day I was in the hospital giving birth, my daughter was maybe a month or so nothing compared to my son’s

Up till I hit my third trimester

The whole time with my girl and twice with my boy

My 1st I was sick my entire pregnancy… My 2nd it lasted about 12 weeks…

Depends. My first i was sick the entire pregnancy. The 2nd i didn’t have morning sickness at all. And the 3rd it was random the entire time.

Until the divorce. Lol

I had it my entire 3rd pregnancy

For me, ended right around the end of the first trimester both times

All throughout mine. Every pregnancy is different.

If you are lucky it goes away around 12 weeks. Everyone and each pregnancy is different and mine is still going strong at 30 weeks. At least i don’t have HG like with my first. My second I barly got any sickness

Each person is different. Like I never got it. But my friend had it literally her whole pregnancy

Child one two four and five. Lasted about two weeks with certain foods that made me sick. Child three it was still i gave birth.i lost weight with tjat one and had all boys

Whole pregnancy for me. All day, every day.

I had mine last all 9 months and while I was in labor and pushing! I would push then throw up, push then throw up.

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Mine lasted 2 months constantly

everyone is different. i threw up if not daily, then 4-5 times a week till the day i gave birth :woman_shrugging:t2:

1st pregnancy I was 20 weeks before it stopped. With this pregnancy I still have it every now and then. I’m 22 weeks.

Everybody is different! I had it until about 23-25 weeks.

I have had it for whole pregnancies and I have had it just the first trimester. Every pregnancy is different.

All day every day the entire pregnancy… I don’t think there was anywhere I went that I didn’t throw up including out the drivers side window of my car while driving on a pretty regular basis…

Mine was all 9 months, all three pregnancies :nauseated_face:

Dr. Pepper and triskets helped me, also taking prenatals at night

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First pregnancy i lost 30 lbs because of how bad it was. I had it until last trimester.

2nd baby had none.

3rd baby only 19 weeks.

I had it from 2-12 weeks (three weeks before I found out I was pregnant)
Then 30-40+2 when I gave birth.

Depends on your pregnancy . hard to tell because every woman is different